marc bui: a photographer that loves poker and plays in tournaments??!! what are the chances, thought I was the only one, haha… love your work! it is amazing! great job on makin it to the final table! 8.27.08, 7:20PM

Dean Ray: you guys look like you just love your work. that word was hard to type. i am ricki ford’s friend. i look forward to meeting you guys one day. you guys are an inspiration to the industry 3.24.08, 5:24PM

allie: these are all TOO CUTE. glad you’re having an awesome time!!! The image of popular Becker is great- and Candice and Mark ARE an adorable couple indeed! thanks for taking your camera to a social gathering! 🙂 3.18.08, 8:18AM

david baxter: those are some smokin hot photogs! 3.17.08, 3:08PM

Jasmine Marie: Looks like such fun. 🙂 hope you have a great time in Vegas! 3.16.08, 11:36PM

ricki ford: I see mark and david in there. Looks like a lot of fun.. 3.15.08, 11:00AM

Erika Lais Photo Blog: Hi guys, I want to be there!!!!!!!!! It’s my dream to know and to learn with all of you!!!!!!!!!! Someday … It’s my DREAM!!!! Have a nice weekend in Vegas everybody!!!! 3.15.08, 7:20AM

Cathy Crawley: Great photos Jess, looks like a whole lot of fun. Kind of wish I lived closer than a 22 hour flight! 3.15.08, 5:56AM

jeret slack: Had a great time.. It was nice to meet you jess.. hope to see you a wppi on monday 3.15.08, 2:21AM

justin . lyon: Jessica!!! Great pics, and a great time. Good to throw some high fives with you. Can’t wait to take all your money in Vega$! By the way, Nice work on the ManSack! 3.14.08, 7:07PM

kymberli q.: Ahhh…. Yea for Gabriel & Carlie (& Mark & Candace & I see Mr. David Baxter in there, too!). And I think I see someone from my Jasmine* lunch! Looks like it was a great time! 3.14.08, 7:01PM

MA5EN: Sometimes it’s difficult always being the "bald, uber-sexy photographer that’s insanely talented at poker", but I’m hanging in there. Love the shots Jess! 3.14.08, 6:39PM

Desiree Hayes: Aww, they did come out great! It was great to meet you! 3.14.08, 6:18PM

Dane: Everything is more fun with Jess around. 3.14.08, 6:01PM

Leah Simmers: Love the images, what a blast it looks like you all had. Oh you captured Missy great, she is such a doll 3.14.08, 5:53PM

Miz Booshay: fun,fun,fun!!! Thanks for letting us all in on the par-tay! I LOVE that picture of Mr. Justin L. Super fun! 3.14.08, 3:16PM

Lindsay Kipp: Thses are cute! Looks like ya’ll had a great time! 3.14.08, 1:12PM

Melissa McClure: Happy Hour was a blast! Glad you stopped by Jess! 3.14.08, 12:39PM

Matthew Saville: LOL, look at me hiding behind my camera in that last shot. The rest of you photographers should know your place! Ah well I guess if you’re all so good looking, you CAN be on both sides of the camera… 😛 =Matt= 3.14.08, 12:30PM

mark Brooke: ahhhh the pictures came out great. What a fun day! We both cant wait to see you at WPPI! -candice "booooyahhhhh" 3.14.08, 12:21PM

gabriel.ryan.: damn my wife is hot!!! and ‘the poker massacre’ was probably the most fun i’ve had on a monday night in a while. see you in vegas… 3.14.08, 12:14PM

Joanna: Looks like so much fun! Hope to meet you in Vegas! 3.14.08, 12:02PM

Melissa Koehler: Ok, I won’t hate you 🙂 But you will have to do some real headshots of me to make up for it. Just kidding. Had so much fun! Thanks for the laughs 🙂 See you in Vegas baby! 3.14.08, 11:19AM