hillary gardner: Jessica! These are absolutely beautiful! I love how you take a picture with him… way precious πŸ™‚ 3.18.08, 1:35PM
braydensmom: Your pictures are just gorgeous!!! LOVE the "bump" picture! Just out out curiousity… why is 2 wks the best time to shoot newborns? And I LOVE Brayden’s name. My Brayden is 6 months today! 3.7.08, 8:37AM
katealtmix: i love how calm and intimate these images are, so sweet! 3.5.08, 5:12PM
shane: I like the first dog one. 3.4.08, 7:41PM
MILLIE: I love the feeling in all of these photos…the lighting is perfect! 3.4.08, 8:25AM
melissa: These are adorable… you can see the love between them all. 3.3.08, 2:00AM
Gerianne Schmidt: Jessica – I LOVE your work!!! I am a huge fan. The pictures are beautiful! How did you get those gorgeous textures? 3.2.08, 8:50AM
ehon: OMG!! I love these photos. They’re so full of feelings and there’s all these warmth, fuzzy, love, nice feeling you get from them. loves them a lot!! 3.2.08, 12:59AM
Tonya@RedDoorPhotography: My favorite one is the one of Brayden sleeping on his parents bed. It is so cute! The are so beautiful. Wonderful job! 3.1.08, 9:09AM
Nina: Oh my god…your photos are absolutely perfect!!! i just canΒ΄t get enough…could look at them all night!!! 2.29.08, 3:17PM
david & kimi baxter: chuck, drew and brayden are so beautiful. 2.29.08, 1:14AM
Anna Costa: That baby is unbelievably cute!! 2.29.08, 12:30AM
Jessica: My first comment! Yay! I’ve been stalking this blog forever. The first picture of the baby is amazing. I wish I could nail the lighting like that! Hope my blog gets stalked like yours someday πŸ˜› 2.28.08, 8:16PM
SNB: Breathtakingly beautiful bub shots! The mom is so GORGEOUS! Both parents are beautiful, but mom is especially so. Question – can you tell us ’bout your ring? It looks gorgeous. 2.28.08, 6:03PM
Jason Brown: Beautiful. I love how you show the connection. I have to say that I totally know what you’re showing with the fourth to last, but it just feels odd with Brayden all by his lonesome πŸ™‚ 2.28.08, 11:25AM
Timber: Jessica…you’ve out done yourself! These are AWESOME πŸ™‚ You really do inspire me! Thank You! 2.28.08, 8:19AM
chrissy: wow 2.27.08, 11:02PM
Josh Perkins: Great shots! I love the creativity. 2.27.08, 9:22PM
Michael Blanchard: Jess these are BEAUTIFUL!! If only everyone had such great pictures of themselves as babies!! I’m going to share these with my photographer friend who is preggo πŸ™‚ 2.27.08, 6:50PM
Susan: awww. I remember being so moved by the sheer loveliness of the maternity photos. And these newborn photos are every bit as lovely. Just precious. You so perfectly captured the "awe" and "wonder" of the new days of parenthood. Thanks for sharing! 2.27.08, 11:54AM
Logan: Careful Jess … They say holding a baby makes you want one : ) Great work! 2.27.08, 11:34AM
Jamie – Phoenix, AZ: Amazing as always. I loved when you posed the technical detail. I hope you continue to do so. I check almost everyday for inspiration. Keep those amazing shots coming! 2.27.08, 11:00AM
Audrey: Soooooo precious, great shots…every stinkin’ one of them!!! I oooooed and ahhhhhhhed at each one. πŸ™‚ 2.27.08, 10:06AM
Patricia: Loved seeing the maternity portraits on the wall. 2.27.08, 9:22AM
Daniel J Pesta: Hey Jess These are such beautiful images, love the baby and dog contrast thats awesome. Anyways great way to bless someone with beautiful photography, Daniel 2.27.08, 8:57AM
Katie: Oh how perfect timing!! I have my first newborn shoot this Saturday and I’m pretty nervous about it. I’m just not sure what to do with him! This was some great inspiration. Thanks and they are beautiful. I love how you used some textures in them. It’s nice to see how you can use textures in different types of pictures. Thanks for sharing! 2.26.08, 8:12PM
heather broom: so i loved that past maternity shoot so much that i searched all over monroe, LA and northeast LA for a "bump" road painting (or even a "bump" sign for that matter) for a recent maternity shoot we did, but i wasn’t near as lucky :). great pictures. LOVE the third one with all of them in bed 2.26.08, 7:53PM
caitlin: Jessica~ these shots are awesome….bump~ omg 2.26.08, 7:49PM
allie: so precious and beautiful. 2.26.08, 7:12PM
Mary Jane: I really love the one where the daddy is holding the baby on his arm! It’s so precious and shows how truly tiny he is… Love it! 2.26.08, 6:28PM
Joyful Weddings & Events: Oh my goodness! These are absolutely incredible! How special to have these moments captured. And to my little bruin: you are starting your life off on the right track buddy! 2.26.08, 4:07PM
luke walker: thats so funny, lillie still sleeps in that same position! how the hell can that be comfortable?? little shavers being little shavers i guess. 2.26.08, 4:06PM
Becky in NM: How do you get such amazing light…especially since you mentioned that it was a rainy day? Your photos always look like you were in the sunniest room on the planet. Love them!! 2.26.08, 2:42PM
Trude: LOVE the shot of the dog in their lap and baby to the side – so hysterical! But it’s just so cool that you didn’t forget about the "other" important family member. πŸ™‚ 2.26.08, 2:08PM
Onada: Absolutely gorgeous! 2.26.08, 1:31PM
Tira J: Love all of the shots Jessica! I was missing all of the "info" as to how you took those shots. Started getting used to them. Brayden is beautiful! 2.26.08, 1:05PM
Elizabeth Pellette: These are perfection Miss Jessica 2.26.08, 12:15PM
allyson magda: Simply beautiful!! Love the first family photo. Allyson 2.26.08, 12:11PM
Erika: Lovely! 2.26.08, 10:58AM
Cathy Gray: Oh Jessica please please put your shooting information on your pics. I love it when you do that. It helps me so much. Do you add a fake tilt shift during post processing or is it actually just the depth of field you get straight out of your camera when you use your 50 1.2 ? 2.26.08, 10:50AM
Ed K: Nice work, but too bad you weren’t there on the 12th…you coulda got a shot of the stork! (c: 2.26.08, 10:22AM
Amanda Forbush: Beautiful Images, i love that picture of you with Brayden. Tooo adorable!! πŸ™‚ 2.26.08, 8:05AM
Mary: I love every single one of these pictures, they’re so incredible! 2.26.08, 7:54AM
Karen Mikols: Those family photos on the bed are Sa-WEET!!!!! 2.26.08, 7:44AM
Shandon Smith: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shots!!! And the kid has a pretty cute name too (that’s my little one’s name). =) 2.26.08, 7:22AM
Jenty: Oh wow, those are incredible. I absolutely love the photos of Brayden on his tummy on the bed 2.26.08, 2:44AM
Donavan Freberg: These are so very wonderful! 2.26.08, 2:40AM
Jasmine Marie: Omigosh, Braydon’s eyes are just so beautiful and you did such a great job capturing love in each shot. Wow! 2.26.08, 12:48AM
Simply Modern Weddings: oooh so adorable! 2.26.08, 12:21AM
Melissa Jill πŸ™‚: SUCH a great shoot. I love them all! especially the ones with Hauggy–minature schnauzers just melt my heart. 2.25.08, 11:22PM
Denise: great session! What a BEAUTIFUL BABY! I totally mean that too – because usually people just say that automatically… I loved how they had the maternity photos you took on the wall too and I liked the whole nursery, especially the little window seat – CUTE CUTE CUTE! 2.25.08, 11:05PM
Alice: Beautiful beautiful work!!!!! 2.25.08, 11:03PM
Heather Aschtgen: OMG’SH He is so precious. I love his toes. Yeah it’s amazing that they come out of your stomach :). 2.25.08, 9:23PM
David Drufke: I don’t even like babies and I loved this shoot. Nice Work!! 2.25.08, 9:16PM
Desiree Hayes: These are sooo special! Beautiful!!! 2.25.08, 9:13PM
Miz Booshay: Love your work!!! You are creative and so talented! And guess what? Even after carrying a baby for nine mos….when they come out of you…you still say…. "You were in there???" 2.25.08, 8:58PM
Drew, Chuck, Brayden, and Hauggy: Jess! Thank you SO much for capturing such a special time in our lives. We will look back at these pictures for the rest of our lives and treasure them. You are the best! 2.25.08, 8:15PM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): Yay! Congrats to the new parents and to Brayden for already having stellar images taken of him! -E 2.25.08, 7:47PM
patrick|dwf: jes, you look way to comfortable/happy in that last photo – only a matter of time before we get a more personal announcement, i guess… πŸ˜‰ sweet series (but that was a given) 2.25.08, 7:19PM
Dennis: Oh my gosh he is such a cute little guy! I love the shot of him hanging out on the sofa 2.25.08, 6:44PM
stephanie: I’m a new fan of your blog and just wanted to say your images take my breath away! One is more beautiful than the next! I’m speechless! 2.25.08, 6:34PM
Robin Dini: what a great collection of memories. I’m speechless, i just love how peaceful and new everything in the images feel. especially mommy, daddy, and baby. You can tell how much they are in love and getting aquainted with their little boy. 2.25.08, 6:30PM
Melissa Koehler: Aww, he is gorgeous! You got some great shots Jessica! Congrats to Drew and Chuck! 2.25.08, 6:12PM
Lindsay: These are so great! He is so precious! and there is no way that Drew just had a baby, she looks amazing! You look so adorable holding Brayden too! 2.25.08, 5:51PM
robert: Jess, you are hilarious … I love your captions. That first image of Brayden is just perfect! 2.25.08, 5:50PM
Jared Rey: Just wanted to share that I mentioned your blog on my site (http://blog.jaredrey.com/?p=473). I created a Netvibes page that shares all my favorite photography blogs with anybody. You can see what I am talking about here: www.netvibes.com/jaredrey . I think it would be great if other photographers made their own pages for people to see what blogs the check out. Thanks! 2.25.08, 5:25PM
Tony Bisson: So very nice. Lighting, POV, expression, everything! I am just happy that you don’t photograph televisions πŸ˜‰ See you at Poker. 2.25.08, 5:24PM
nicole green: these are absolutely beautiful .. i know who i’ll be calling to take family photos of me when i have a baby .. if i ever have one (YEARS from now!). πŸ™‚ 2.25.08, 5:19PM
kymberli q.: These are ADORABLE!!!!! Congrats to Chuck and Drew (and Hauggy!)! Drew looks awesome, by the way! I tried that arm holding pose (that you did with Chuck) a couple of weeks ago at my session, but it did not turn out – I got a different funny/crazy image instead! LOL BTW, why do you say that 2 weeks is about the best time? 2.25.08, 5:04PM
maya: OMG. The BUMP picture is my all-time favorite maternity shot. But these of that baby boy are just amazing. I lovelovelove the first one. Just beautiful, all of them. 2.25.08, 4:54PM
Amy: You have such a fabulous style Jessica. Gorgeous work. 2.25.08, 4:54PM
Karen: Simply adorable! It’s so cute how the baby likes to lay on his stomach a lot, haha. 2.25.08, 4:30PM
Amy: So, so sweet! 2.25.08, 4:26PM
Anya : These are just beautiful! I do a lot of newborns and I really love your take on it. Stunning light and color! 2.25.08, 4:07PM
Nicole Mc: absolutely stunning work Jessica!! Of course your subject is adorable, i will say though- if the parents are lucky he’ll be serving a 21/2 -3 year sentence instead!! πŸ˜‰ 2.25.08, 3:38PM
Chris Humphreys: Jess, I absolutely love this session! Seriously, very cool work. πŸ™‚ 2.25.08, 3:32PM
Lacey: Jess, friend to friend. Some people hold babies and some people HOLD babies! I can hear that clock ticking from over here in INDIANA! No, just teasin. Motherhood is spectacular when the time is right. The shoot is beautiful- I like the inclusion of the dog, perfect! 2.25.08, 3:31PM
Julia Williams: This is too precious. I’ve gone all girl-gooey inside now πŸ™‚ Also, although I sensed a little sarcasm in your comment, I too am freaked by the idea of something living coming out of a person. 2.25.08, 3:26PM
kate: Jessica these are so cute! i kept saying – awwwwww – after every freakin picture! 2.25.08, 3:21PM
Melanie: The first baby shot is so beautiful! 2.25.08, 3:19PM
Brian: These are amazing! Simply Amazing. 2.25.08, 3:14PM
rik: that shot of the nursery from the doorway just radiates peace…wow. great work, jessica. 2.25.08, 3:11PM
cat and adi: ahhhhh! I’m dying! Must…have…Jess…shoot…baby nextie… 2.25.08, 3:08PM
Bobbie: Every single one of these are ADORABLE! I would be SO PROUD to have a collection of photos like this!! 2.25.08, 2:51PM
Jerome Braga: The "BUMP" shot is an all time favorite Jessica, Great job. 2.25.08, 2:41PM
Trista: Sooooooooo adorable!!!! I love them all..but I especially love the one’s with Hauggy πŸ˜€ Drew, Chuck, Brayden and Hauggy make the PERFECT little family!! (Jessica..you look quite comfy holding Brayden!) 2.25.08, 2:23PM
Nadine: Aww Jess – that baby really suits you! Look at your grin! Babies are the best – everyone should have one πŸ™‚ 2.25.08, 2:10PM
Emily DeWan: Adorable! What a cute little baby. I love the one of Drew holding him on the bed 2.25.08, 2:03PM
Cheyenne Schultz: I loved that maternity shoot you did – cool to see the product of the pregnancy! The baby is adorable – loving those textured one’s. My fav is the third from the bottom with Hauggy…so cute! 2.25.08, 1:55PM
Andrea: Gorgeous! I love the little door hanger πŸ™‚ 2.25.08, 1:55PM
Jonathon Campbell: A beautiful series of pictures. A great job capturing the feeling of the first few weeks with a newborn! 2.25.08, 1:55PM
Mark and Candice Brooke: I already showed a girl at work this post and we are both dyeing. it is soooo stinken cute. my friend is pregnant and stated that she will be calling you in a few months. I love your work. -candice 2.25.08, 1:54PM