Dave Newton: Love the Sundays! My fav is still "Here’s Where The Story Ends" though. 5.13.08, 8:57PM
Mandy Roberts: Jessica, You are my IDOL! Fantastic work. I hope to shadow you one day. Thanks for the constant inspiration! Altho you’re huger than huge in my eyes, I just tagged you on my site. I could’ve gone for more local photogs, but why not just shoot for the moon? 🙂 JCSROX. – Mandy 5.12.08, 3:45PM
Candy : I {heart} The Sundays! 5.10.08, 7:18PM
Kelvin: I encourage everyone to introduce themselves to Erykah Badu. Try tracks "Next Lifetime", "Orange Moon", "Other Side of the Game". You won’t regret it. Also, try the Zune subscription service. Best thing that ever happened to a music nut like myself. 5.10.08, 1:02PM
Tara: I have lots, but one song that really takes me back is Lisa Loeb’s "Stay." It was big when I was in what, high school (you, too!) and boy, it just does it for me! I know every word and every note and I belt it…ha! 5.10.08, 7:19AM
Jenn: Okay, I just commented on the first post and here I am commenting again!! I so understand the soundtrack of your life! I will have to contemplate all of the songs and place them. I just wrote a post about a song taking me back to pre-teen/teen days! So odd this current is flowing across the US. 🙂 Check it out, if you want! Not really my soundtrack, but a slice of my life–a memory encapsulated in a song by Styx. 🙂 5.9.08, 11:22PM
Lauren: Ah Jessica, I turn the big 2-9 in July this year too (scary!), and the 1 song that brings me back to my 21st is Natalie Imbruglia – Torn. I was at a seady pub (the Bourban & Beefsteak – for all you Sydney-siders), at about 2am with a girlfriend, a few nights after my 21st, and met a lovely boy called Simon (who was turning 21 the following week), and we danced to this song like there was no tomorrow! Hmm… wonder what he’s doing now!! 5.9.08, 12:31AM
meg: Thanks for sharing your tunes! I also would like to know how you embed those i-tunes buttons! 5.8.08, 9:43PM
Laura: That was my first dance song "wild horses" at my wedding last year.. of course the Sunday’s version.. the Rolling stones version is eh.. 5.7.08, 10:00PM
Jessica Chapman: I loved the Sundays in college too! I would say the album OK Computer reminds me most of college, Actung Baby reminds me of high school, and esp. the song "Linger" by the Cranberries transports me right back to 10th grade. I love the feeling it brings… 5.7.08, 7:31PM
Wendy: 2000, right before I got married, we did a houseboat trip to Shasta. We had bought a Moby album especially for the trip. Every time I hear that album, I am transported to that weekend in the hot sun and the glittering Shasta waters. 5.7.08, 3:08PM
Jeff Sipper: For me, it has got to be either, Counting Crows "August and Everything After", or Gin Blossoms "New Miserable Experience" Takes me right back to 1995, Living in San Francisco, and going to Art School. Too many buzzed nights listening to both of those! Great Post! 5.7.08, 2:48PM
Dave T.: Jeez, you all make me feel old. I just heard that son on radioparadise.com the other day! Song of my life? where do I start..the metal years, goth days? I am excited that tickets go on sale for My Bloody Valentine this week…so there you go. 😛 5.7.08, 2:47PM
Sir David Esquire: The Rio Album By Duran Duran. Most definitely my "Happy Place." 5.7.08, 1:14PM
Romain Kedochim: I have many songs that take me back to my childhood, my teenage time, my first love and things like that… But i listened to a song yesterday, for the first time, that took me back to my whole life… And i mean it. It’s like someone is telling you about how you’re feeling about life… So if you all are curious, and want to hear someone sing about yourselves, try John Mayer – Track is "Stop this Train". Here is a link to one youtube video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BTzNX5OMN4 Listen carefully to the lyrics… Love to all! Romain. 5.7.08, 5:45AM
Cathy Crawley: As a child of the 70’s (I’ll be 37 soon, believe it or not *wink wink*) the songs that take me back are Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, True Colors and Time after Time by Cindy Lauper, Something so Strong by Crowed House, anything by Eurythmics, The Soundtracks from Dirty Dancing, Top Gun, Cocktail…..Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor….and finally Melissa Etheridge, I listened to her A LOT! 5.7.08, 4:41AM
sandra p photography: when i smell certain scents,i get that nostalgic feeling…it’s quite strange how our brains do that. I’m turning 29 the same day you’re turning 29! I just hope my photography career will be half as successful as yours! 5.7.08, 1:27AM
r@ph: haha! the song ‘runaway train’ reminds me of my senior year in high school where my friends and i would sing the song, out in a field in school while one of us would strumm the song on his guitar. 😀 5.7.08, 1:13AM
MattDJ: Perfect post! I wonder if it will be the same when we all turn 40…hearing a song and saying "ahhh…that totally reminds me of when I was 30" 🙂 okay…how did you post up links to stuff on iTunes using that button? 5.6.08, 11:45PM
Linda: My college girlfriends and I used to spend an entire day getting ourselves "prettied up" for a night on the town and we’d listen to Whitney Houston’s "How Will I Know?" over and over…along with a few beverages…we had a blast! 5.6.08, 9:04PM
Jackie Blair: I love the Sundays…when I was in high school I used to listen to Summertime (or whatever #2) was called every night as I fell asleep… 5.6.08, 8:48PM
Onsite Minnesota Photography in Minneapolis: Pearl Jam! and the song, Bulls on Parade. Oh, and Biggie, lol. It all reminds me of high school! 5.6.08, 8:08PM
Anya : Well, now that I feel really old….. Schmaltzy music like Foreigner and Styx….takes me back to "the day". The songs that I belt out and my kids (all 5 of them) want to collectively run and hide would be Boy George "Time" and REM "Superman". 5.6.08, 6:44PM
Sarah Bussey: I listen to The Sundays in high school. They were one of my favorite bands. Isn’t it fun to hear music you haven’t heard in a long time and it totally takes you back 🙂 5.6.08, 6:14PM
gabriel.ryan.: track 1: birth: guns ‘n roses ‘sweet child of mine’ track 7: adolescence: warren g ‘regulators’ track 21: marriage: top gun soundtrack ‘highway to the danger zone’ 5.6.08, 5:28PM
kelly: I was just thinking about this the other day when I turned on the radio and heard Four Non Blonde’s "What’s Going On?"…OMG…that moment I was back in highschool…:0) 5.6.08, 5:25PM
candi: i turn 29 in july too! 🙂 5.6.08, 5:10PM
Miz Booshay: Earth Wind and Fire, bay-bee! That’s college for me. And the soundtrack to Grease! 5.6.08, 3:33PM
sarah: when I was breaking up with a boyfriend at the when I was in high school (17 years old) I clung to songs with lyrics like, "love me, love me, say that you love me! Need me, need me…" Now I always think of that break up when I hear the song. Oh…to jump off of this..how about when you watch movies? When I was dating someone else we saw Swordfish and now, I never want to watch it again! 5.6.08, 3:20PM
Kelley Frese: Just the other day, while searching through my ipod for something different than my norm, I came across Weezers, The Blue Album. The moment the first song began playing I was transported to 1997, my sr. year, and all the fond memories that come with it. One of which is my wonderful husband before we started dating. If you want to destroy my sweater…Woah-ah-woah-ah-woah. Hold this thread as I walk away… As I walk away. Watch me unravel, I’ll soon be naked. Lying on the floor, lying on the floor I’ve come undone. 5.6.08, 3:10PM
Katie: Jessica, seriously I couldn’t agree with you more. Music has a transcendent power to rekindle memories you didn’t realize you had. It’s a huge part of my process as a photographer and as a person. Two that will always bring me back: 1) Just the Way you Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra)…my first dance with my hubby. 2) We Built This City on Rock and Roll…whether it be memories of dancing with my dad in the living room or blaring it out the dorm room window and dancing with my girls…I always smile hearing it. 5.6.08, 1:21PM
Andy Andrews: I have been a Sundays fan since the first time I heard their first album. It’s a shame they have not put out any new music in over a decade. Harriet Wheeler has the voice of an angel. Great choice Jessica! 5.6.08, 12:41PM
Matthew Saville: When I hear "wild horses", I think of "who’s gonna ride your wild horses" actually… The first soundtrack to my life was Moby – Play. The second soundtrack to my life was U2 – The Joshua Tree. Then, Phil Collins – Testify. Now the current soundtrack to my life, don’t laugh, is Donna Lewis – Blue Planet. =Matt= 5.6.08, 12:26PM
jeff: I always wondered if there is one song that would remind me of a time in my life where i would like return to someday. The song is " faith and white light" by Jimmy Khoury. He wrote this song as part of a soundtrack for a documentary called A Map for Saturday, about a man who documents his one year trip around the world backpacking. I did that a couple of years ago and this song brings back so many great memories. Here is the link. http://amapforsaturday.com/music.html Thanks for sharing your song. 5.6.08, 11:54AM
Amy Martin: I LOVE The Sundays… their song Summertime is a huge one for me that takes me back 🙂 I’ve had to re-buy their CDs because I wore them out! 5.6.08, 11:52AM
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs: mine’s the goo goo dolls and collective soul. late 90s great southern rock. 5.6.08, 11:49AM
Kerry: I have been following your blog for some time now and wanted to tell you that your work is fabulous and so inspiring. Once you posted Wild Horses by The Sundays I just had to say something! It brings me back to my high school years and reminds me of when my best friend and I would take long drives listening to music. Wild Horses was definitely on the top of the playing list! Keep up the amazing work. Looking at these images truly brightens my day. 5.6.08, 11:34AM
j.: for me…going through my emo depressed teenager stage it is without a doubt adams song – blink 182. 5.6.08, 11:27AM
Judy: Wild horses is my all time favorite song (The Sundays version). I remember when Blind came out I would listen to it over and over. To this day I still all the lyrics to every song. Wow! I didn’t know there were so many other Sundays fans out there. Woo Woo!! 5.6.08, 11:13AM
Brad Person: Hi Jessica. You now hold a special place in my heart as a fellow Sundays fan 🙂 I have a large music library, and all three Sunday’s albums are in my top ten. I saw them live here in Minneapolis in 1993 at First Avenue (of Prince/Purple Rain fame) with a bunch of friends, and it still reigns as one of my favorite college memories. FYI… there are a bunch of bootleg concert videos on YouTube. I’ve downloaded several and watch them on my Ipod when I travel. Tons of fun. 5.6.08, 10:18AM
Scott: "Too Much time on my hands" by Styx. Brings me back to High School and riding around in my friends Pinto. Good times…. 5.6.08, 9:41AM
Anna: As always, U2 takes me back to many memories (I think I can even smell college when I listen to them) but my new favorite is The new REM…Supernatural Superserious. It’s just an amazing song and I am so glad they are back! 5.6.08, 9:32AM
Jasmine*: Ha! The Sundays have been on repeat for the past week while I’ve been working! Remember when we were shopping at SCP and we both stopped in our tracks when we heard this song playing?! Good times. Hope you’re enjoying NYC! 🙂 xoxo… 5.6.08, 9:19AM
Heather Houston: Low by Flo Rida will help you remember this time….That song is played EVERYWHERE now! lol 5.6.08, 8:47AM
Sharon: coming out of lurkdom raising my hand high. ME TOO ME TOO. Big Sundays fan here. Got a journal full of their lyrics from college. Its like taking a deep breath and smelling spring on the way 😀 P.s 29 is nothing, just wait till ya pass the big 3-0 5.6.08, 8:26AM
D Baker: When I was in JV Basketball our coach was Sheila. Everytime I hear the song, "Oh Sheila", I always remember her, because we would sing that song to her on the bus on the way back from the games. 5.6.08, 8:25AM
dpc: This is so true… The most efficient tunes for quick time travelling are those songs that we hate, but the radio keeps playing cause they’re fashion. They usually last for 3 months or so before we forget about it without buying the record or anything cause they suck. They keep the memory intact, better than a time capsule, ’til you hear it in a supermarket. They’re some horrible songs that I love just because of this emotional load. These past weeks I’ve been into Falling For The First Time by the Barenaked Ladies. All my beautiful sunny days in Detroit circa 2001. Have a nice day ! 5.6.08, 8:05AM
Christina LeMarr: OMG, I looooove the Sundays! I have Reading, Writing and Arithmetic on vinyl. I just put Wild Horses on my friends slideshow. I have a TON of music, and soo much reminds me of good times! The Cure’s Staring at the Sea: The Singles reminds me of when It was my first semester in college, I went to a small one in LaGrange Georgia, and would drive to Athens and just drive around the lil town, especially on rainy days and just play the cure over and over. I was just out on my own, my first car, my own place, and I just looove the college town that even though it would take me like three hours to get there, it was where I felt comfortable. Artsy, awesome town center with off the wall shops, record stores, coffee shops…this was in 94, when music was awesome!! I could go on and on!!! 5.6.08, 7:55AM