Charlotte Leonard: Wow your work is so amazing I can see why you’re on the list!! 5.7.08, 2:39PM
Amanda Key: Congratulations! That is wonderful! 5.1.08, 7:26PM
Krystal Prue: That’s so awesome Jess!!! Congrats to you!!!!!!! 5.1.08, 2:37PM Congratulations! very cool and deserving. A. 4.30.08, 9:48PM
Daniel Alexander: Congrats! 4.30.08, 6:45PM
Mary Jane: That is so awesome Jess!!!! You deserve it! xoxo πŸ™‚ 4.30.08, 12:45AM
Wedding Congrats Jessica! Your talent is amazing, but there is no doubt that your hard work got you here. What an amazing honor. 4.29.08, 10:05PM
annaliza: congratulations you are far deserving to be on that list–duh?! (heehee, i’m one of your biggest fans) i was wondering where i can go to find more information about second shooting with a photographer (ethics, how-to, etc) thanks! you’re rad! 4.29.08, 2:44PM
Steve: Top 5 for sure, though some choices are questionable your name deserves to be on there. 4.29.08, 2:31PM
elizabeth : wow.. congrats.. I would certianly have to agree that you are in the top 10 world wide.. Rock On Girl 4.29.08, 1:50PM
IGOR POGODAYEV: Congrats, you deserve to be named top 10 photographer. Your images are really awesome. 4.29.08, 9:49AM
Lisa Robbins: Well done and well deserved! Congratulations. 4.29.08, 8:59AM
Events by Evonne: Congrats, Jess! What an accomplishment and I am not surprised you made it on the list! 4.29.08, 7:06AM
David Burke: Fantastic Jess!!! That is so awesome. Congrats!! 4.29.08, 6:23AM
Furious Photographers: Yay! Congrats on being top 10 photographer! 4.29.08, 3:28AM
Allen Ayres: Congratulations to one busy, hard-working excellent photographer – very inspirational πŸ™‚ 4.28.08, 10:32PM
Miguel: Congratulations!, you deserve that, in my opinion you should be a little bit up on the list! Miguel 4.28.08, 9:12PM
Jimin Lai: Congrats Jessica! I’m a big fan of your work! You totally deserve to be on that list! 4.28.08, 8:14PM
Karen: Wow! How wonderful. And well deserved. Congrats! 4.28.08, 8:10PM
Mary Voth: Congrats. That is great!! well deserved! 4.28.08, 7:30PM
Tracy Grant: Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! 4.28.08, 7:06PM
gabriel.ryan.: i’d say that’s pretty cool. 4.28.08, 6:54PM
Tunji Sarumi: Congratulations!!! You truly deserves it. 4.28.08, 5:57PM
olivia: You don’t know how much you’ve inspired me (and I’m not even a wedding photographer! ;). A very deserving award Jessica. Congrats!!! 4.28.08, 4:54PM
Sir David Esquire: CONGRATS!!!! What an honour! Keep up the great work as it inspires us to work harder too. Cheers! 4.28.08, 4:17PM
David: Congrats Jessica on being named one of the top 10! 4.28.08, 3:51PM
dav.d: Congratulations, Jessica! Your style and art help you stand out and inspire other photographers. I visit your blog everyday – you rock! 4.28.08, 2:43PM
Jonathan McCardell: I agree with that! You have a great style and use of light that is amazing… keep it up! 4.28.08, 2:36PM
Trista Lerit: Hey Jessica! Huge congrat’s to you!!! You deserve to be on this list plus a million more! 4.28.08, 1:26PM
Orbie Pullen : Congrads Jess! Even though this list causes a big controversy I really think you belong on this list. 4.28.08, 1:22PM
jeanette sanchez: Whoo Hoo! That’s awesome! I love your work. 4.28.08, 12:56PM
laura: "you’re the best, around!nothing’s gonna ever keep you down…." that article seemed to cause quite a stir among some. 4.28.08, 11:42AM
Stacie: Well deserved! Congratulations Jessica! 4.28.08, 11:28AM
napaboaniya : Congratulations!! It’s a real honor πŸ™‚ Wishing you all the best with endless great photographs you’ll capture through your lens! 4.28.08, 8:11AM
Shandon: Congratulations, Jessica! You totally deserve it! 4.28.08, 7:19AM
Tony: great job!! Congrats 4.28.08, 7:18AM
Bob P.: Congrats!!!! Well Deserved. 4.28.08, 6:46AM
Lindsay: Wauw… long way to go still for me πŸ™‚ but you deserve it! You’re pictures are just so wonderful i keep looking at them time after time! Congratzzzz, enjoy the champagne! 4.28.08, 5:23AM
alldoneup: You absolutely deserve it, I am so impressed with your work! =D 4.28.08, 4:02AM
Austin: you deserve it! keep up the uber fabulous work!!! 4.28.08, 2:56AM
Diana: Congratulations Jessica. Enjoy and be incredibly happy, you deserve this. Looking forward to seeing what one of the best photographers is up to for a long time to come πŸ™‚ 4.28.08, 2:10AM
Jenn Best: CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA!!! You totally deserve it! 4.28.08, 1:45AM
Christiana: Well done you!! 4.28.08, 1:23AM
Dion : I am not surprised. I stalk your blog regularly…You are AMAZING!!! 4.27.08, 10:08PM
vanessa H: CONGRATS!!!!!!! you are the best!!! 4.27.08, 8:54PM
Vick: Congrats Jess wish all the best 4.27.08, 8:01PM
Leo Bojesen: Adding my congrats to this big compliment. Love coming here for inspiration. 4.27.08, 7:34PM
Kristin: WOW, CONGRATS ! you must be THAT good. What an honor! 4.27.08, 6:35PM
Elizabeth Kiourtzidis: WOWZA! What an honor:) Don’t forget all the little people;) 4.27.08, 6:06PM
patrick : time for a price increase? πŸ˜‰ seriously Jes, huge congrats! 4.27.08, 5:06PM
Erika McCauley: Congrats Jessica! You deserve every ounce of this award! 4.27.08, 4:34PM
Kelsey Horner: I have a quick question, actually. I know that you’re probably swamped with all sorts of other questions, but this one is quick (I hope). I notice that you and many other photographers put their "signature"/logo on the border around their picture. What do you use to put that on there exactly? One other thing– congratulations on being one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world! 4.27.08, 4:08PM
Jennifer Farris: How cool are you?? The coolest! πŸ˜€ 4.27.08, 2:44PM
Carolyn: I am so proud of you Jess and more importantly I cant wait to see you!!!! 4.27.08, 2:41PM
hillary gardner: Absolutely amazing. Congrats Jessica! 4.27.08, 2:06PM
autumn: wow!! that’s fantabulous! congratulations – you deserve it! 4.27.08, 12:10PM
Miz Booshay: Dear Jessica, I don’t think it could happen to a more lovely, fun and talented woman. Very happy for you! 4.27.08, 11:20AM
ron storer : I am glad they realized the obvious. All the best Jessica! 4.27.08, 10:49AM
Kristine Che: Jessica – I was just thinking a few months ago: "I wonder if Jess will make top 10 this year?" – Congrats. You deserve it!!! 4.27.08, 10:29AM
liz : Congratulations Jessica! You are an awesome photographer and I am so happy for you!! 4.27.08, 10:29AM
siti ruzaimah: congatulations to u, Jess! 4.27.08, 9:17AM
rosanna Feliciano: Congratulations, your really work hard and deserve it. 4.27.08, 7:13AM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): Do you feel congratulated yet? You deserve it! -E 4.27.08, 6:51AM
Jonathan Pang: Always love your photos. They all are very inspirational. Keep up your good work. 4.27.08, 5:40AM
Glyn Dewis: Hi Jessica, Fantastic news … you must feel ontop of the world, but deservedly so :o) Enojy the Champagne and chocoltate ‘something’. Glyn (Buckinghamshire, UK) 4.27.08, 2:37AM
louise: Congratulations! 4.27.08, 12:39AM
Matthew Saville: In other news, that is a very cheesy photoshop job, LOL. Congrats, Jessica, and enjoy the extra job security that comes with this! πŸ˜› =Matt= 4.27.08, 12:13AM
Kelly Vasami: WOW! That is an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations to you!! πŸ™‚ 4.26.08, 11:55PM
Sarah Barlow: HECK YEAH!!!!! Oh Jess I’m soooooo incredibly proud of you….but of course I knew that you were the top….ever since I saw the first picture on your site years ago:) Congratulations!!!!! 4.26.08, 11:44PM
~Sudhir: Congratulations Jessica! I am very happy for you. 4.26.08, 10:47PM
Meredith W: Congratulations!! You are such an inspiration, and so humble! You certainly have the talent to stand shoulder to shoulder with each person on that list. πŸ™‚ 4.26.08, 9:37PM
Mom: That my girl! So proud of you! 4.26.08, 9:29PM
Lydia: Woohoo!! 4.26.08, 9:28PM
corinna Hoffman: YAY!! YOU ROCK πŸ˜€ 4.26.08, 9:19PM
ehon: CONGRATULATIONS!! u absolutely deserve it!! πŸ˜€ 4.26.08, 8:59PM
Shannon Post: Congrats Jessica! You completely deserve it – you’re incredible! 4.26.08, 7:48PM
kendell: Congratulations! What an honor! Enjoy your celebration. 4.26.08, 7:27PM
Kent: Next it will be top 10 poker player in the world. Congrad 4.26.08, 7:23PM
Mabes: Congratulations to you! You deserve it….. πŸ˜€ 4.26.08, 7:11PM
Cynthia Q.: Super COOL! WAY TO GO! 4.26.08, 6:57PM
Sandra Henderson: Absolutely well deserved! 4.26.08, 6:48PM
Rita: Truly Jessica you are an inspiration and so deserving of that award. You continue to raise the bar each and every time. In addition to that you are a smart business woman, which definitely sets you apart from the crowd. Congratulations! We always look forward to see what you do next. Cheers!! 4.26.08, 6:23PM
Cathy Crawley: All of us regular Blog Stalkers already knew this, and I am glad that the rest of the world now knows, but more importantly that YOU know that you are one of the best. Congratulations! πŸ˜‰ 4.26.08, 6:14PM
Suwanee: I knew it! I have been waiting for you to get on the list! So well deserved and congratulations and I can not wait to meet you in person this fall! 4.26.08, 6:08PM
Cristina: Congratulations! What an honor! 4.26.08, 5:55PM
Pandora Van Natter: Well deserved, you rock… Congratulations! 4.26.08, 4:48PM
Eduardo: You are truly an inspiration. Congratulations! 4.26.08, 4:34PM
Jacki : You are awesome and you completely deserve to be recognized for your wonderful work! [b] should be there too… most definitely. You can eat lots of chocolate and swim it off! 4.26.08, 4:34PM
Ning: Congrats Jessica!! You totally deserve it. My friends just sent me last year’s top ten list and I was bummed you weren’t on it! Glad you made it this year! 4.26.08, 4:34PM
Robert J. Trenske: That is incredibly awesome. Congratulations Jessica!! 4.26.08, 4:12PM
C.J. Scott: I hope you go for the big piece of chocolate. Congratulations, Jessica! 4.26.08, 4:04PM
Carrie: What a fabulous – and *well-deserved* – honor! Congrats, Jessica. 4.26.08, 3:58PM
Melli: That is very cool! Congratulations! 4.26.08, 3:43PM
Jeremy Gilliam: Congratulations! Another notch on your awesomeness belt. 4.26.08, 3:38PM
Katie: Congrats!!! You totally deserve it!! πŸ™‚ 4.26.08, 3:32PM
Ava Zub: CONGRATS….you deserve it! 4.26.08, 3:17PM
Karin von Voigtlander: Wow! Congrats. You should be very proud. 4.26.08, 3:16PM
Jen Harr: Congratulations!!!! I can’t think of a person more deserving— you definitely rock the weddings!! (well…. everything, really!) Thanks for your inspiration! 4.26.08, 3:11PM
Lisa O’Connor: Alabama Cheers to the **T*O*P*T*E*N** PhotogDiva!! WooHoo!! =) 4.26.08, 3:02PM
mark and Candice Brooke: dughhhhhh who else would be on the top 10. Way to go! 4.26.08, 2:51PM
denise: so – thats pretty freaking rad – congratulations!!! 4.26.08, 2:47PM
Karen: Wow girl, grats! You definitely deserve it! 4.26.08, 2:37PM
lroah: Congratulations!!! Well deserved! 4.26.08, 2:35PM
Tanya Perez: Congrats! Well deserved! πŸ™‚ 4.26.08, 2:28PM
Ashley: Congratualtions! I am not at all surprised though =). 4.26.08, 2:24PM
Natalie Norton: Jessica, congratulations! What a wonderful honor for a well deserving recipient. Now, go eat some chocolate. LOTS OF IT! 4.26.08, 2:00PM
jen rau: your surprised? i’m not. totally expected! nice job. yes to champagne and two pieces of chocolate something! 4.26.08, 1:52PM
Kathryn: Congratulations! You deserve it! 4.26.08, 1:23PM
Heather Kincaid: Wow! Congratulations!!! That’s so amazing and is such a great honor. Yes! Enjoy that Champagne!! 4.26.08, 12:49PM
Elena: Jessica, congratulations!!! Well deserved!!! 4.26.08, 12:45PM
DrewB: Congrats Jess! You totally deserve it! We’re so lucky to have you as our family photographer and as a friend! 4.26.08, 12:38PM
Irene: PS I didn’t know that you were coming to South africa to shoot a wedding … I’m already looking forward to seeing those photos! It’s beautiful down here! I would love you to come shoot my wedding if I ever get married (better start saving now !!!!!) – but then again I’m only 17 .. πŸ™‚ 4.26.08, 12:29PM
Irene: You totally deserve it! I love your photos … 4.26.08, 12:21PM
Donna: YAY!!!!! It couldn’t happen to a better shooter. So excited for you! 4.26.08, 12:10PM
Crystal: Congratulations! That’s amazing… I’ll definately be buying that issue! 4.26.08, 12:09PM
sandra p photography: congrats, Jess, my friend showed me that and i had to let you know! you deserve it! 4.26.08, 12:01PM
lauren c. : YAY jess!! congrats!!! : ) 4.26.08, 11:52AM
abbyrose: wow – what an awesome honor! You totally deserve it girl – congrats! 4.26.08, 11:37AM
Melissa E Earle: A big piece of chocolate? I love it! Cheerio -Melissa E Earle 4.26.08, 11:34AM
leigh miller: jess – i already sent you an email about this but wanted to comment here as well! i’ve always been a fan, you know that. you were so kind to me when i was starting out and after shooting with you i know how hard you work. this is so awesome! and well deserved. i cant wait to see what happens from here. congrats! 4.26.08, 11:30AM
Brienne Michelle: Congrats Jessica! 4.26.08, 11:25AM
Rebecca: WOW! Congrats!!! You are amazing! What an honor! You deserve this!!! Woo Hoo!!! I am so super excited that I will be meeting you in October (New Orleans)! Can’t wait! 4.26.08, 11:24AM