jennc: No matter what you do you are awesome, a true leader in our industry and a unique artist to be admired….love the idea of website/blog (truely innovative!) but don’t like the green…I liked the bright , young, sassy warm colors you had before–but you can do no wrong and your work is amazing. Best wishes 4.11.08, 1:21PM
Onsite Minnesota Wedding Photography: I think it’s a really great idea to combine the website and blog. Very cool! 4.8.08, 10:42PM
Araxi: The site (and the branding) is just beautiful and I love that the website and blog are now one! I dont know why but every time I visit your blog now I get the craving for an apple jolly rancher lol 4.7.08, 3:47PM
Photography By Shealynn: Loving the new look!!! 🙂 I would hire your guy… but my guy is my husband. haha. One day my website will be finished. One day. 😉 4.4.08, 7:37PM
Mike Kehr: Jessica, the new blog/site is very nice, fresh and way cool! 4.4.08, 10:15AM
Logan: what a great idea! I always loved the images on your blog more than your site. The images on your site were really good, but the stuff you have been doing the the past year or more were … well … the best in the world! Thanks for the inspiration! 4.3.08, 10:40PM
Gregg Shaw: Jess…this is incredible! What an amazing blog/site. I have long stalked your blog and it is really cool to feel like I’m going to a whole new JC experience! Thanks for all of your inspiration… 4.3.08, 5:48PM
Anton: Congratulations on your new style! Hope it will help you to move beyond! Cheers from Latvia! 😉 4.3.08, 12:30PM
Ryel j: Awe your blogsite looks so good! Congrats and many many more years of greatness. 4.3.08, 12:07PM
crystal: the redesign looks amazing!! 4.3.08, 11:45AM
enoch: I love the new blog-site… You simple continue to amaze… 4.3.08, 11:25AM
Kristen Leigh: OH, JESS! Its awesome! I couldn’t be happier for you! 4.3.08, 10:23AM
jonilyn: love the new blog! and your new logo! 4.3.08, 10:04AM
Diana: Its a yummy new look!!! Love the colors. 4.3.08, 8:05AM
elizabeth: Love the new look … its gorgeous 4.3.08, 8:00AM
bruce lorenz: great site/blog, definitely the way to go bl 4.3.08, 7:32AM
Scotty Graham: Jessica, Cheers from Indonesia. I check out your blog almost daily. I really like your new site, but must be honest and say I thought your old logo rocked as well….I hope you didn’t trash it all together…not to say your new logo is not good, it is!! But, I liked your old one. Cheers, and keep up the great work!! Scotty 4.3.08, 7:28AM
Erica Letchworth: Greetings! I love what you have done with the place. Very fresh, Very Fun, Very Jessica! 4.3.08, 6:37AM
René Hartmans: Hidden link at the logo at the top, the little green dot: Nice 🙂 4.3.08, 5:26AM
christiana: Love it! The green with the black lacey swirly things is so fun! Well done! 4.3.08, 3:07AM
Staci: Love your new site! It’s awesome! Can’t wait to see some more upcoming work! Thanks for being so awe-inspiring to little old me! 4.2.08, 9:12PM
Raia: Hi Jessica! I’ve been stalking your blog for a while now because I love your photography. I am an aspiring photographer and your work really inspires me. Thanks so much and keep it up! By the way, this is a rockin’ new layout! Cheers from Singapore! 4.2.08, 8:49PM
Fabiano: WOW! what a change around here. I thought i was in someone elses blog. But i like it alot. Changes are always a good thing. I can see the J and C in the logo – very clever. Congratulations. 4.2.08, 7:59PM
kirsten lewis: As with everyone, wishing you congrats. I know just how exciting it all is. I too just totally rebranded. LOVE the green, also my main color only a different shade. Oh, the easter egg. . . or a "secret track" so to speak hidden in a site. . . .could it possibly be the random slideshow (if you click more) of photobooth images after the video of you in action? 4.2.08, 7:56PM
Robin Dini: love the site. I saw another post about the easter egg but I couldn’t reply to that post. It’s the green dot above your logo 🙂 4.2.08, 6:29PM
patrick: jes, love the new logo, funky green, the gallery and navigation on your new site! 4.2.08, 6:08PM
Suzie: SO awesome Jess!! Congrats!! Love the logo and the green!!! 4.2.08, 5:59PM
miranda : yeah! the new blog-site is absolutely amazing. I LOVE IT!! 4.2.08, 5:56PM
javi: wow jessica! this color that i like to call "platano" green is my *absolute* favorite. it just pops yet its subtle. i have followed your site for a while now and this is ….. reaaaallly something else. crisp and clean. i love it. congrats jessica! 4.2.08, 5:53PM
Amanda Key: Your site is beautiful. I love the colors! 4.2.08, 5:51PM
TR: Great Look! Love the color Green…Congrats! 4.2.08, 5:47PM
Mary Voth: LOOOOVE the new site Jessica!! So chic and unique and cute! I like how the little flourish thing is actually your initials! 4.2.08, 5:34PM
Dennis: Great new look Jessica…Love it 4.2.08, 5:28PM
Rachel Dallaire: Awesome site. Love the colors and the new logo rocks! 4.2.08, 5:06PM
Orbie Pullen : This new site rocks! Good job, love the new logo. Fits your brand perfect! 4.2.08, 5:00PM
MsB: I love having a blog-Website, too! It’s what I started out with last March and still going strong at it — it’s been a hit with my own readers because they enjoy the "live" interaction that a Website doesn’t really give. Websites are usually designed to stay as-is with minimal updates. But, a blog site is updated almost every day, if not every hour, with new comments aka testimonials. Okay, I went on a tangent there. Sorry! =) 4.2.08, 4:54PM
bleigh: Jessica ! let me tell you how much I love green and I’m so excited for your new site. I visit it almost everyday! 🙂 great job. Love it love it love it! 4.2.08, 4:47PM
heather broom: seriously awesome site jessica!!! i LOVE the new logo 4.2.08, 4:42PM
paula cella: jess…i love the new blog-site! like your work – it rocks! 4.2.08, 4:33PM
Ron : I love the new site great job!!! 4.2.08, 4:15PM
engelken’s: hooray fro jess. so chic- 4.2.08, 4:07PM
Hannah Suh: Congrats on the new look! Everything looks lovely and sophisticated. =) 4.2.08, 3:48PM
tishia: I love the slideshows and the green it’s beautiful. How exciting! I saw the count down last night and couldn’t wait to check it out this morning. Congrats on a great new look! 4.2.08, 3:37PM
Tonya : I love your logo…just realized it is a JC swirled together with that cute little dot over the J. Very creative and cool. LOVE IT! You set the bar so high… 4.2.08, 3:17PM
Scott: Love it! I stayed up extra late last night to see the new page. 4.2.08, 2:34PM
marc w.: simply smart. i could kick my self for not thinking of this. and why not. why go with conventional wisdom that you have to have a site and a blog. this type of clear thinking will revolutionize the old site and blog routine and pave the way for the new blog-site. very smart jessica, well done and well exectued. bravo. 4.2.08, 2:32PM
Lezlie: To say that I love the new site would be a huge understatement. I am blown away! 🙂 4.2.08, 2:17PM
Ryan Takuma: Hey Jessica! Congratulations on the site…the new LOOK is AWESOME!!! 4.2.08, 1:50PM
rebecca schlieman: LOVING the new look Jessica! 4.2.08, 1:40PM
angela hubbard: LOVE IT! congrats and well done! 4.2.08, 1:21PM
Renee Delsigne: Congrats Jess! The site is awesome…you keep getting better and better! 4.2.08, 1:10PM
William Beem: Outstanding design. It definitely captures the eye. I read your post with Google Reader and won’t see it most of the time, but it was definitely worth checking out. 4.2.08, 1:05PM
Ashley Allen: It looks fab! Congrats! 🙂 4.2.08, 12:44PM
will tangorra: Wow! Awesome new look Jess! Love the blog/website combo concept. Congrats! 4.2.08, 12:36PM
Nichanh Petersen: I love your new blog Jessica. Going to your blog first thing in the morning is my morning routine. 4.2.08, 12:27PM
Bobbie: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog/website Jessica! It is amazing; I love everything about it, the colors, the logo, everything! 4.2.08, 12:23PM
chelsey: congrats! very nice 🙂 4.2.08, 12:16PM
Stacy: I love the new site!!! I love love love the new logo!!! 4.2.08, 12:16PM
Erica Gibson: i love love love it!!!!!!! and the photos that becker did of you are just perfect! i will visit even more than before. its offical im a blodstalker!! 4.2.08, 12:10PM
Michelle: I love the green! 4.2.08, 12:10PM
Nataly Lemus: I love the blogsite! I love the new color! I love the new branding! Everything looks beautiful! Way to go! 4.2.08, 12:07PM
rustin cerveny: WOW! You just keep raising the bar. I am so happy and excited for you with the new look! 4.2.08, 12:05PM
Nate: BEAUTIFUL DESIGN! Like Erik said, it looks the same in Google Reader, though 🙂 Oh, I loved the "puzzle" too! Do I win anything 🙂 4.2.08, 12:03PM
jen: wow, i was iffy about the green when you gave us all those teasers before, but it is beyond FABULOUS! great new design! congrats on the new blog-site! 4.2.08, 11:59AM
justine miller: I love this idea jessica, but I do miss the pink sun… cant wait to see what is in store for it! 4.2.08, 11:57AM
Wanda: Jess, this new site is really awesome! I love the color! It’s so spring! 🙂 4.2.08, 11:43AM
Chelsea Elizabeth: I love it! I love green. Perfect color for a redhead 🙂 Great design. I love that you combined your blog in with your website. 4.2.08, 11:35AM
Kevin Swan: SuhWEET! Love it. 4.2.08, 11:35AM
Elaine Heasley: Wow! Your new site looks fantastic! Your logo is just beautiful and the way it is incorporated into all the patterns is brilliant! Well done and congrats! 4.2.08, 11:15AM
ksen 🙂: soooo way awesome! congrats, congrats!!! just love the new look & feel. 😀 4.2.08, 11:12AM
Dustin Francis: Woo-hoo! This is super duper marvelicious! This is so schnazzy and functional and rocks! CongratsI 4.2.08, 11:07AM
Dawn: I love it!!! 4.2.08, 10:57AM
Jamie AZ: I love how your new logo was transformed into the damask-style pattern! So beautiful. 4.2.08, 10:55AM
Erik Dungan: Looks the same in my Google Reader … weird 4.2.08, 10:53AM
Lisa Robbins: Love love love it! A beautiful reflection of you! 4.2.08, 10:52AM
gabriel.ryan.: so rad! and i freaking love how you integrated the galleries into the blog posts… brilliant! 4.2.08, 10:50AM
tony Bisson: Excellent! I like the combination of media like the NY video. This site should finally get you noticed;-] 4.2.08, 10:38AM
Lisa O’Connor: **F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S** luv….luv….luv….the sites new concept…."Go Jessica, Go Jessica, Go Jessica!!" =) 4.2.08, 10:35AM
Mary Jane: I love it Jess! The green is just so FUN! xoxo 4.2.08, 10:33AM
angel swanson: it looks fabulous! kudos on the new look! 4.2.08, 10:29AM
Heather Crabtree: I love the new look and the great color choice. Just fabulous! 4.2.08, 10:28AM
Denise Skelton: Jessica, I will admit, I was a little bit skeptical about the green idea because I loved the pink so much. But, it’s AMAZING! Very classy, very eye-catching, it’s perfect. Congratulations! 4.2.08, 10:16AM
ScotWharton: WOW! WOW! WOW! I love the JC and the whole design is so totally amazing! 4.2.08, 10:15AM
Crystal Goss: Whoah, girl! Jess, the new site is awesomeness!! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, girl! I am in LOVE with the new brand. SOOO great! Congrats! 4.2.08, 10:15AM
Melissa Koehler: It looks so awesome girl! Congrats!!!! I love it! 4.2.08, 10:04AM
Rachel LaCour Niesen: Jess, it looks fantastic. The green is a wonderful change and suits your style perfectly. Now, get some much-deserved sleep 🙂 4.2.08, 9:57AM
TonyaPeterson: The new logo is amazing! I love it! I will miss the pink though. This is an awesome concept. I checked you blog all day! 4.2.08, 9:54AM
porter: Jessica, the new look is great! Look forward to seeing more of your work!! 4.2.08, 9:50AM
crackle: congratulations on stepping it up and leading the way – I think more and more people will be inspired by this route. And I agree Brock and Infinite ROCK!!c 4.2.08, 9:37AM
ava zub: congrats Jessica. This looks amazing. You continue to surprise us and blow us away. I love this new site…you rock! 4.2.08, 9:32AM
Ryan Austin Dean: Awesome new look! Love it, love it. 4.2.08, 9:31AM
leah g: This is beautiful!! (Although it may take a couple of days to get used to all of the green.) I especially love your new galleries. The slideshow for each is simply amazing. 4.2.08, 9:20AM
Aga: Brilliant idea Jess! Looks very you. 4.2.08, 9:14AM
Mike: I love the patterns. It is as detailed as your pictures. 4.2.08, 9:09AM
Therese : It’s gorgeous Jessica, well done. It’s v. different to what’s out there now and it makes an immediate effect. Really like it! 4.2.08, 9:07AM
Sherry (Mrs Ant): I love the new blog-site! Brilliant concept, all around. 4.2.08, 9:07AM
Erika: It’s perfect Jessica!! You are such an inspiration! 4.2.08, 9:05AM
Michelle: Looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the pink sun again. 🙂 4.2.08, 9:04AM
Brenda: Your new site is gorgeous! Love the green and the new logo. I also love how you made it all in one. Congrats! 4.2.08, 9:03AM
Carly McCray: This looks great Jessica!! Your signature design is just awesome. Congrats on your new brand! 4.2.08, 9:03AM
JenniferinAL: Wow Jessica! I’ve been following your blog forever and this change is brilliant! I love the color and design. 4.2.08, 8:51AM
Pandora Van Natter: Wow, I love it! I almost got out of bed at 2 am to come and see what you were up to… can’t wait to explore! 4.2.08, 8:47AM
Andrea Hidalgo: This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL site! Just wonderful – congratulations Jessica! 4.2.08, 8:45AM
Erin Spivey: Wow, I love it! Especially the logo. You never cease to amaze me! 4.2.08, 8:42AM
allie gadziemski: Jessica, this is fabulous! I do miss the pink sun, glad you put my mind at ease that it’s not gone forever…. wonderful to integrate everything- beautiful site! 4.2.08, 8:32AM
Shari: I have been contemplating just going to a blog alone for the same reasons… too hard to keep up with both a site and a blog. How creative to combine them together! Love it! Nice new brand too! 4.2.08, 8:27AM
Sarah Barlow: WOW WOW WOW!! I love this sooo much!! Jess everything about the new look and site is perfect!! Congratulations!! 🙂 4.2.08, 8:26AM
craig davis: Jess- This looks amazing! Great job Tim! I love the logo. It id very cool. I will have to say Jess that I miss your smiling face greeting me in my morning blog checking routine! 4.2.08, 8:24AM
Shannon Post: Wow, I love it! I’m a green fan too! I love the new logo as well! Great job to everyone!!! 4.2.08, 8:22AM
Amanda N. Forbush: LOVE the new website/blog. Very classy! Great work!!! 4.2.08, 8:20AM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): Love it! Really great what you’ve done here and I’m looking forward to exploring it and seeing how you grow into the new brand. Nice! -E 4.2.08, 8:19AM
Jen Bebb: I remember chatting with you about this a while ago and I’ve been waiting to see how it was going to turn out. It is FANTASTIC! I love the colours, the new logo, and of course the idea itself! 4.2.08, 8:15AM
nikki nicole: love the new site!!!! what a great idea an all in one!!! 4.2.08, 8:14AM
chantal: wow! it looks great! I love the idea of a one-stop-shop kind of site….so cool!! 4.2.08, 8:13AM
susan austin: LOVE all the green! Nice job. Worth the wait!! 4.2.08, 8:05AM
lauren c. – openField.: jess…it looks PERFECT!!!! congrats… i couldn’t be happier for you!!! sending you a BIG HUG!!! : ) 4.2.08, 8:04AM
Annemarie: I feel like the biggest dork…I actually had a DREAM last night that Becker was sitting there, at midnight, talking about the launch of your new blog…and I almost got up out of bed to check. Yes, I have some strange dreams….I also had one about a woman picking up uncooked spaghetti in the middle of the freeway. Anyways…the new site looks amazing and the logo, and how it’s incorporated into your background….well, I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE that!! 4.2.08, 8:02AM
Krista P: I love the new site – waiting for it was agony! 4.2.08, 7:59AM
mary: LOVE IT LOVE IT! 4.2.08, 7:59AM
Cindy: I love it. It looks great. The green is so fresh and fun. Congrats on the new look! 4.2.08, 7:58AM
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs: wow it looks fantastic! love. 🙂 4.2.08, 7:58AM
Bob P.: WOW!! Your new site looks fantastic. The navigation is smooth too. Congrats!! 4.2.08, 7:56AM
Mom: It’s been so hard to keep this a secret! It’s fabulous! 4.2.08, 7:55AM
Nick Bracken: Jess, You are wicked! Thanks for your inspiration, mate Great change, great idea, wicked colours 🙂 4.2.08, 7:53AM
Mandy: It looks awesome Jessica! I love the colors. 🙂 Congrats. 4.2.08, 7:51AM
Karen Mikols: Hey! Where’s the "Becker" category around here??? 😉 4.2.08, 7:45AM
laura: We all know I love green! Great swirlies too. Dig it. Best of luck with the new brand! 4.2.08, 7:41AM
Angie: Wow! I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I love this new look!!! It is fantastic!!!! 4.2.08, 7:38AM
David Burke: Jess this rocks. I love the new branding & feel of the site. So awesome! 4.2.08, 7:22AM
Christina LeMarr: I LOVE LOVE L O V E IT!!! I love the logo, and the background graphics!! I looooove swirls and curves!!! 4.2.08, 7:13AM
Matteo: Bug report: I went to "i’m a photographer" and then clicked on photographer FAQ and the link i dead…. 4.2.08, 7:04AM
Matteo: Great new design. Love it. Love the idea of mixing blog and website… 4.2.08, 7:00AM
Tanya Perez: Wow I absolutely love this. Was just thinking about how little our website gets used. 🙂 4.2.08, 7:00AM
andychin: I love the entire new thing. 4.2.08, 6:49AM
Allegra: wow. this is going to take some getting used to! I’ll miss your sun but since green is my favorite color…. 🙂 Good luck with the new you! 4.2.08, 6:37AM
Angela Higgins: This is gorgeous Jessica! I love the concept of the blog and website in one. Only one comment – you don’t seem to have a home or index button. It made it tough finding a way to the start. Just a thought 🙂 4.2.08, 6:34AM
Samantha Warren: What a genius idea! Love it! Congratulations. This nice new home couldn’t be better deserved. 4.2.08, 6:30AM
roianne: I LOVE IT! Love the logo! Love the colors! Love the blogsite! 4.2.08, 6:26AM
Chelo: It’s beautiful, congrats! 4.2.08, 6:23AM
laura : looks great! congrats on making it happen!!! xoxo Laura 4.2.08, 6:20AM
Kenzie Shores: wow! I love it!!!!! 4.2.08, 6:06AM
עיצו&#: keep up the good work! 4.2.08, 5:42AM
David: As graphic designers (and wedding photographers) all I can say is, WOW. What an awesome job they did. Fabulous. 4.2.08, 5:38AM
deB perry: Its GAWGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it love it love it. I can’t believe I’m saying this but green just beat up pink 😉 4.2.08, 5:38AM
amy: Jessica, I love the new site!! You have got style! It is amazing…so excited! 4.2.08, 5:36AM
Anna: It really pops Jessica! I love it! 4.2.08, 5:20AM
Amelie: Hi Jessica ! How nice to finally see your new design ! I love the idea of a all in one website/blog. The new logo and and decorations are awesome. I’m glad you mentioned you had a plan for your little pink star, I really loved it 🙂 It’s also surprising to see the large green area on the top of your blog where all the colorful pictures used to be. I love the full-screen slideshow though, that totally rocks 🙂 4.2.08, 3:48AM
lanne: LOVE IT… congratulations on a very unique brand and look. 4.2.08, 3:46AM
jason huang: awesome new site! this is great upgrade! 4.2.08, 3:35AM
Brian Khang: Hi Jess, just wanted to say hi. This is truly awesome what you did. Congrats and awesome job raising the bar in everything you do! 4.2.08, 3:23AM
Mabes: Hi Jessica, Great look. Love it. Loved the pink but this is just brilliant. Not a fan of green until now. Love the new design. Congrats to you and your team! First time comment! 4.2.08, 3:15AM
mahom: Great Idee, Jess. Was it a big step for you to change yout whole "image"? But the site looks great for me. 4.2.08, 3:08AM
mark Brooke: wahooo we are so excited for you! 4.2.08, 2:59AM
Trista Lerit: Congrat’s Jess!!! The new site/blog looks amazing! Doug and I feel so special to be one of the featured galleries..yay for us! 4.2.08, 2:48AM
serena: love the new branding! 4.2.08, 2:44AM
Tim Co.: wow! love this change, fantastic site! big congrats 🙂 4.2.08, 2:44AM
jon: congrats on your brand new site, and a brand new logo. i am a fan! 🙂 4.2.08, 2:43AM
photoTristan: Congrats on the new look! It’s almost but not quite as cool as my site. Just kidding 😉 4.2.08, 2:37AM
C.J. Scott: Congratulations!!! 4.2.08, 2:37AM
Katie Beverley: AWESOME! Looks great!!! 4.2.08, 2:33AM
Jesse Weldon: Gary Fong sure started something with the gold and now with the Green. I love it! I especially love how the website is integrated, really cool! 4.2.08, 2:29AM
Shannon: Congrats (from Japan) on your new duds Jessica! I LOVE it! 4.2.08, 2:27AM
Ben: Congrats on a great design and excellent functionality all rolled into one kickin’ package! Oh, and the new blog-site is pretty kick butt as well! 🙂 Looking forward to visiting everyday! Have a great day! Ben P.S. Are you by any chance Irish? 4.2.08, 2:26AM
Nadia Kamil: OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME. You wouldn’t believe how many times I kept checking back here. That counter kept teasing me! 4.2.08, 2:21AM
Ursula: Interesting! I find it funny I chose green and brown for my colors a couple months back and now you’ve green and black. 😀 Cool! Even though my green -is- a bit different… great minds think *sort of* alike. 🙂 I like it. Green is such a beautiful color of nature and life. 4.2.08, 2:19AM
Christine Tremoulet: Welcome to the world of having the merged site! I did it back in January, and it has been WONDERFUL for me – my monthly readers quadrupled in 3 months. It has been good to me! Love the new logo and site – it all looks FABULOUS! Congratulations! 4.2.08, 2:18AM
Donavan Freberg: Love, love, LOVE it. Bravo! 4.2.08, 2:14AM
todd scott ballje: holy sh*t Jessica, this thing is out of control. fantastic job on the vision and work. and the same to all the talented people who made it happen. You are leading the way with your photography…now with your site too. congrats! / todd 4.2.08, 2:13AM
Sarah : It’s perfect. Better than trendy. 4.2.08, 2:13AM
Marco: Cool! I love the new look!!! Congratulations!!!! Its 9 in the morning here in Spain! Best wishes for the new site!!! 4.2.08, 2:12AM
Teddy Bourgeois: Awesome!!! Congrats 🙂 4.2.08, 2:12AM
brittany leigh: love it jess!! i’ve often wondered who would be the first to combine the 2!! congrats! 4.2.08, 2:08AM
Polka Dot Bride: Congratulations on the launch Jessica! Your team did an amazing job! Though i will miss the pink I’m excited about the green and what it has in store for you! 4.2.08, 2:08AM
Tanya Jose: i love it! i actually checked your site at 10:30pm & saw the countdown, so i HAD to stay up to see what was to come! 4.2.08, 2:08AM
Carrie V.: Love the new site, new logo, everything!! 🙂 4.2.08, 2:06AM
Linda Truong: WOOOO!!! LOOKS AWESOME! I almost wee’ed in my pants because I was busting to go to the toilet… But I didn’t want to miss out on the count down! AND I MADE IT! The blog is looking good!!! 4.2.08, 2:06AM
Jasmine Marie: LOVE the new blog design! It’s beautiful! 🙂 4.2.08, 2:05AM
MK: Yay! Congrats! Love it! 4.2.08, 2:05AM