geographical photographer: was what happened in vegas supposed to have stayed there?! 😉 4.2.08, 5:47AM

Brenda Aguilar: I love that picture, I went to Amboy last year and took some pictures there, but this one is great. 3.31.08, 11:54AM

Keats: Jess – heard you were amazing at the LiveBooks Talk! Everyone was impressed! You rock! 3.21.08, 11:58PM

MILLIE: Are you going to enter?? 3.21.08, 6:27AM

Kirstie: Fantastic talk Jessica! You are a dynamic speaker and it was great to see your presentation. Thank you for doing that. Loved the Leica "jewelry" on you. 3.19.08, 7:27PM

Josh: That looks like the church in Kill Bill Vol’s 1 and 2. 3.19.08, 1:29PM

carrie@urbanbaby: hey jessica-so great to finally meet you yesterday!! i will definately email you if i remember where i saw that fabric ;). -c 3.19.08, 10:24AM

Nina Sutherland: Geeeez…….this is a rockin shot!!!! too bad I’ll miss WPPI this year…Have fun for all of us missin’ it! 3.19.08, 10:15AM

jeret: very cool Jessica! 3.19.08, 12:26AM

annaliza: you’re quite a person. i love all your work. but i have to say that those photos are absolutely amazing because you know how to find the beauty in old and, what would otherwise be, trash. amazingly wonderful. you’re truly an artist. -thank you- =) 3.18.08, 5:47PM

Melli: Through this post, I just learned about your Artpictures side. And I have to say I am incredibly impressed! Wow. What a great selection of photographs! 3.18.08, 11:17AM

ANNA: Have fun at the booth! Love is image Jessica! 3.18.08, 11:12AM