Melissa Koehler: I will be there! I am a great sign holder 🙂 If you need help let me know 3.14.08, 5:56PM
Tony Bisson: Why you gotta cover my booth, 2106 with a shoot sac logo? 3.13.08, 3:54PM
Keats: Next years booth at WPPI will be the SIZE of the BIG YELLOW BOX!!!! 3.12.08, 9:54PM
chelo: Thank you so much for your clip on style. I’ve been very down lately because I didn’t see my inner light shining in my work- I have no style of my own yet. But your clip has given me some hope. I’m going to examine my work and look at the photos I love, as you suggested. Thank you!!! 3.12.08, 7:21PM
Lindsay Kipp Photography: I just saw your [B]log school interview and as much as I love you shoot the sh*t I really enjoyed this the most! Thank you so much for teaching us what you know about photog! You’re amazing! Thanx again and much love! 3.12.08, 5:40PM
gabriel.ryan.: carlie & i are so stoked for vegas! can’t wait to hang [and maybe even play some poker] a bit more. rock on! 3.12.08, 4:05PM
Jodi Van Straalen: I loved your story you told on (b)school this week. We love bright colors also and it was inspiring as always! 3.12.08, 3:51PM
Karen Mikols: SOOOOOO I went to Becker’s blog to leave a comment on his new shirt (b/c BECKER LIKES COMMENTS) only to find it was NOT on his blog! Jessica! Tell him to stop slacking! 😉 3.12.08, 10:18AM
Devan Whitson: The Shootsac booth is our very first WPPI stop!! I am so excited to finally get mine. That shirt is so funny…and all too true. 3.12.08, 9:17AM
mark and Candice Brooke: Jessica, thanks for the table lay out. we will see you bright and early! just give us a hoot and hauler if you need anyone to streak by your table to draw more biz in. 🙂 -candice 3.12.08, 1:19AM
jeret: Jessica it was great to meet you on monday. I was the tall guy with the black shirt. That got a vintage Jessica Claire bcard WOW.. thanks I will be stopping by to say hi on monday.. 3.12.08, 12:48AM
Meg: Definitely hope to stop by! 3.11.08, 9:34PM