Juliette from Black Dress Empire: OMG, Totally amazing. I have had photo’s taken with my man before and I wish they caught the essence and warmth like these images did. 12.18.10, 9:04PM
cheryl: This slideshow made me cry. Your pictures tell a beautiful story. 9.1.08, 12:18AM
Linda Martin: I cried as I watched the slideshow. I have prayed for this family for month. Your photos captured the amazing miracle that God has wrought in their life. Sometimes there are no word to describe something except to just repeat, "Beautiful, so beautiful!" That perfectly describes your photos, this family, and the beautiful answer to prayer that God has given to them-and to the rest of us who prayed for them! 6.1.08, 9:48PM
Vanessa: Jessica, thank you for blessing them in this way! What a ministry one can have with their camera!! Beautiful, beautiful…I just cried as I looked at them knowing their story. God bless you! 5.31.08, 11:23AM
Katy: TRULY AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing! What love!!!! 5.28.08, 12:18AM
Tiffany: Jessica I’m not a much of a blog stalker and just happened to stop by yours today and was completely in awe with your slideshow of this family – you managed to work within the confines of a bog standard hospital room and capture such beautiful family moments – the love this couple shares with each other and their daughter just oozes from these photos – I am truly inspired – thank you for sharing 🙂 5.23.08, 12:59PM
Amy V.: I love love love these photos and the slideshow. Thanks for sharing! I wish nothing by the best for this beautiful family. Best of luck and God Bless. 5.22.08, 6:06PM
ryel j: I so loved learning about tricia, nathan and gwyneth!! And these family photos are amazing. Stellar work!! 5.21.08, 7:45PM
Ashley : Wow, such a touching story and absolutely gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing. (I just found your blog today through Keisha Campbell.) 5.20.08, 1:35PM
Fabiano: Oh man, they’re so in love!!!! 5.20.08, 9:20AM
Carol: I have been following this blog from early January – what a kind gift to this amazing family your beautiful photos are. I have been longing to see them just being a couple and a family – you shoot gives me such a happy feeling for them. 5.20.08, 8:13AM
Simply Modern Weddings: This shoot is so very powerful, I am just touched how you captured the love shared between the 2 of them. You are an angel! 5.20.08, 2:45AM
Jennifer Radack: Amazing work! 5.19.08, 11:26PM
Erin: Wow, what an amazing and beautiful couple and such gorgeous pictures. I’d take this over a big wedding any day. 5.19.08, 3:00PM
Seanny Ma: That was a beautiful and inspiring story…and the pictures look awesome!! 5.19.08, 1:29PM
Ceci Gray: These are wonderful pictures! You did such a great job! Thanks so much for sharing. I try to read up and see how this couple is doing every so often. 5.17.08, 8:28PM
Laura Simmons: What an awesome, inspiring family. The photos are amazing, you captured the love that they share and the beautiful uplifting story of their baby. I hope that they continued to be blessed with God’s grace, and with years of happiness and joy. Please take some follow up pictures of little Gwyn. 5.17.08, 11:00AM
Dorelies: A wonderfull story, wonderfull family – and beatyful pictures!! Greetings Dorelies from Vienna – Austria 5.17.08, 1:33AM
Keats Elliott: I can’t get over Gwyneth — how perfect and expressive she is! 5.16.08, 11:37PM
terri (kayleesgrandma): Wonderful pictures–I need to get stock in Kleenex…we have all been watching the story of one of our members, Tricia. You captured them so wonderfully…loved your pictures!!! 5.16.08, 9:14PM
robin: How very sweet and loving. I really like his blog, too. 5.16.08, 6:51PM
Brianne : Jessica, Your pictures of Nathan, Tricia, and Gwyneth are absolutely stunning. This family is so incredibly amazing, and their love for each other, their daughter, and most importantly their Heavenly Father just shines through them. You did an absolutely amazing job at capturing priceless, beautiful memories of their family! You are extraordinarily talented!!! Thanks for sharing! 5.16.08, 6:00PM
stephanie: what a wonderful thing to do for them. I know they will treasure these pictures always! they sound like such an amazingly strong family…. 5.16.08, 3:49PM
Kyla : Jessica you never cease to amaze me with you kindness and generosity. I hope this wonderful family continues to grow and get better. You have done a wonderful job, again! 5.16.08, 2:46PM
Amy: You have done such an amazing job of capturing the love between Nathan and Tricia and the love they share for their precious baby, Gwyneth. You are truly a gifted photographer. I am so touched by their story. 5.16.08, 12:53PM
Karen: What a precious and beautiful story. Thank you Nathan, Tricia, Gwyneth and Jessica for sharing! 5.16.08, 10:14AM
tracy: such an amazing story. the images along with the music gave me tears. 5.16.08, 9:13AM
Michieline: How would I contact you? I don’t see any information about booking, prices or waiting lists on your website. 5.15.08, 10:36PM
Harper: My daughters and I have been following this familys website for sometime now and I just want to tell you how thankful I am for you and your willingness to take these photos and share their amazing love. You certainly accomplished that! What a special gift to be able to give them. Thank you!!! 5.15.08, 10:01PM
Andrea Anderson & family: Nathan & Tricia are dear friends of ours. We now live far away from them. Thank you for bringing them right into our living room in full living color! The whole family LOVED your oics – you truly captured their personalities and courage in living. Thank you. 5.15.08, 9:45PM
Michelle Adams: Tricia and Nate, You guys are truely a gorgeous couple! I have been folowing your story since the begining of Jan. 08. Gwyneth is a beautiful baby girl and very lucky to have you two as her parents! I will continue to pray for yall and your family as well as visit your blog atleast twice a day. lol Yall are greatly bless to have had a professional photographer snap shots of your family! May God bless yall for many years to come! 5.15.08, 9:44PM
Katanya: amazing moments you have caught there, you have an exception gift, what a wonderful way to share it, it brought me to tears 5.15.08, 8:48PM
alex: Wow. I’m not sure if the story makes the photos even more beautiful, or vice versa, but they’re very touching. 5.15.08, 2:33PM
Lisa: Your pics brought me to tears!! When photographs can spark an emotional response, it is nothing short of Amazing! 5.15.08, 2:09PM
Jessi: What an amazing story and amazing pictures! 5.15.08, 1:26PM
winecat: Breathtaking photos. They brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing 5.15.08, 12:19PM
Melissa: These photos are amazing -great work. You portray their story wonderfully! 5.15.08, 12:02PM
jenny b: wow! you have been blessed with amazing talent. great job! 5.15.08, 11:07AM
Lisa: These are mazing , you have to captured the love that these to share ! I have come back a few times to watch it and i cry everytime ! 5.15.08, 11:05AM
nancy thomason: Thank you, Jessica, for your gift to Tricia, Nathan, and Gwyneth. Your photos are incredibly beautiful and so is the family. What a blessing it is to see the three of them together. Thank you. (no dry eyes here!) 5.15.08, 11:05AM
Rebecca: Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!! 5.15.08, 10:28AM
Mike Allebach (Philadelphia): When I grow up I want to take pictures like you. You are amazing. 5.15.08, 9:32AM
carrie@urbanbaby: how lucky they are to have you appear in their lives…imagine how gracious they must be to have their lives documented at such an amazing time. what an incredible story. they will treasure these forever. -c 5.15.08, 9:01AM
brooke garcia: wow, this is great. It looks like they had tons of fun having this shoot done! And so did you. 5.15.08, 7:50AM
tamera: the pictures and music so perfectly tell nate & tricia’s story. i’ve been following their blogs for quite a while, and i, too, am in awe of their faith in God and their love for each other. each one of your pictures seems to have captured all of that love in a single snapshot. so beautiful! thanks for sharing 5.15.08, 2:39AM
René Hartmans: Hello Jessica, What an amazing story and I wish this family all the best in the world. The slideshow gave me tears in my eyes. Greetings René (The Netherlands) 5.15.08, 1:58AM
Trista: wow Jess…such a beautiful story!!! Such a special family and so lucky to have you capture the beginning of their "happily ever after". 🙂 5.15.08, 12:10AM
Renee: I found your site via CFhusbands blog a while back and I really love your work. The photos are fabulous….what a great job and gift. I would love for you to photograph my miracle, Landry. She is such a beauty. Take care and happy shooting! 5.14.08, 11:46PM
Bernice: Amazing! Jess you are an awesome photographer and a super awesome person. I am usually not a crier but these pictures and their story got me. Beautiful job! 5.14.08, 11:35PM
P Brynne: Wow, this is such a touching post. My best friend Ashleigh died a little over 2 years ago from cystic fibrosis. It is so wonderful seeing someone with the same awful disease living their life just as Ashleigh did, full of happiness and joy. Congrats to Nathan and Tricia for your beautiful child. You are so lucky, I only wish I could have seen Ash make it that far. 5.14.08, 11:33PM
Kate: Duke is saving lifes that is for sure. They have been saving my husbands life for that last 100 days. Our Journey in on our blog. Bless your heart for photographing this beautiful family. My friend Morgan Roof who linked me to your page is going to phograph my family when we are back home from Duke. Your photographs are beautiful SMILE 5.14.08, 11:18PM
Melody: Beautiful! Thanks for sharing… 5.14.08, 11:06PM
robbin: That is simply too beautiful for words, I cant stop crying, I truly feel like I "know" them. Nathan and Tricia, thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. 5.14.08, 10:39PM
beth: WOW!!!!!!U have an amazing talent!!!!!! I love these pictures. They really capture the pureness of true love!!! U r blessed! 5.14.08, 10:02PM
Cathy: Jess…. this is Cathy Grasinger friend of Sue Becker and the Delsigne family… do you remember me???? I think it’s truly a small world…… I have been reading Nathans blog and following the story for awhile now… I don’t know if you know but my son Cole has CF. It’s so inspiring to see these pictures… you were so fortunate to meet this special family…. I am so glad I checked out your blog today!!!!!!! 5.14.08, 9:57PM
Gator Fan: Great Shots only one comment, the caption making a peace sign is actually a "7" when you include the other hand. 7 a number of perfection! 5.14.08, 9:28PM
Kathleen: Beautiful!! I feel like I personally know these guys–you captured precious moments! What an inspiration! 5.14.08, 9:26PM
rustin cerveny: WOW! This is one of your best posts yet. The Lawrenson family is really blessed. I pray that Tricia and Gwyneth with continue to grow healthy and strong and Nathan will continue to deepen his faith. Thank you for using your talents to tell their story to so many! 5.14.08, 8:43PM
Beth: Wow Jessica, I check out your blog all the time and your work is always soo inspiring. But, the images that you captured with all 3 of them just brought me to tears!! Love the one where she is sticking her toungue out at daddy – you captured that bond between the family perfectly! Best wishes to the family that the little one will be home soon. thanks for sharing! 5.14.08, 8:07PM
olivia: wow – I’m speechless … that is one of the most moving blog posts I’ve read and the photos are just stunning … you’ve surpassed yourself w/ this one Jessica … nicely done. wow. 5.14.08, 7:55PM
Carey: You brought tears to my whole families eyes! What an amazing job you did with Trish and nate and Gwyneth! You and Trish look like you could be sisters! Again, you are amazing! 5.14.08, 7:50PM
erika: wow…I’m in tears…what a story…I really hope to see a session with the 3 of them in their home not a hospital. Praying for them, I’m sure it will happen soon 😉 5.14.08, 7:32PM
Sarah: That song is beautiful! Does anyone know who sings it? 5.14.08, 7:32PM
Diandra: I love that you get involved. You dont just take pictures, you make memories. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I am so glad that there are still people out there who do things just out of the kindness of their hearts! Thank you for sharing this! 5.14.08, 7:24PM
Geanette: Exquisite!! I was blessed by this story..thank you! 5.14.08, 7:02PM
sharon: What a beautiful thing you’ve done. These pictures will be keepsakes they’ll treasure forever. So sweet! 5.14.08, 7:01PM
Sarah Tillman: Wow, Jessica, those are so intimate! What a special gift. It’s so wonderful to see the beautiful things that are coming out of their story. Thank you for sharing. 5.14.08, 6:45PM
Terry: I believe God sent you to this couple for a very special reason! Those pictures are priceless and may God bless your work as you have so blessed Nathan, Trish and Gwyneth! I cried viewing such a precious site! Thank you again for giving of your self! 5.14.08, 6:44PM
Rhonda: Awesome!!! I too have followed the blog for months and I am so happy for them. The pictures are just beautiful. They bring to life these amazing people we only know on a blog! 5.14.08, 6:39PM
Beverly: Your photos have captured their love. Tricia seems so fragile and Nate so protective, it seems to me. I loved the photos and the locations. 5.14.08, 6:35PM
Paige: Love the pictures and I’m so happy you were able to do this session for them. Lovely job! 5.14.08, 5:57PM
Kat: Awww, thank you so much for doing this for them. I started reading their blog around the same time you did, and it’s so amazing to see how far everyone has come. Thanks for doing this. I’m sure it was super special for them. <3 5.14.08, 5:55PM
Kara: What beautiful pictures. That is amazing, you captured the love that is so evident through Nathan’s writing on the blog. 5.14.08, 5:50PM
Karey Michelle: What a gift you are. I’ve only met you a couple of times but I think the world of you and what you do! Thank you for sharing how we can help Nate and Tricia and especially for leading the way on how we as photographers can use our gifts to really make a difference. 5.14.08, 5:49PM
Janet: WOW! What a generous gift. I know how much N and T will cherish these photos for years to come. Tricia’s sister, Janet 5.14.08, 5:30PM
Leigh: Your amazing with your gift of photography! What a precious couple! I am so glad that you captured God’s Miracles for them! 5.14.08, 5:28PM
Patty: Oh my these are wonderful! I have been following their story since the day after Gwyneth was born, and I have to say I love these pictures that you have taken! 5.14.08, 5:23PM
Stephanie Sheetz: Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing! 5.14.08, 5:18PM
DonnaMike: When are you coming to Alabama? I have no pictures of me with my two year old son because I’m super camera shy. 5.14.08, 5:12PM
Marge Sexton: I follow Nathan’s blog, and had to take a peek at your photography….WOW, absolutely beautiful work! Thanks for sharing them with us. 5.14.08, 5:02PM
Kristen: Wow..those are great pictures. That was very generous of you and I am sure that they will treasure those pictures. God bless! 5.14.08, 4:55PM
Rebecca: Really awesome pictures! Plus, I love the song that you used for the slideshow. What’s the name of the song and who is the artist? 5.14.08, 4:54PM
life with the wisners: oh jessica. i have followed nathan and tricia’s story for so long. and i love that nathan finally gets to have his photo taken. 🙂 the three of them are so lucky to have met you. i have been reading your blog for a long time, and you have amazing talent. i LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this post. LOVED it! 5.14.08, 4:48PM
Carol: What wonderful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing with the Lawrenson’s adoring public! 5.14.08, 4:26PM
Julie: It’s so amazing that you found this couple. I have followed along to some degree on his blog and hers at times. So kind of you to do a shoot for them. As an amateur photographer myself I know Nathan must have been floored to have you ask to shoot them. …an incredibly kind and giving gesture. On a side note my parents are in Burlington NC (which is where I was this weekend too). I posted a couple pictures from the weekend here: http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/Juliestew/531054/ Blessings to you and what you did this weekend. Julie 5.14.08, 4:26PM
Jenifer: Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Like you I have been following Nate and Tricia’s story for awhile now. I love your work and try to look for that unique doorway to snap a fun picture. 5.14.08, 4:18PM
Robert: Jessica … you are truly an inspiration and a hero — what a very special thing you have done. These are some truly moving portraits. — robert 5.14.08, 4:16PM
The Mom-Jen: AMAZING you captured the essence I feel when I read about them. Wonderful job! 5.14.08, 4:13PM
nadine: What a beautiful thing for you to do, Jess, and such wonderful gorgeous pictures . . . 5.14.08, 4:12PM
lauren: what a beautiful, beautiful family!!! i wish them only the very best as they continue to move forward!! you two look like you could be sisters based on that last photo!!! 🙂 thank you for sharing their story. * 5.14.08, 3:21PM
april: Wow. WOW. I have followed this family for a long time and these photos really capture the finish line so beautifully. Thank you for very much for sharing them with all of us! 5.14.08, 3:15PM
Angella: These are beautiful. Just breathtaking! 5.14.08, 3:00PM
Kip: Very, very heartwarming and beautiful. 5.14.08, 2:42PM
tish: I have separately been following both your blog and Nathan & Tricia’s, so I was so excited to see you all connected! Thanks for sharing the photos!! 5.14.08, 2:39PM
Amanda: I’m sure you know this, but you captured something so special and beautiful. I was in tears as I watched the slide show. Thank you for sharing this. I have been following Nathan’s blog for months. It is so beautiful to see Tricia free and Nathan smiling. 5.14.08, 2:38PM
tanya jose: you know what’s funny…is that my friend, Kathy has been a blog stalker of Nathan’s for quite some time & I got turned to his blog about a month ago. i couldn’t believe that i knew EXACTLY who you were talking about when i read your blog today. i’m so happy that you got to shoot some VERY deserving people who are such an inspiration to little normal people like me. beautiul photos featuring truly beautiful people. thank you for sharing their story with more people & i will definitely be making a donation to their team on friday. 5.14.08, 2:30PM
Apryl: Tears were running down my face while I watched the pictures you took. What a way to capture moments of a family’s life, moments that one day will be a treasure for Gwyneth! You are truly a very talented photographer! 5.14.08, 2:24PM
Tomboymama: Wow, what a beautiful story, and your pictures are gorgeous. It made me cry. I wish them all of the best. What a beautiful, beautiful family. 5.14.08, 2:22PM
bobbie: Even having read all of Nathan’s blog, this still made me cry! Awesome, beautiful, fantastic ~ 5.14.08, 2:02PM
Leslie : These images are precious on so many levels. Their love and faith is awe inspiring. How wonderful of you to capture these moments for them. How in the world you found that kind of light in a NICU is beyond me! Sadly, I know what lighting is like in a NICU. A good friend had twin daughters born at exactly 24 weeks 4 days. After three months, they lost one daughter and while visiting, I attempted to shoot pictures of their remaining daughter. I was desperate to get some good pictures for them. Of course, they were grainy and terrible and it broke my heart not to be able to give them something better. They lost their second daughter three weeks later. The Lawrenson Family deserves so much and you have shown them the grace only God can. I truly believe he was working through your lens. Thank you for sharing such amazing work! 5.14.08, 1:27PM
Stephany: I’m bawling 5.14.08, 1:26PM
Kristin Hunter: This was simply beautiful, Jessica. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photos with us! I have been following this couple for half a year, and am so grateful that you took the time to give them such a LOVELY gift, and that you shared it with all of us! Keep up the good work! 5.14.08, 1:24PM
Ashley: What an inspirational story! The moments you captured are so amazing and natural and real. Thanks for starting off my day on the right foot. 5.14.08, 1:19PM
Ashley: I have been ready CF husband since January. Wow! Those pictures are AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing:) 5.14.08, 1:17PM
Elizabeth: I’ve been following their story (and your blog) for a while now. It’s pretty cool that you got to meet up with them. What a wonderful coincidence… or not coincidence. 5.14.08, 1:08PM
Jackie M: You do get around! I ran into photos from you on both CFHusband and The Pioneer Woman this week. Great photos! 5.14.08, 1:02PM
Beverly: Beautiful photos of the family. Their lives have had such an impact on us all. 5.14.08, 12:55PM
Shannon: Jessica, I have always been a huge fan of your work–now I am a huge fan of your amazingly kind heart. Thank you for sharing your gifts with such a deserving couple. 5.14.08, 12:40PM
Joy: Oh wow… that is so awesome that you did photos for them.. I actually check out both your blogs. Love the photos they are so beautiful. 5.14.08, 12:32PM
Krista Photography: Wow, that’s really cool that you got to meet them and share your gifts with them. I’m sure they’ll treasure these photos! 5.14.08, 12:32PM
~Alisha: What amazing stories you have photographing! 5.14.08, 12:28PM
Shelley: I am amazed at the way you captured their love… Great job and such a touching story 🙂 5.14.08, 12:23PM
Katrina: I am so glad you did a shot for them! I have been reading their blog for quite some time, and in my mind there is no one quite so deserving. They are a beautiful couple, and you definitely captured the love between them! =) Thank you for sharing them! 5.14.08, 12:18PM
mandi white: wow – what an amazing story. thank you for sharing. i already added his blog to my list. 5.14.08, 12:07PM
tami: Thank you for giving Nate and Tricia this memorable day. For the thousands of us who have "walked" with them these many months, its good to be able to see them in this way! Relaxed, healthy and happy. Thank you, too, for helping to spread awareness of CF. My daughter has CF, and I can not tell you how wonderful it is to see someone with your "visiability" offering a link to more information on your web site. A cure can not come without awareness, and wittingly or not, you are helping us to make others aware. Thank you. Tami in Wisconsin Mom to Emily, 2 1/2 with CF 5.14.08, 11:57AM
scott: Jessica, You never fail to produce stunning images. Lovely slideshow of a lovely family. Very touching. 5.14.08, 11:57AM
Cheri: Your work was amazing! My husband and I just brought our home from Guatemala, and I so wish you were close to us in Missouri. Your day with Tricia and Nathan was a blessing for me today. Thanks, Cheri 5.14.08, 11:57AM
Bev: These photos are perfect ~ just gorgeous!! I feel very blessed to be able to view them ~ they truly show the strong, loving relationship of Nathan and Tricia and their devotion to their precious daughter. Thanks for sharing Jessica. Your work is outstanding!! ~ Bev in Surrey, BC, CANADA 5.14.08, 11:46AM
Vanessa Segars: Great, that’s the second time you made me cry with one of your slideshows. You owe me some mascara… 5.14.08, 11:44AM
Mike: You skills are truly amazing! You captured this family’s true essence. It is simply a delight to view your blogs each week. 5.14.08, 11:42AM
Ellen: I’m a CFHusband addict and was just blown away by your pictures of them! You capture such intimacy and such personality! God Bless! 5.14.08, 11:37AM
Donna: These photos are absolutely breathtaking! 5.14.08, 11:34AM
Lydia: Jessica, you’re such a great example of what it means to bless others with our gifts. These pictures are so beautiful! I know the Lawrensons will cherish them forever. 5.14.08, 11:32AM
Tara: Love ALL of these shots! Just curious which action you used on the shot, 8 from the top. With her hugging his arm, and him cut out of the shot. I loved the work on that image! I have the totally rad actions… but I didn’t know if you used a series of them or if it was a kubota action. Thanks so much! 🙂 5.14.08, 11:32AM
Betty: I have been your loyal "blog stalker" since my little cousin raved about you & your photos about 8 months ago… I have never posted a comment but this story just touched my heart & brought tears to my eyes. I wish them the best & will follow their story. Thank you for bringing this to us & capturing an incredible family! 🙂 5.14.08, 11:30AM
Tira J : Jessica, you are so gifted and have a way of getting into people’s souls when you shoot. Thank you for sharing their story with us. I went and read both of their sites before I continued reading this post and donated before I watched the slideshow, which forced tears to stream down my cheeks! Wow! Again, thank you! You are a true blessing to all of us and especially to the Lawrenson family. 5.14.08, 11:29AM
Julie: I’m a huge fan of yours…and have been following the Lawrensons for a long time. Thank you for doing this for them…what a treasure. 5.14.08, 11:27AM
DrewB: I’ve been waiting to see these pictures all week! They have such an amazing story. You did such a great job capturing it! 5.14.08, 11:26AM
Inger Luff: What a special blessing for them. Thankyou for giving your time and talents to bless this deserving family…and thanks for sharing the photos with us! 5.14.08, 11:25AM
Jen Davis: Hi Jess, Thanks so much for sharing this amazing story with us. I cried like a baby through the entire slideshow. What a wonderful way to give them a personal gift and memory of this time in their lives and to bring more attention to the cause. 5.14.08, 11:18AM
ShannonW: Bless you for doing this for them! I’ve been following their story on the blog and it is definitely a true miracle from God. Your gift to them is something I know they will treasure for a lifetime. 5.14.08, 11:15AM
Lyndee: That is a wonderful story! I have a friend who has 4 children and 3 of them have CF. It is a struggle. Hopefully they will soon find a cure! 5.14.08, 11:12AM
Detra Dowling: Looks like I’m not the only one in tears this morning! I love the way he looks at her — and how they both look at the baby! Now THAT is a love story! 5.14.08, 10:53AM
Amy: I just had to comment… one of my friends has been following this story and giving me updates for months now (she used to work at Duke hospital), just last night she shared the good news of their improving health… then today I saw this and we were overwhelmed at the collision of worlds… seemingly randomly, but I think divine. You have been an inspiration to me in lots of ways, so I finally had to share. I just blogged about your site on Monday and put your link on my site! Pretty wild huh? Did I mention that I’m also from Raleigh, ha! 5.14.08, 10:53AM
Rachel: What an amazing gift you gave this family! I too have been following their inspiring story for months. Love that you did this for them. As I watched the slideshow with my 2 year old daughter, she kept on repeating AWWWW, over and over again, especially when she saw Gwyneth 🙂 5.14.08, 10:47AM
~abi~: how generous of you! this family is so sweet, and i will be praying for them! 5.14.08, 10:47AM
Julie : Thank you for bringing such a beautifil love story to life with pictures. I have followed this blog for a while and it is outstanding too see Tricia glow the way she is in your photos. God bless you. 5.14.08, 10:44AM
Amanda : Hi. I was also linked from Nathan and Tricia’s blog. Thank you so much for giving them such a lovely gift as these photographs. I laughed, I cried, I loved them all!! Thanks!!! 5.14.08, 10:43AM
TonyaPeterson: You never stop amazing me with your good and generous nature! I think it is so amazing! I hope they reach their goal soon. I am going to go donate now 5.14.08, 10:41AM
Theresa: Found you through Nate’s site – you are an amazing photographer, thank you for sharing your photo shoot! The love between Nate, Tricia, and Gwyneth came through beautifully! 5.14.08, 10:40AM
Tricia Moran: Jessica, what an awesome photographer you are. More than a photographer – you capture the "insides" of people! I have followed Nate and Tricia’s story for several months now and think the pics you took speak for themselves. They must be the most beautiful people in real life as your photos show. I wish that you lived near me (N.VA) so that I could get you to capture my children. I will spread the word about your work and thank you for sharing these pictures with us lawrenson blog followers. Tricia Moran 🙂 (N.VA) 5.14.08, 10:40AM
annaliza: i agree with deborah "your heart impresses me as much as your photography does." you’re awesome! what a privilege it is to have you in ppl’s lives. i can’t wait for you to do our family’s portrait. 5.14.08, 10:40AM
lesa Hicks: You are so sweet to do this for them. They seem like a wonderful family. I was in tears watching the slideshow. How awesome to use your talents like that! 5.14.08, 10:33AM
Kacie Jean: Thanks for the good cry this morning Jessica! That was so touching to watch, and I really enjoyed checking out Nathan’s blog. Such a precious gift to give to this family… 5.14.08, 10:30AM
Breanne: I was linked here from Nate’s blog and had to tell you that your photos are absolutely amazing. Beautiful shots… every one! I particularly like the last shot of the entire family in the slideshow… the look shared between Nate and Tricia with Gwyneth in their arms, it’s a look of awe and beauty. Thank you! 5.14.08, 10:22AM
Steven: You always amaze me , beautiful work 5.14.08, 10:21AM
Lindsay Kipp Photography: I don’t even know what to say, first of all, the images themselves are absolutley beautiful and secondly, through the tears streaming down my cheeks, this couple is probably one of the most beautiful couples I have ever seen – inside and out. You can just feel the love between them, it is amazing! And their baby girl, the miricle, she is so beautiful and I can tell that she will be strong and a fighter just like her mother. Good luck to them in all they do! Jessica, thank you so much for sharring this story with us! It is truly beautiful! 5.14.08, 10:21AM
michelle: I’ve been following their story and came to your blog from Nate’s. I love their pictures. You’re great!!! What a gift you’ve given them. Beautiful! Also loved Luke and Alisha’s slide show! How beautiful!! 5.14.08, 10:19AM
Melissa Koehler: These are truly precious. I know they will treasure these forever. 5.14.08, 10:18AM
Blair: I have been following their story. I knew he loved her but your photos express how much he really does. They are a beautiful family. 5.14.08, 10:16AM
Andy Lawrenson: Incredible work! Thanks for sharing. 5.14.08, 10:06AM
julia: These are simply stunning! All of us CF husband bloggers love this family so much and to see these pictures means more than you know. The Lord used your talent to capture this family with all the beauty they posess, both inside and out. Thank you… julia 5.14.08, 10:04AM
erin.: So I have followed your blog much longer than Tricia & Nate’s (I found theirs the day of Tricia’s Double Lung Transplant) but I just wanted to let you all know how much I loved all the pictures! You rock! 5.14.08, 10:01AM
cindy: This post really hit me this morning. There is a couple from my high school who’s little 5 month old girl just had a double lung transplant- and I’ve seen how hard their fight with this is. This couple and their faith and dedication to one another and their little Gwyneth is beautiful, and you captured it so well. Kudos to you for using your talent to bless the lives of others! 5.14.08, 10:01AM
Kristina: Beautiful work for a beautiful family, thanks for sharing your talent and blessing us all! 5.14.08, 9:56AM
Gretchen: These are so great Jessica! Thanks for doing this for such an amazing couple! 5.14.08, 9:56AM
Amanda: Wow! I have been following Nathan’s blog for some time and came here from his site — your photos are incredible. What a great gift to this family! Your captures and editing are so elegant and — just wow. Beautiful family. Beautiful photos! 5.14.08, 9:56AM
Lauren: Jessica, you captured so much emotion with this shoot. My heart is smiling after viewing these gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing! You truly have a gift. 5.14.08, 9:52AM
Becky: I am close friends with Tricia’s sister. Thanks for the cry!! It was beautiful, the music sent me over the edge though! 5.14.08, 9:52AM
jill: What beautiful pictures! You are amazing, thank you for sharing these with us. 5.14.08, 9:51AM
Carol : What a beautiful start to my day!! How most wonderful of you to do for this family. 5.14.08, 9:46AM
Shaina P: Wow – I can’t imagine. I loved the one where Tricia is laying her head on his chest – you can tell she finds comfort in his arms. 5.14.08, 9:38AM
Jennifer Gray: I had tears in my eyes the whole time I looked at these amazing photos! What an awesome blessing you have given to Nate and Tricia!!! 5.14.08, 9:30AM
Judy: Nice job. It really makes my heart feel good knowing there are still people in this world who want to do something "just because" it’s a nice thing to do. Thanks for sharing this experience with us out here in blogland and thanks for giving the Lawrenson’s something that will last forever for them. You really are a nice person and I applaud you. 5.14.08, 9:26AM
r.a.w.: They are beautiful together. Your work is lovely. Thank you for sharing. 5.14.08, 9:25AM
Denise : Wow…. I love Nathan’s blag, and all these pictures had me in tears. I am glad to have found your blog too now. Thank you for letting us all share in a bit more of their story. 5.14.08, 9:24AM
Kelly Vasami: It’s so cool to see two blogs that I follow collide into one! Small world, huh? Very cool of you to do this for Nathan and Tricia. Very very cool. 🙂 5.14.08, 9:20AM
Deborah: Your heart impresses me as much as your photography does. What an amazing treasure you have given to this family! 5.14.08, 9:17AM
Pam: Your work is fabulous. I’m another follower of the CFHusband blog, and because of Nate’s testimony about you on his photo blog, came to visit your site yesterday. It was neat to see today that you had already had the opportunity to shoot them. You photos of them reveal their love beautifully and you’ve captured precious moments and created memories with them that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. 5.14.08, 9:15AM
Bob P.: WTF Jessica!? That’s two posts in a row you had me teary eyed! Seriously, what an incredible story and I wish them all the best. 5.14.08, 9:14AM
Dana D: beautiful…gorgeous…precious- love the cfhusband blog and love the wonderful photographs you blessed them with! 5.14.08, 9:10AM
Becky: Brilliant! Such beautiful pictures…what treasure for them! Thank you! 5.14.08, 9:04AM
Allison: Oh Jessica, These are fabulous. What a fantastic thing for you to do. I saw their story on the news. They are an amazing family. You could really feel their love for each other and Gwyneth in these photos. Absolutely beautiful. 5.14.08, 9:04AM
kristin: Jess, I’ve been following this blog for quite some time now, and this is so great that you did this. When I have a totally sucky day, I just think of Trish and what she’s pushing through for her little family. God will Bless you, Jessica for giving of your heart like this. 🙂 5.14.08, 9:03AM
Julie Nickerson: Thanks for doing this for them! I’m been following their blog for months now and I think they are just precious. It was wonderful for you to take their photos. I shoot weddings on the side and I just found out about you recently. I’ve had fun checking out your site. 5.14.08, 9:02AM
courtney: AMAZING pictures and EVEN MORE AMAZING STORY!! 🙂 What a blessing from God that whole family is. 5.14.08, 9:00AM
Annie: This just brought tears to my eyes. I wish the best of luck to Nathan, Tricia and Gwyneth. Thank you for sharing this with us. 5.14.08, 8:59AM
Jennifer: What a treat! YOU shooting THE Lawrence family? WOW! 5.14.08, 8:57AM
Jen: Such a small world! I too have been reading there blog for a long time and when I opened my bloglines today I saw your face on their blog…I was so confused! The pictures are beautiful and you are so sweet to capture this time for them. Hope you are well! 5.14.08, 8:50AM
Stephenie Dame: Beautiful!!! 5.14.08, 8:45AM
Beth A.: I have been following Nathan and Tricia’s story for a while now, and it’s so special to see them get a treat like this! I’m also envious of you having met Gwyneth…she’s so precious! 5.14.08, 8:44AM
Tina: Amazing…you did a beautiful job…treasures they will have forever. 5.14.08, 8:41AM
Alice: Beautiful! I am a photograpger (journalist type) and the art of the portrait has always escaped me. I am totally wowed by these! 5.14.08, 8:25AM
Shannon: These are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been following these three for awhile now…and agree-their love is something remarkable. 5.14.08, 8:21AM
Shandelle: Absolutely beautiful pictures! I’ve been following the story since January and you truly captured the emotion and love between this wonderful family! 5.14.08, 8:15AM
jojo: These are amazing pictures of an amazing family. I just stumbled across this family’s blog a few weeks ago and have loved reading about their journey and faith. What an amazing gift to give them! 5.14.08, 8:15AM
Anita: THANK YOU! for blessing my friends with such beautiful memories!!! May the Lord bless you & elevate you in your industry! 5.14.08, 8:14AM
Rebecca: Awesome, awesome, awesome! 5.14.08, 8:11AM
Kathy: I came here through Nate’s blog. Beautiful photos. I only wish Gwyneth had been released from the hospital and been able to join her mom and dad for the shoot outdoors. Glad for the great 40 minutes of sunshine. Thanks for sharing. Kathy 5.14.08, 8:11AM
Tamara Cosby: WOW! I love your photographs! They truly capture the personality of each of your clients…at least, that is what I see 😉 Thank you for sharing! If you are ever in Murfreesboro, TN or Nashville, LET ME KNOW!!! 5.14.08, 8:10AM
Martha: Absolutely gorgeous photos. 5.14.08, 8:03AM
stephanie c.: I just discovered Nathan’s blog recently, and I’ve read every word of this couple’s incredible story. What an inspiration! Your photos are just beautiful. 5.14.08, 7:57AM
JSocha: Thank you so much for these pictures! I have silently following Nate & Tricia’s story for months now & these pictures describe them perfectly! These moments captured together will be moments they will be able to hold on to forever! You’re amazing!!! 5.14.08, 7:53AM
Adria Peaden: This is an amazing story, thanks for sharing. These pictures have been well worth the wait since your last blog entry. 5.14.08, 7:48AM
KP: Absolutely beautiful. After following their story for months, it is so great to see such genuine happiness in their eyes! Thanks for capturing it for those of us who haven’t had the privilege of meeting them personally. 5.14.08, 7:44AM
Tonia: I love Nathan and Tricia and have been following their story for months. Thank you for creating this memory for them! I love your web-site, it is a new favorite for me! 5.14.08, 7:43AM
Hannah: I found your site through Tricia and Nathan’s blog and I am thoroughly impressed with your ability to capture their love for each other, along with their incredible story. The pictures are beautiful. 5.14.08, 7:27AM
Christina Scott: Thank you for capturing Nate, Trisha & Gweneth is such a special way. I cried my way through looking at all the pictures. What beautiful lives they have. Thank you for blessing them with photos that they will cherish forever. God bless you! 5.14.08, 7:27AM
Rick Lawrenson: Jessica – those are amazing pictures! Thanks so much not only for your gift of the photos, but for sharing their story and encouraging others to give to CFF. My wife and I will be in Orange Co. in August and would love to meet you. 5.14.08, 7:13AM
Christy Hamilton: What an amazing photographer you are! Of course it helps to have such good subjects as the Lawrensons to photograph!! I wish you lived in NC all the time. My daughter is a pre-teen, and I want to get some shots of her at this age. I love your work!!! 5.14.08, 7:13AM
Toria: I too have CF and recently gave birth to a baby, so you can imagine how I got hooked by the amazing story of Nate, Trisha and little Gywneth. I just wanted to thank you for giving you time to this family and taking such gorgeous photos, it was very kind of you. On my own personal selfish note it was GREAT to see some of them all out the hospital being normal :o) Here’s to a speedy recovery and many happy long years to this amazing family. Good luck with all your continuing work xx 5.14.08, 7:11AM
Anton Zuiker: Stunning images, and so kind of you to share your time and talent with Nathan and Tricia. 5.14.08, 7:05AM
Sarah: The photo’s are beautiful, just, wow! I definately love the one with the red nails, and Gwyneth throwing a peace sign is fantastic haha. Your work is beautiful! 5.14.08, 7:02AM
a fan: I am another long-time follower of Nathan’s blog, and it has been amazing! There aren’t enough words. That’s why we have pictures, and these pictures are simply beautiful. I am so happy for this family. Thanks for adding to their story for all of us to see. By the way, Nathan’s personal Strides goal was met and has been upped. I believe we are working on Tricia’s personal goal now!!! 5.14.08, 6:53AM
Nate: BTW. I’m really excited to have some pics of the three of us together as those are the only ones that are really hard for me to get on my own (not that I’m comparing my skills to yours). AND, the 6th pic of this series (of Tricia holding my arm with my hands in my pocket) is my favorite of us two because it is totally how you’ll see us standing together all the time… Nate 5.14.08, 6:51AM
Paige: What a gorgeous, loving thing you’ve done. I follow their blog, too, and just am so moved by the way you’ve captured them and their spirit. What is the song accompanying the slideshow? It’s beautiful. 5.14.08, 6:50AM
Wendy: They are absolutely beautiful! The love you captured in these photos brought me to tears. So sweet of you to take these photos. BEAUTIFUL!! 5.14.08, 6:44AM
Marissa: Wow, I just soooo love your photos! Fabulous job! Thanks for sharing. I can’t pick just one favorite out of all these pixs you posted. Nate and Tricia look absolutely wonderful together and I love seeing Gwyn being held from a distance because that really shows her size! 🙂 Adorable! Thanks again for sharing. 😀 5.14.08, 6:43AM
Missy: absolutely beautiful. i am a loyal reader of the lawrenson’s blog. you have captured the love we’ve been reading about perfectly. thank you, too, for sharing this part of their journey. 5.14.08, 6:40AM
Nate: Oh, Jessica… Thank you so much. I have tears in my eyes looking at these. Tricia is still sleeping, and I can’t wait to show her in a little while! We are so blessed that you found us and have such a huge heart! And, the song for the slideshow is perfect! Thank you… Nate 5.14.08, 6:35AM
Casey Futrell: WOW! What a beautiful story. I have many tears. I feel blessed to have read that story this morning. It has brought so much joy to my day to come. Thank You. Your an amazing person. 5.14.08, 6:05AM
[michele]: I love your wedding shots, but this week has been the BEST! First Luke and Alisha and now this family – just gives me the warm fuzzies! 5.14.08, 5:52AM
ehon: aww… that brought tears to my eyes. jess, you’re such an inspiration and so much love!! i have high respect for your work and even more now. i believe that what you did with them will live on with the Lawrenson family forever. you’re…. truly truly an angel, jess! And to the Lawrenson family, I truly hope that things will just get better from here. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. 🙂 Just look at that miracle baby! 5.14.08, 3:49AM
Cathy Crawley: OMG you are an ANGEL! As I am living with an auto-immune disease myself I can totally see the value in your gift. I hope Tricia makes a full recovery and lives a very long and happy life. Thanks for the smile you just put on my face! 🙂 5.14.08, 3:29AM
Alissa: Oh what an amazing experience for all of you – I have followed another CF mum through her pregnancy and will be following Tricia and Nathan now too. The family portrait reduced me to tears, it is so beautiful! 5.14.08, 3:04AM
Szell Andras: Hi, Would you please tell me which effect did you use on picture "Sleeping like a baby"? I really like it very much! Thank you, Andras 5.14.08, 2:52AM
ashley: i’ve also been following their blog for a while now and have been thrilled to see their progress over the past months. i’m so happy to see that you’ve these awesome pictures for them, i know how cherished they will be 5.14.08, 2:48AM