Dean Ray : how,how ,how??? do u get your pics to pop like they do? the people look as if they could SPEAKKKKKKKK iwant to grow up to be j u s t l i k e uuuuuuuuuuu 3.24.08, 5:31PM
Mikiye Creations: Absolutely BEAUTIFUL work! Your sense of color is truly fantastic. I really enjoyed this set and they look so wonderfully happy. These are wonderful photos for them! 3.22.08, 7:54PM
Duy: had to ask, hope you answer. but how do you shoot into the sun(w/ the sun in frame) and the "people" does not wash out? fill flash maybe? 3.19.08, 2:12AM
Jenny B: The Four Seasons is right next door to the Kea Lani… I miss Maui… have fun! Maybe the sunrise at Haleakala will be better this time. 3.18.08, 11:47AM
Nathan: WOW! amazing photos. Thanks for sharing with us in [b] school, I totally see what you’re talking about. The color is almost too much to handle! I’m inspired 3.12.08, 11:12PM
Renee: As usual, beautiful work, Jessica! LOVE LOVE LOVE the flare! 3.12.08, 6:46PM
Gina Leigh : Jessica, this certainly goes without saying, but your use of lighting – particularly flare – is absolutely stunning. Such warm, rich color! You’ve sure got some kind of talent, girlie! 3.10.08, 10:12PM
Sarah: How do you get the lens flare in those photos??? it is SO BEAUTIFUL and moody and great and I see you do it a lot… whats the trick? please tell if you don’t mind sharing 🙂 3.10.08, 7:02PM
Rachelle: I’ll be in Maui next month too! If we are there the same time, please email me and let me know if you are looking for a free assistant, I’d love to help!! 3.10.08, 4:49PM
allie: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The couple and your images!! 3.10.08, 4:20PM
Lisa Carpenter: Fabulous!!! Love the new blog 🙂 3.10.08, 3:50PM
wyndee: These are AWESOME!! I love all of them! 3.10.08, 2:47PM
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Rachel Brooke: DEFINITELY worth it!!!!!!!!! 3.9.08, 7:38PM
Furious Photographers: Absolutely beautiful! I always come to your blog and leave it with a smile. Also, what a great location! 3.9.08, 12:16PM
Michael Corsentino: Sweet! 3.7.08, 10:49PM
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TonyaPeterson: Amazing…enough said 3.7.08, 4:21PM
Bobbie: Jessica I must say, each and every time you post new pictures I just fall in love all over again with your images. I love your style, the lighting is always incredible. I am sure I have said it before, but I will say it again; You INSPIRE me! I look at your work and think to myself "I want to be able to do that too!" Thank you for sharing. 3.7.08, 12:19PM
Erika: Absolutely gorgeous Jessica! You’re amazing!! I’m so jealous of your warm California sun. It’s still winter here in MN! 🙁 3.7.08, 9:33AM
Simply Modern Weddings: love the photos…especially the cool locations! 3.7.08, 12:56AM
Jamie: I’d love to know about that skirt too! Great shots! 3.6.08, 10:30PM
Scott Hayne: I love the "Kung Fu" fighting… By the way, we are super jealous. How does one get 53 comments on one blog entry? Can we attend your class on that, Please? You Rock! 3.6.08, 9:37PM
Cynthia Q.: This series is like eye candy! Yummy! 3.6.08, 7:59PM
Lacey: I’m in love with your lighting. You have a way of using the light unlike anyone else that I’ve seen. It makes the pictures so magical. Thanks for sharing. 3.6.08, 7:05PM
Amanda Forbush: I have GOT to know where she got that skirt!!! Secondly, these pictures are amazin! Can’t wait to see what the wedding is gonna look like. And seriously, a 38-piece band? I wish we could hear that AND see the first dance in your post …hey it’s an idea!!! 🙂 3.6.08, 5:09PM
Bartek: Wow, love the light, flare and feel of all of these! The last one especially for some reason, I really like the tone. Hey, what happened to posting exif data? 😉 3.6.08, 3:03PM
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Frances: Great job Jessica! Per usual. 3.6.08, 12:28PM
kirsten: The thing I love about your work is that it is consistently surprising. I find myself falling in love with a new favorite and then anxiously awaiting the next post only to cheat on my last fave with yet another one! Beautiful, as always. If you ever have a back-lighting seminar I will be the first one on the roster! Kind regards from Mexico. 3.6.08, 12:21PM
Cheyenne Schultz: Oh CRAP…these are so good. That light is crazy. 3.6.08, 12:00PM
Kim in Maui: Love the photos. I am sure their wedding will be amazing! If you need an extra assistant in Maui..jk. I have shot at many of the other resorts here but have not yet had the privledge to shoot at 4 seasons. I am sure it will be is gorgeous there. 3.6.08, 11:40AM
serena: these are so pretty! i esp love the first shot, and all the yummy lighting and flare. haha….jessic flare! it was good seeing you last night! hope you kicked some butt in poker! 3.6.08, 11:34AM
Jessica: So I LOVE the dolphin wall one, and the very last just gets me!!! Awesome as usual! 3.6.08, 11:31AM
lifeimages.: Beautiful locations – the vibrant backgrounds, and crisp clarity of your shots is very impressive! 3.6.08, 11:07AM
Jen Mabray: Hi Jessica – i loooove looooove loooove it!! you did an awesome job here! and i loooove the light and the flair… gotta have a little flair!!! loveit! 🙂 3.6.08, 11:06AM
Lisa Gisczinski: So I was ooo’ing and ahhh’ing over these photos and came across the kung foo one. I burst out into laughter. Thanks for the funny ones!!!! 3.6.08, 10:26AM
Shawn Kloster: Nice!! GREAT choice making that detour and chasing that amazing light! There are a few great spots in the canyon up near the Pageant of the Masters/Tivoli area. I love Laguna so much! Not only did you capture the couples essence and mood, but you included the feel of the town as well… excellent as usual. 😉 3.6.08, 10:21AM
Erika Lais Photo Blog: Hi Jess, once more a batiful work, I love the back sun light ones!!! 3.6.08, 9:54AM
Stephanie: Holy cow, could that light get any sweeter?!?! Incredible, just incredible. And I love Andrea’s outfit. It looks like y’all had a lot of fun on this one! 3.6.08, 9:54AM
Anne: LOVE # 12, 13, 14, 15 – the ones with the cool natural light. You do such an awesome job with glare and natural sun light! You are so lucky to be in Sunny Cali…from a rainy Oregonian. 🙁 3.6.08, 9:27AM
Tony Bisson: It is funny that I recognize every one of these locations. Be careful in those fields this time of year as the rattle snakes come out of hibernation. 3.6.08, 9:04AM
Nikki McLeod: Aw, missing Laguna after seeing these!! Wonderful images! 3.6.08, 8:39AM
Jaimie: I would LOVE to see the camera setting and details more as you did on Trista and Doug’s Anniversary shoot. I love your field shots! Amazing. 3.6.08, 8:02AM
Siti Ruzaimah: Hi Jess, Oh my…. i can’t help myself by looking at these photos. Esp., chasing the light part… It turn out to be in some kind a fantasy land… oh yeah! 3.6.08, 6:23AM
Dennis: These are wonderful Jessica. I cant wait to see the wedding 3.6.08, 5:45AM
anna Joy: wow. this is above and beyond! those last photos with that lighting made my head explode. amazing stuff. 3.6.08, 3:38AM
Jennifer Disney: oooooooo… I love the one with the big ol’ flare and him kissing her cheek. love love love it! 3.6.08, 1:43AM
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stephen: simply amazing! always look forward to seeing your work! =) 3.6.08, 1:14AM
geanette: Just stunning and brilliant! 3.6.08, 1:11AM
Mary Jane: Jess I am just in love with your flare. How many pieces of flare do you wear everyday? LOL. 3.6.08, 12:20AM
Andrea Wendt: Jessica, we LOVE these…we had so much fun goofing off with you, and we can’t wait for the wedding! You were right…the light in that field ended up being spectacular. 🙂 3.5.08, 11:59PM
Cathy: You have the BEST clients, I’d love to go to Maui for a wedding too! I love your sunflare in these photos. So beautiful! 3.5.08, 11:47PM
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Clare Day: discovered your blog (and since that [b]’s blog and the [b]school) over the weekend and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!! Im in Australia, so will probably never have the privalige to meet you, but am intrigued by your shots. How do you do what you do??? Magical. 3.5.08, 11:19PM
Heather Lassell: Beautiful! I love them all. Especially the last one! 🙂 3.5.08, 10:57PM
Daniel J Pesta: It is so nice when the couples are willing to go with the flow. Amazing backlit photos. How and where do you meter on the skin to get that richness. Do you bracket or nail these dead on everytime. These are so gorgeous, you truly are one of the best natural light photographers I have seen. There are are some great photographers I love who come really close but you seem to have an edge to your photos that keeps you on top. I agree with you as being the Queen of flare. Awesome post, Daniel 3.5.08, 10:49PM
Erik Dungan: great pics. Do you need a 2nd shooter for that Maui wedding? C’mon, I’ll let you use my tilt shift lens 🙂 3.5.08, 10:34PM
Anna: Hey Jessica….great shots! Are you going to be in Hawaii in May? I will be there on vacation. 3.5.08, 10:14PM
ohana photography ~ david & kimi baxter: love the last 2 images!! too funny! 3.5.08, 10:00PM
Anne-Marie: They’re perfect. Just beautiful. Every single one of them. 3.5.08, 9:59PM
Heather: Beautiful 🙂 as ALWAYS. 3.5.08, 9:55PM
Cherron: These are gorgeous! I really adore your work. I also like to shoot wide open but have been intimidated to try it with more than one person. It is so fun to see your work for inspiration. It has really made me want to run out, grab a couple, and start practicing! Thanks. ~Cherron 3.5.08, 9:36PM
Elaine Heasley: Stunning! Gorgeous pics of gorgeous people! 3.5.08, 9:34PM
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Samantha Cover: Gorgeous use of light, especially in the field! 3.5.08, 9:08PM
MELISSA RICH: um yeah…fun couple!! Love the color pop- the field ones are totally my favs!! yea!! 3.5.08, 8:57PM
Alisha: Luke and I are shooting at that same place in HI next March! You will have to tell us about it. 3.5.08, 8:43PM
ehon: As always, OUTSTANDING photos! Scott looked a bit stiff at the beginning and it shows in the first 6 photos, esp photo 6. But he lost all his inhibitions after that!! 😀 I love their blue eyes, and GREAT choice of going into the little field!! 🙂 Hehe. 3.5.08, 8:41PM
Daniel Balboa: Great exposures. So real and artistic. I’ve always been a fan. Never been disappointed. 3.5.08, 8:27PM
michael: I’ll second that! Jessica Flare it is from now on 😉 the way you’ve captured their happiness together is simply amazing. 3.5.08, 8:09PM
Tina Jean Wagner: Jessica, Just beautiful!!! You really have a way with that light! We are missing that in the final weeks of winter here in Chicago, but I am sure you would find it here too, it seems to follow you. Maui is so amazing!! We were there last November, I fell in love! Hope to return around 2011 for my own wedding, I will be calling you! Wailea area is amazing you will love it. Oh and the shopping there, I just know we will see a few posts about that, its unreal. 3.5.08, 8:02PM
Kent: Amazing work! Truly love seeing your work! Bravo! 3.5.08, 7:54PM
Melissa McClure: Jess, you are the Queen of Flare! Maybe you should just change your name to Jessica Flare from now on…hmmmm Love these, love the colors 3.5.08, 7:45PM