Tina Jean Wagner: Jessica thank you for sharing your battles of the power cord, I feel your pain, as I am awaiting delivery of a new one for mine too! Sadly I have an older laptop with the rounded charger so I have to order it when it dies. I feel better knowing I am not alone in my power cord woes. 4.9.08, 2:42AM
michelle Peek: Fabulous! The crisp and vivid images are wonderful. 4.8.08, 10:13PM
Brandy: Gorgeous image, and I looooove the new blog! 4.8.08, 1:46PM
Juliana: you tease! supid cord hat the h.e. double l!! ok ok, I can wait if I have to. That light is amazing, will you consider giving a couple tech hints here and there…settings and such? love ya. 4.8.08, 12:17PM
Anton: Oh my goodness! Can’t wait. It’ would be great, if you post some technical stuff about those images 🙂 4.8.08, 11:48AM
gabriel.ryan.: can’t wait to see some more… 4.8.08, 10:14AM
marlene: gorrrrgeous! Can’t wait to see the rest! Hurry back soon 🙂 4.8.08, 9:18AM
Erika: That light is unreal – just like your photography skills!! I look forward to seeing more! 4.8.08, 8:36AM
Karen Mikols: ACK! I’ve been at the mercy of the power cord before …. would you believe I’ve gone through 2 for my laptop and my sister’s eaten through 3??? Outta control! This tasty treat will have to keep us company and keep me cursing power cords … 😉 4.8.08, 7:55AM
Anna: That stinks about the power cord…I have had that happen to TWO of my apple cords. I am not sure what is up with that. This image is wonderful Jessica! No surprise there! 4.8.08, 6:52AM
Kenzie Shores: such beautiful light! 4.8.08, 5:56AM
Kent: Jessica, That is a beautiful shot. You completely captured the moment! Like always… 🙂 Maui is beautiful. Although, slowly its becoming more like oahu. lucky i live hawaii though. 🙂 4.8.08, 4:48AM
Cathy Crawley: I can’t wait! How gorgeous is the light in this photo! I hope you had that Midori Splice for me. 😉 4.8.08, 4:33AM
Bliss: Not bad as a starter 😉 Can’t wait to see the whole wedding! 4.8.08, 3:21AM
deB perry: Love the angle of this shot against the fading moody blue. I’ve been right where you are at GW in 99 and after seeing all our photos, I want to return so badly. Thanks for sharing…heart the new site too! 4.8.08, 3:03AM
Heather Aschtgen: i can’t wait for my first destination wedding. I can’t wait to see more of the images. I just bought the Boutwells Totally Rad Actions and I love it. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night. 4.8.08, 2:36AM
Bobby Wayne Earle Jr.: Man, I can’t wait to see ’em! Just thought I’d let you know that I went out and got the 50L this weekend all because of your photos 🙂 Unfortunately the lens is as likely to make me take photos as good as you as Nike was in making me play better basketball as a kid! Bobby 4.8.08, 1:52AM
Brienne Michelle: Bummer about the power cord. Love the shot though! Can’t wait to see more – and to see you at RHU. 🙂 ~Brienne 4.8.08, 1:32AM