Linn’: the two last pictures are so beautiful! 10.22.08, 11:40AM
zach: Absolutely beautiful work. I do have one question, did you use and flash or reflectors, or was it all natural lighting? Thanks! 5.1.08, 5:35PM
Dave Newton: I just love how real these people are! They look so personable and friendly! Great images!! 4.28.08, 7:51PM
Amanda: You guys look so amazing and we all think you are absoutley beautiful Christina! Love, Tiffany CS. 4.26.08, 6:46PM
Shelley: Beautiful job as always… Where do you get your texture’s from? They are so soft..they compliment your picture’s nicely! 4.25.08, 2:32PM
margs: i think the best shots are the dancing and fun on the trail … definitely a moment to capture. cj & joe don’t forget to dance like that after the big day – and not because someone made you!! love you both, and rocco too. 4.25.08, 10:45AM
Dixie: I love the pictures with the dog in it. So sweet. 4.25.08, 6:57AM
Meredith Williams: Wow, I was thinking the exact same thing… just like a little Love Nest! I LOVE that shot, so beautiful 🙂 4.24.08, 9:27PM
RedTree Photography: Jess, I love those shots in the huge thick hay… but I can’t help but think they are in some kind of huge bird nest! HA! 4.24.08, 3:48PM
sandra p: the dog is so cute, i love that lion king shot…it made me LOL…hilarious!! 4.24.08, 3:44PM
kelley: i DO love the dog in the photos, but my favorite is still the black and white with just ‘mom and dad’ third-up from the bottom… gorgeous! 4.23.08, 8:43AM
Simply Modern Weddings: such a cute family! Great lighting! 4.20.08, 10:43PM
Lauren: Apart from the fact that your photos are amazing, I love how all the people who comment on your site, put their website address, so I can check out their pics too! Yea!! 4.20.08, 8:03PM
milwaukee childrens photographer: Jessica, these are INCREDIBLE … even though that child of theirs (dog!) took OVER… it made the images perfect and beautiful for them! My fave is "mom and dad are kissing…" and of course my other faves is the one that is your fave. 🙂 gorgeous work! 4.20.08, 4:57PM
Scott: Um. I think you’ve figured out that pesky "shooting in the sun" deal. Yeah, you got it. 4.20.08, 3:24PM
Gudula (Germany): Wow…. what a beautiful young lady!! I really love those pictures. May all your dreams and wishes come true. Love from Gudula, the nanny 1991/1992 4.20.08, 12:40PM
[michele]: Off all your photos that I’ve seen, I think these are my favorites. Love, love, love your "nature" shoots. 4.20.08, 7:35AM
Donna: Wow. Seriously. You never disappoint. Thanks for sharing. PS… How do you get families to stop forcing you to do UGH pics in the church? 4.20.08, 7:22AM
V: I love it when I see people who embrace their animal companions as more than just pets. Cool set. 4.20.08, 6:18AM
jason & jenny: aaawwwww! you guys look too happy! we can’t wait to come out for the big day!! contrats! we love you both! 4.19.08, 10:12PM
Cindy Jenkinson: I love the pictures, they capture the love between Christina and Joe, but also our adorable Rocco. The setting, the comments all add to the delightful viewing of these pictures. Thank you Jessica for saving this moment in time with your incredible photographer skills. 4.19.08, 1:13PM
MK. Phang: Very beautiful seires. I’m totally speechless. 4.19.08, 12:48PM
Dez: Wow! You’re good–maybe the best I’ve ever seen for this type of photography. Every shot on your site feels fresh and creative, and your logo absolutely rocks! This is simply one of the best sites I’ve ever visited. Fantastic work! 4.19.08, 10:29AM
Raj: Wedding Videos Manchester, Cheshire, Staffordshire, North West and Derbyshire 4.19.08, 4:18AM
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Rina: hi jessica, i love visiting your website with full of pictures that you took is soo amazing.. your shots inspired me a lot to become like you haha.. anyway, it’s there a tutorial like editing the pictures hehe 4.18.08, 10:24PM
Cathy Crawley: That second last shot is just gorgeous! 4.18.08, 8:53PM
Sl: Outstanding! What kind of dog is that? A Coton De Tulear or a Havanese?? Please do find out!! 4.18.08, 8:16PM
Melissa Koehler: So gorgeous! What a great shoot. That dog is adorable! 4.18.08, 7:37PM
christina: Rocco is a mix… he’s 1/2 Papillion (sp?) 1/2 Maltese 4.18.08, 7:25PM
Brandy: What a happy couple! Rocco is adorable! 4.18.08, 7:14PM
lacey: Our cats were our babies, until we had babies that is. And then they were quite displaced! Poor Rocco, may he stay in the throne as long as time allows! Gorgeous shoot. Love the location, love the lighting. The queen of the light has struck again! 4.18.08, 7:13PM
Molly: She looks like the co host from Color Splash with David Bromstad and some other HGTV shows. Good job on the picx! 4.18.08, 7:07PM
vanessa H: love the the dog!! I really like the ones in the little trail!! Great job!!! 4.18.08, 5:27PM
Dennis: These are great Jessica! Joe and Christina aren’t bad either! 4.18.08, 5:25PM
atpanda: First, I just love visiting your site (I get so much inspiration from your talent!), and I have gotten MANY compliments on my fab shootsac…. And these pics are gorgeous, but something about the guy’s head in the second picture has me totally confused. It looks like it’s not attached to his body! Love the light you found for this one… 4.18.08, 4:46PM
mark and Candice Brooke: wow taking pictures of a dog is sooo hard. But they look great!, of course. 🙂 and the engagement is beautiful as always. 4.18.08, 4:02PM
Derek Lapsley: Yet again, another amazing shoot! You are an absolute inspiration. I love the use of textures that you have been incorporating into your images!! AMAZING 4.18.08, 3:21PM
Denis Beaumont: Magnificent photos! 4.18.08, 3:11PM
James: brilliant! love your style. =) 4.18.08, 3:09PM
Rachel Dallaire: Awesome photos as always. I love the ones in the "nest-ish" area. My favorites are the ones on the little path. And the texture on the last "nestish" one is just perfect. Pure beauty. 4.18.08, 3:05PM
Rachel Dallaire: That location is awesome! Beautiful photos, as always. I especially love the ones of them on the little path. And the texture on the last one-perfection. Love them. 4.18.08, 3:01PM
Stephanie: That is the cutest litte doggie!!!! I want to kidnap him and take him home! Do you (or anyone reading this) know what kind he is? Oh yeah, and as always, awesome photos Jess… like I even need to say it 🙂 haha 4.18.08, 2:49PM
Steve: The way you position people in light…I see where the light comes from, where the people are, how it hits them and everyone trying to do what you do but it never looks like a JC shot. You rock! 4.18.08, 2:37PM
Bobby Earle: Freaking awesome. Your seriously the best wedding photographer in the world. So much so that I wrote a blog about it 🙂 Bobby Earle 4.18.08, 1:41PM
Katie: LOVE THEM! Can I ask what time of day you do these shoots to get the great creamy lighting??? 4.18.08, 1:17PM
Amber Dawn: Oooh..your favorite is DEFINITELY my favorite too! The lighting is beautiful! What a fun shoot! Great job! 4.18.08, 12:24PM
kerri mcconnell: love them!! rocco is a great model!! you’re right the second to last one is superb! 🙂 4.18.08, 12:14PM
Jenn Best: Great Job Jess!!! Great inspiration too for an awesome engagement shoot I have this weekend with a great couple and their pooch. Just hope it doesn’t snow ;( 4.18.08, 11:35AM