darcie deneal: I am looking for a skin retouching action that would work well on babies who have health issues. My photography is focused on children with special needs. Most of my photo sessions are done in the hospital. Can you recommend an action or technique? Thanks so much 8.13.08, 10:25PM
miriam: Thank you so much jessica! you are amazing. I really mean it when I say (after looking for other photographers over 2 years) you are the best and you are getting better and better. 5.8.08, 5:52AM
Brandy: These are some of my favorite actions! 5.2.08, 12:29PM
Emily Heizer: Ok, I can pick ONE, Totally Rad OR Kubota, which is better for me to go with, more versitile, if I can only pick ONE. Thanks so much for anyone who inserts an opinion!! 5.2.08, 5:35AM
Gina Spanos: Hi just wondering? I have the total rad actions, total rad big blue action, I don’t have that one, I was went on their website and they don’t have it listed as well? Can you email me when you get a chance. best, Gina 5.2.08, 12:58AM
terri z: thank-you so much jessica !!! there are so many actions available and hard to pick and choose on what to get first ….since i am just getting started and not really sure which actions to get or get them at all ……thank-you for the before and afters and how you use them …..it helps to have a better understanding of what some of the actions do and how they effect images …. i am definitely getting some of these !!! …. thanks again for sharing !!! much appreciated !!! have a great day !!! by the way , still lovin’ my shootsac !!!! 5.1.08, 7:13AM
Ldi: Hi Jessica! I’m a French photographer and i really love your pictures. You’re a source of inspiration to me… I’m happy that you share your secret for the B&W that you use. I have one question : Do you know if there is an action like "Super Old Skool Fast" in the actions pack of Kubota? Thanks for your answer. 5.1.08, 6:28AM
Naomi Fleming: I started using TRA late last year, and yes, they are amazing. Well worth the relatively small price tag. 4.30.08, 6:52PM
olivia: Hayley — did you check out Doug’s blog? He’s got a great video on how to use the pro retouch action. Here’s the link: http://boutwellstudio.com/blougbloug/?p=4 4.30.08, 5:21PM
Doug Boutwell: Check out www.gettotallyrad.com/forum and www.gettotallyrad.com/videos for some more help on some of those issues, and feel free to email or call me if I can help. New site out any day now, too, and that’ll have some goodies. Happy action-ing! 4.30.08, 4:40PM
Hayley Anderson: I bought the TRA a few months back when you had mentioned them and I am in LOVE! They really do make a huge difference and they are so stinkin easy! One thing though, I can’t get my Pro re-touch to work for me. Everything else is working for me, though. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? 4.30.08, 2:06PM
Bartek: Awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂 We’ll have to check these out, the Old School action looks amazing! 4.30.08, 12:56PM
ricki ford: You are so right Jessica by far these are the best action out to date. I bought them right when they were released and have been a happy camper every since. Great post! 4.30.08, 12:51PM
Navy Sou: Wow…you should charge for these secrets!!!! 4.30.08, 11:51AM
denise: I love before and afters, thank so much for this post!!! 4.30.08, 10:55AM
Heather: Had to come back and tell you I’ve played and I had NO idea what I was missing. It was apparent I never took the time to really learn this actions and I am kicking myself in the head right now! Thanks so much again! 4.30.08, 9:44AM
Heather: I’ve had these for a while and have never really used them in their greatest ability, which you have brought to light today. I can’t wait to get my house cleaned so I can go back and do some editing now! Thanks for showing some tips on these "rad" actions! 4.30.08, 7:35AM
Matthew Saville: Totally Rad actions are by far the best thing out there for what they do, and so worth the money. 🙂 BTW jess, you ARE one of the best wedding shooters in the world, and I’m really inspired by your images. I was just pokin’ fun at you tonight, sorry! =Matt= 4.30.08, 1:36AM
Anna: I am pretty sure they don’t work with PS Elements…it tells you on the site. I think you need CS2 or higher. 4.29.08, 8:05PM
Clare Day: I got Totally Rad the other day after seeing them on the B School and OMG I am SOOOOOOOO in love with them!!! They make my images so much better 🙂 4.29.08, 7:20PM
kelly: i just bought these and love love love them!!!!! thanks for sharing with us jessica! 4.29.08, 6:18PM
Lanne: I loooove these too. Yin Yang ROCKS… and the videos on Doug’s blog would really help new users on using Big Blue and Green with Envy. I also love the Jinky Actions from ittybitty actions.. but the TRA are one of my fav workflow tools! 4.29.08, 5:08PM
Cathy Crawley: I love them! 4.29.08, 5:06PM
Orbie Pullen : These actions are the best! I use them all the time. You might want to check out Doug Boutwell’s blog he has some killer videos on how to use the actions. http://boutwellstudio.com/blougbloug/ 4.29.08, 5:04PM
Anna: Hey Jess…I have been meaning to get these ans this is just what I needed to do it! I just downloaded them! Thanks for sharing your tips and talent! As always, the images are brilliant! 4.29.08, 3:52PM
Sarah: Thanks for sharing! Does anyone know if Totally Rad Actions can be use with PhotoShop Elements? Not a pro and don’t have the PS suite, but love the results of the actions. 4.29.08, 3:11PM
Ava Zub: Thanks for sharing! 4.29.08, 3:04PM
J: Just curious, do these work with Photoshop Elements? Or do you have to have one of the other versions of Photoshop? 4.29.08, 3:04PM
PhotoSmith – Sarah Smith: thanks so much for your insight! I have both the Kuboda and Totally Rad actions sets, but it is awesome to see how someone like yourself is using them! 4.29.08, 1:17PM
Ashley: I love it when you share your knowledge with us! Thanks! 4.29.08, 12:52PM
David [C+D]: Thanks for the pictures! I think these really help us see what Kabuta can do and I think Cathy and I at some point soon will be investing a little in these awesome little tools we always here so much about! 🙂 4.29.08, 12:46PM