Trina C: I LOVE your shoots. Amazing work. I linked your blog on for inspiration. Thank you for sharing your work with us! 9.25.09, 1:14AM
Tabitha: Hi! Your pictures are SO amazing. I am in love with your technique. I have a BIG question, though. How are you able to shoot between 1.2 and 1.8 and still have their entire bodies in focus? May be a dumb question…but I’m just starting out and really confused about how you can do that. If you wouldn’t mind emailing me back a quick explanation I would appreciate it SOOOO much! Thank you!!! 9.19.09, 6:58PM
patricia: where are the flowers from..amazing photos 3.11.09, 7:26AM
Big Rich: OMG!!!! Thanks for sharing your camera settings as well. That is a big help for us still trying to learn. 6.20.08, 3:05PM
Lianne: One of the most beautiful session I’ve seen from you and I absolutely adore your work! Beautiful couple + breathtakingl location + awesome photographer = made-in-heaven! Thanks Jessica, you’re a source of inspiration. 4.27.08, 5:44AM
John: I love the location of your photo and your overall work. My fiance and I are looking for our engagement photo session location. It would be awesome if you could please email me β€œthe secret location” . Thank You! 3.31.08, 1:16AM
Jennifer: GORGEOUS….gorgeous!!!!! 3.20.08, 8:47AM
Kylie Mitchell: OMG Jessica. Your work is absolutely stunning! I’m a photographer from Australia and have come across your blog through Leah Profancik’s blog. I couldn’t wait to move down to the next image. A gorgeous couple, captured absolutely beautifully. I’ts my 10th wedding anniversary next month. Wish you were closer!!!! 3.12.08, 4:26AM
Karen Ard: These are breathtaking. I know people asked already but… any chance on finding out if you use reflectors or how you get that great, illuminated skin tone when you back light? What you do in postproduction? You rock! 3.11.08, 11:58PM
Jessica Thomason: Totally in love with your work! I wish I would have known about you SOONER! I’m definitely going to need to find a reason to come to New York and have some pictures taken with my new hubby! YAY! these are GORGEOUS! 3.11.08, 1:23PM
Jane Jordan Photography: Beautiful! My favorite is also the last one with the flair, awesome work! 3.3.08, 5:51PM
Prema Buck: Wow!!! Oh Wow!!! These are absolutely STUNNING!!!! Of course you already know that (many comments πŸ™‚ BUT I just had to put my 2-cents in. I believe that these are my all time favorites. I’ve been waiting to book you for a beach session :-)…been waiitng for hubby….he says that he has to lose weight, BUT These images that made be gasp and jaw drop…well I think that I need a session there for sure!!! This is beautiful and so organic and it feels so peaceful and lovely. TFS! 3.2.08, 4:42PM
Jennifer Harr: STUNNING! Jessica, you are such an inspiration. I appreciate the time you took to share info about these photos. I’ve been trying to decide on a new lens to purchase— I’m so far from your talent, that’s for sure…but it’s great to check out your work to see the latest in photography, as a top (in my book) photographer. I love the photos using Jesh’s textures— you worked them beautifully— not over-textured and perfectly just right to accentuate the mood of each photo!! Thanks for sharing!! 3.1.08, 10:12PM
kristen: thank you so much for posting your lens and settings! great job, as always 2.29.08, 12:08AM
Lawrence: Wow absolutely majestic! Want to disclose this top secret location? =) Gorgeous place! 2.28.08, 2:29PM
portergraph: wonderful photos, Jessica. I’m sure they’re very pleased with them! 2.28.08, 9:10AM
Daniel J Pesta: Hey Jessica Is every shot actually done with out reflectors or strobe, if so how do you get that smooth shaddowless face when the subject is backlit. Hope I don’t sound too dumb, Daniel 2.27.08, 5:23PM
Justine: Jessica, these are gorgeous!!! Trista, you look absolutely amazing. 2.26.08, 9:36AM
JLa: Love it when you add the camera specs to your photos. Its so helpful. Beautiful shots JC! 2.25.08, 11:38AM
Jay Tsai: The location is amazing, so simple but so versatile. Love the shot of her lying in the grass looking up! 2.25.08, 2:16AM
Mary: absolutely amazing! i love your work! i also just purchased one of your shoot sacs. i cannot wait for it to arrive. 2.25.08, 12:04AM
marlene: wow the colors are sooo pretty! i love these photos! 2.24.08, 7:20AM
laurie ann martin: EEEWLAWEEEEEE!!! Ditto what everyone else said!! You are an inspiration!!! laurie ann 2.24.08, 12:55AM
Anna Costa: LOVE LOVE LOVE these shots! And I loved chatting with you the other day! I was going to write you a thank you email, but then I remembered that you alway read your comments! (Wink πŸ˜‰ Thanks again! xo 2.23.08, 10:34PM
Desiree Hayes: These are gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! What a gorgeous location too. 2.23.08, 11:58AM
Tiffany Aicklen: aahhh . . . I’m in love with this shoot! 2.22.08, 7:17PM
lotso: Now, This is definitely worth the money I’ll be paying for these photos rather than those taken on my own wedding. 2.22.08, 4:41PM
Mary Jane: BEYOND FABULOUS! You’re such an inspiration Jess! 2.22.08, 3:57PM
Mom: I’m going to send these to the President of all the bridal magazines. Please send me a list. These are fantastic, of course! 2.22.08, 12:35PM
Elizabeth Pellette: WOW.. I am speechless here.. 2.22.08, 12:18PM
Andrea Whittle: Those are so beautiful! You are very talented! 2.22.08, 11:38AM
Brian: Wow! Seriously. Thats all I can say. 2.22.08, 8:40AM
Christine: that’s my sister and brother-in-law! gosh darn they’re so kyoooote… and "STUNNING" πŸ™‚ 2.22.08, 2:21AM
Heidi Knight: Amazing shots! That dress is to die for as are the flowers. You did a fantastic job! I want to show these to my hubsand and tell him we need to fork over the dough for photos like these! Our wedding photos weren’t romantic at all which I so regret. If I can’t have a second wedding, I can at least have good photos of us. Loving your work as always! 2.21.08, 10:48PM
Donna: OMG!!! these are amazing! I know you had fun with this one!!! 2.21.08, 10:17PM
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs: simply gorgeous! i love her dress and those flowers. 2.21.08, 9:59PM
Jessica Lynn: You are ridiculously talented. Seriously. 2.21.08, 9:44PM
Liz Wang: These are INCredible!!! What a gorgeous couple and gorgeous photography. Thanks so much for your heart of generosity in sharing your settings!! I’ve been following your AMAZINGness since dwfstart began and I guess this is my first time saying hi! I just * * LOVE * * your photography like no other. 2.21.08, 9:10PM
chelsea | blueline: these are the most amazing shots i’ve ever seen. its beautiful in everyway. 2.21.08, 2:23PM
Sarah Huffman: WOW! FANTASTIC! 2.21.08, 1:21PM
Tonya@RedDoorPhotography: Oh my HECK! These are so beautiful! What a great location and what a beautiful couple. The textures look great! How come I never get such good flare with my 50mm 1.2? I try and try…what is the trick? Awesome shots! 2.21.08, 1:05PM
Phillip: really amazing stuff. love your art. 2.21.08, 12:36PM
Jessica Low: oh wow you know this is really a gorgeous couple and coupled with your gorgeous photography; phew. It’s too hot in here I can’t breathe. Just to let you know JC, I’ve dowloaded this entire set onto my computer. It’s my inspiration of lOve 2.21.08, 11:13AM
Jessica Strickland: GOOD gracious….these are STUNNNNNNING!!!! that light is like MONEY it is soooo good! i’m soo jealous of you california shooters!! i would give anything to have that light! TREMENDOUS job, Jess….these are really incredible!!! And Trista….girrrl….you are GORGEOUS!! 2.21.08, 11:13AM
Leah Mullett: Wow! Love the first one! I definitely have to do a photoshoot like this on my first anniversary! 2.21.08, 9:32AM
Kelley: I LOOOOOOVE the first one at the top- the texture, the setting, all of it- so amazing! Hope it’s okay that I gave you a shout-out on our little blog πŸ™‚ I check your site all the time- always so impressive. 2.21.08, 9:06AM
Dan: HOLY CRAP! Those are fantastic. The second field of flowers shot is incredible and second to last "your favorite" is stunning. Home Run as always. 2.21.08, 6:49AM
angie: what a gorgeous couple! Every picture is stunning! 2.20.08, 11:30PM
Kimberly in ABQ: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting not only GORGEOUS photos but also your technical specs too. I just love your blog!!! 2.20.08, 11:10PM
Christine: You are amazing! Unbelievable images….stunning…gorgeous…breathtaking! You are so very talented. Thanks for sharing your technical info, too! 2.20.08, 7:15PM
Jared Rey: I am sure I will get lost in the comments. But thanks so much for sharing what settings you shot with, it is very helpful and useful to know! 2.20.08, 6:57PM
Wes Hope: Abso-fricking-lutely BEAUTIFUL! (And the pics ain’t too shabby either!!) πŸ˜‰ 2.20.08, 5:57PM
Cristina B.: Absolutely gorgeous! {as always} Your pictures are truly amazing; you have a wonderful talent! 2.20.08, 5:15PM
Josh Perkins: Wow. These shots are amazing!! 2.20.08, 4:48PM
April Hollingsworth: I found you through I see you use a 50mm a lot. Mine should be here tomorrow!!! Love your work! 2.20.08, 3:35PM
Anna Costa: soooooooooo gorgeous!! πŸ™‚ 2.20.08, 2:53PM
Simply Modern Weddings: These photos are so fabulous, I also love the 2nd to last one…just so sweet. Trista is so darn beautiful…I think she should have been a model. (but she is a great photographer as well!) 2.20.08, 2:39PM
Emma Easley Darden: These are simply amazing. I love their getups and accessories. And I can’t believe what a willing subject he is! 2.20.08, 2:32PM
CynthiaQ.: BELLISSIMO! Your images are ethereal, evocative enigmatic, elegant & enchanting!! …an ethereal world created by a poetic imagination. 2.20.08, 2:18PM
Navy Sou: These images are magazinesque and amazing to say the least!!! Blows me away! I know people are beggin’ to find out about the spot! Is it still a secret??? ;D 2.20.08, 2:08PM
Dede: You work is always fabulous but……..those images are amazing! 2.20.08, 1:56PM
Courtney: These are absolutely stunning! It is always ten times better when the subjects look amazing and they are gorgeous! Love them! 2.20.08, 1:47PM
allie: OH.MY.GOODNESS. Jessica, these are THE MOST AMAZING imges… I love your work always but these….. truly spectacular in every way…… 2.20.08, 12:42PM
Erin: absolutely stunning!!! 2.20.08, 11:27AM
Rhonda: Jessica….I am in awe of this shoot! You are so incredibly talented!!!! What an amazing treasure for these 2 beautiful people to have for the rest of their lives. Your passion and talent are so evident and inspiring in these photos. Thank you for sharing them with the world! xoxo 2.20.08, 11:26AM
Steve: NO FLASH GUYS – look at the shutter speed, to high to sync. Amazing work as usuall. There is always something different, always a twist of newness in your work. Everyone knows how great you are Jessica but you are still under rated. 2.20.08, 10:45AM
Anton: Fantistic! Still, got one technical question: was the flash used on any of those shots like for fillin-in or something? 2.20.08, 9:44AM
PamN: The best. EVER. 2.20.08, 9:36AM
Samantha: oh my goodness! I read your blog often and am such a fan of your work. This is the first time I’ve left a comment, these photos are incredible. I love the light, the textures and their outfits really make them. Fantastic, I feel like crying…lol. 2.20.08, 9:08AM
photoTristan: Looks like a great location, I especially like the bridge. 2.20.08, 9:02AM
Mark Leo: Wow, these photos are absolutely amazing! Absolutely gorgeous. 2.20.08, 8:28AM
ricki ford: These are beautiful! I like the way you are putting the iso, shutter and apt on the images letting everyone know what you are shooting on. Thats cool.. 2.20.08, 8:03AM
stacey: G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! 2.20.08, 7:54AM
Shandon: These are absolutely breathtaking! You are such an inspiration, Jessica! 2.20.08, 7:32AM
Ollie: Beautiful and Perfect! 2.20.08, 6:38AM
leanne: oh myyyyyyy this is just AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG. they look like movie stars! gorgeous! i don’t know what else to say – you are simply THE guru! 2.20.08, 4:35AM
Joanna: wow! these are just amazing! Thanks for sharing all of the technical stuff – I just have one question – are most of these natural light or did you use any flash or off flash lighting as well? Thanks! 2.20.08, 3:05AM
Karen: Wow, gorgeouuussssss shots!!! The location is so beautiful, surreal even. Trisha’s dress blows me away. Mannn, this is just like WOW! Jessica, you’re so awesome! 2.20.08, 2:54AM
leigh miller: congrats on the anniversary. and jess, just wow! 2.20.08, 12:35AM
Juliana: thanks for oposting the tequnical stuff, Its a good challenge to try and use those settings with something elese. Beautiful as ever.. 2.20.08, 12:19AM
brandy j: WOW!!! Yet another jaw dropping too awesome for words session!!! You are just so inspiring! 2.20.08, 12:17AM
Carmen: I LOVE THEM!!!!! Both of you are the best! 2.20.08, 12:13AM
mercery: Very good job Claire! Amazing! 2.20.08, 12:08AM
katie beverley: These are just gorgeous!!! 2.19.08, 11:49PM
stephen: simply amazing 2.19.08, 11:35PM
Amanda Sakundiak: Jess, these are amazing – wow. i just wanted to keep looking at them again and again. keep up the amazing work. a 2.19.08, 11:16PM
Andi: Whoaaaa, beautiful!!! 2.19.08, 11:11PM
Yazmin: WOW! You are so amazing! You have a true gift πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 10:42PM
Sharon: AMAZING photos! By far, my favorite session of yours. I love all of your work, but this one is over the top spectacular. 2.19.08, 10:24PM
Shii: Was thinking of doing something like this for my 10 year anni (July ’09). Now that I have seen these I FOR SURE want to do it. These are amazing!!! 2.19.08, 10:13PM
Milly: wow! Look at the comments! πŸ˜› This is one of my favorite session of yours, Jessica! You just keep inspiring me every time I come by! I love your art! 2.19.08, 10:08PM
Wiki: 2 thumbs up for this post… credit to Trista, she is absolutely gorgeous, know how to get the best out of her πŸ˜€ anyway, any promo code for jesh de rox ? 2.19.08, 9:41PM
Jason: I think this is my favorite session of yours! GORGEOUS light and the sharp details and sexy veil edge…WOW. 2.19.08, 9:24PM
Trina Knudsen: Your work is beautiful…you continue to amaze me with the incredible images you create and the moments you capture. 2.19.08, 8:26PM
Caitlin: BEAUTIFUL 2.19.08, 7:53PM
Chelo: What time of day was it? The light is absolutely stunning. The whole session would make for a gorgeous album! I want a session like that!! 2.19.08, 7:14PM
r@ph: gets better and better! wow. the couple looks amazing too.. πŸ˜€ 2.19.08, 7:04PM
katie kelly jervis: BREATHTAKING. Stunning. Some of the best images I’ve seen in a LONG time. 2.19.08, 6:19PM
Nadia: OH my god. 2.19.08, 6:15PM
angel swanson: amaaazing shoot!!! each and every shot is so incredible trista — you look drop-dead gorgeous! i love the bouquet that kristin came up with, too. jessica, i am SO excited to work with you in a few months! 2.19.08, 6:11PM
Melissa E Earle: Jessica! This is outstanding! It has got to be my very favorite of your sessions so far! Each and every image ROCKS!!!! Love all your new textures, you use them very well! Cheerio -Melissa E Earle 2.19.08, 5:40PM
Jacque Lynn: Jess – Amazing stuff, beautiful light! She is just gorgeous! Gotta say, I LOVE that you post the specifications on your shots now….. keep that up!! 2.19.08, 5:30PM
Yunna: wow! these are absolutely supberb. Love the colors, buttery deliciousness of the photographs. And the couple is stunning!!! (side note: when you do center focus point, do you focus then recompose?)Anyways however you do it, these are nothing short of AMAZING!!! XD 2.19.08, 5:28PM
Tara O’Leary: Absolutely beautiful! The pictures are just so breathtaking…amazing! Such a beautiful scenary for a backdrop and I love that you are starting to put the settings of the camera for us amateurs! Great work from your young photographer fans! 2.19.08, 5:13PM
Anna Rockett: I love the field pictures with the flowers. Trista is beautiful! You could’nt possibly take a bad picture of her. 2.19.08, 4:56PM
kate: love these – Trista you look so good girl! 2.19.08, 4:43PM
Dave Richards: My goodness Jessica, you never cease to amaze! These are jaw dropping gorgeous. Even when I think you couldn’t possibly get any better you post something like this. What a huge inspiration to me…great great work (as always) πŸ˜‰ 2.19.08, 4:34PM
Matthew J. Wagner: I’m speechless. You are amazing!!!!! 2.19.08, 4:27PM
Brandon Williams: Your images are amazing!!! 2.19.08, 4:16PM
Erin: Simply stunning… 2.19.08, 3:51PM
emily steffen: these are great! i love that field…and the textured ones are by far my fav! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you share your specs with us when you post…..great idea! 2.19.08, 3:22PM
Lailah: You must be so proud of your talent, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for taking the extra time and noting your exposure for each shot. πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 3:12PM
Christina LeMarr: Thank you so much for putting your settings down! Your stuff is amazing!! I love the rich colors!!! Could I use any more exclamation points??!! 2.19.08, 2:59PM
allan z.: mouth dropped… 2.19.08, 2:59PM
emily: these are incredibly beautiful! 2.19.08, 2:45PM
Suzie S: WOW WOW WOW, Jess. I am in awe. Incredible, just incredible. 2.19.08, 2:40PM
Wendy: These photos are so rad. Seems like the light fairies just love you. Amazing! Thanks for the eye candy. 2.19.08, 2:39PM
denise: I love everything you do but this is by far my favorite session of yours ever! I’m in love with these! 2.19.08, 2:30PM
kymberli q.: Ditto to everything that’s been said! πŸ™‚ Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 2:29PM
christy Bonifacio: Those just about made me cussss…. You knocked these out of the park!! 2.19.08, 1:50PM
jessica claire: meg–they’ve been married for three years, just about. this just happens to be the 5th anniversary of their dating life. πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 1:34PM
Meg: Yikes- this is only a 5 year dating anniversary shoot????? She’s really putting the pressure on for him to propose, eh???? This location is amazing… as are the photos!!! 2.19.08, 1:31PM
Andrea Murphy: Wow! Wow! Wow!! I think these are the most gorgeous shots I’ve ever seen!! I’m floored! 2.19.08, 1:28PM
Courtney Sprague: Happy Anniversary Trista! You and your hubby are so hubba hubba! πŸ˜‰ These images are gorgeous, modern classics…mad photo props! 2.19.08, 1:23PM
Jenty: What a stunning couple!! 2.19.08, 1:23PM
Tira J: Jessica. These shots are amazing. Almost too beautiful for words. I appreciate you for sharing all of the technical aspects of each shot. Trista and Doug are blessed to have so many amazing shots for their anniversary. Have a great day! 2.19.08, 1:09PM
cat and adi: Trista and Jess. Well done!!! T- you look so hot, fur reels. J- gorgeous shots as always. Maybe we should hire you to shoot baby nextie? 2.19.08, 1:03PM
Tricia Whitmer: AMAZING…Jess!!! 2.19.08, 12:58PM
Hayley Anderson: Sorry to repeat what everyone else is saying, but THESE ARE MY FAVORITE IMAGES so far!! When I get married I think I might have to copy this style. Those photos are insanely beautiful. My hats off to you… 2.19.08, 12:57PM
Jenn Best: Jessica, I know everyone leaves the same ol’comments about how amazing you and your photos are but they truly are beautiful and inspirational and really really make me want to move to California. I look forward to ImageX and hope to meet you at WPPI. All the Best πŸ˜‰ 2.19.08, 12:51PM
Rae Leytham: jess – these are seriously the best I have EVER seen. You know I’m a fan….but, damn….these are amazing. Stunning actually. I bet Trista has looked at them a thousand times already! 2.19.08, 12:18PM
Denise: good god that was incredible!!! Probably the best engagement session I’ve seen ever… and I blog stalk A LOT πŸ˜› 2.19.08, 12:13PM
Wesley: Definitely my mostest favorite engagement session to date! Wow 2.19.08, 12:08PM
Jenni K: These are absolutely amazing. They took my breath away. 2.19.08, 12:00PM
Kien: Awesome photos! Extremely gorgeous! 2.19.08, 11:58AM
Joanna: This is one HOT couple and your photos came out unbelievable. Gosh they are just breath taking! 2.19.08, 11:55AM
claire: These have got to be my favorite images ever. I LOVE her dress! You did an amazing job!And I’m so jealous of all the lucky Cali photographers who actually have flowers and any kind of greenery… and sunshine! Please send some my way to muddy, slushy, freezing Missouri! 2.19.08, 11:50AM
Nicole Liebgott: Hey Jess, Just wanted to say thanks for the camera settings you have been posting. It really helps so please keep doing it.. Thanks Oh and yes, the pictures are amazing as always 2.19.08, 11:45AM
DrewB: Those are so HOT! You did an amazing job Jess! But it’s not too hard with such a gorgeous couple! 2.19.08, 11:25AM
amelialyon: Insane!!! These images are great…I know Trista is SUPER happy! 2.19.08, 11:17AM
d.: These images are so stunning, I just had to comment. Thank you for your creative, captivating, and inspiring work! 2.19.08, 11:10AM
kristin: crazy!!! trista has been talking about this shoot for months and I knew it would be spectacular, but these are true masterpieces! i’m talking fashion spread in Vogue beautiful! you brought our their love, playfulness, and beauty in each picture. fab work! 2.19.08, 11:02AM
Kimberly: I have been blog stalking you for awhile now and I have to say those are the most amazing pictures I have seen on anyones blog to date. And I am not just saying that to flatter you, that set of shots makes is what makes me want to be a photographer. Absolutely amazing! Seriously, I just can’t get over them. You inspire me! 2.19.08, 10:57AM
carrie@urbanbaby: wow! these are INCREDIBLE….what gorgeous photos for an absolutely beautiful couple. just magical. (and she’s really sweet too!). -c 2.19.08, 10:49AM
paula: wow! 2.19.08, 10:38AM
Marco: Amazing set! 2.19.08, 10:27AM
Melissa Koehler: Absolutely stunning! Trista and Doug look amazing. I love her outfit. What gorgeous light! Beautiful photos 2.19.08, 10:25AM
Josh Brown: She is gorgeous! Amazing photos 2.19.08, 10:19AM
Bobbie: Words cannot describe these pictures! They are truly a work of art! And I love, love, LOVE each and every setting… I want to find a ‘secret place’ like that here where I live in NC!! Keep up the amazing work Jessica, I love seeing everything you do. (I also love how you have started telling us the tech info… Thanks!) 2.19.08, 10:06AM
LeeAnn: These pictures are amazing! 2.19.08, 10:03AM
todd pellowe: whoa. 2.19.08, 10:00AM
Lyns: These are just waaayyyy to incredible not to comment. I keep up with your work and am absolutely a huge fan! Thus far, my favorite! 2.19.08, 9:57AM
Neil Gowans: Well – what can I say?! These shots were so good that I beatled off to buy those textures! A bit worrying that Jesh’s site doesn’t confirm the purchase or give a download link (or even confirm how or when the textures will be delivered)! Does he dispatch a CD? Been visiting your site for at least a year now – always inspiring and never disappointing – thanks! 2.19.08, 9:53AM
Kristi: Amazing as usual. Thanks for posting the settings. Can you also include what you do for WB or do you shoot Raw and adjust? Posing your settings/techniques is a huge help and inspires newbies to get out and try these techniques. 2.19.08, 9:50AM
Erin : Wow! You have some seriously amazing clients to work with! Ah, to live in CA! 2.19.08, 9:49AM
Jasmine*: Trista…you looked so HOT!!!!! Jess, you’re amazing…way too talented for words! πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 9:38AM
candi: i think these are my fav from you EVER! Lovely and that location is to DIE FOR! 2.19.08, 9:31AM
Leah Charbonneau: WOW! These are amazing! The textures compliment so well. Also, thanks for putting the shot info – very helpful! 2.19.08, 9:29AM
Susie: These are just beautiful and so romantic πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 9:26AM
Ruth Rackley: Stunning images, The color and lighting are just breathtaking. I wish we had something green around here. We are still having the effects of winter. 2.19.08, 9:24AM
Amy Martin: Jessica!! I think this might be my fave JC session ever… just stunning. 2.19.08, 9:23AM
Teresa: Jaw-dropping…..these are just stunning. I’d give most anything to have photos of my husband and I like these. Just incredible work-thanks for sharing! 2.19.08, 9:16AM
Anita Matejka: WOW! These are amazingly beautiful! Yes, they are beautiful, but the way you captured them and the lighting is AMAZING! These are some of my favorites!! Beautiful! Love that location! 2.19.08, 9:07AM
Tony Yu: Jess, I still say that I am better …. not πŸ™‚ Come visit us on East coast. Sox tickets are on me πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 9:05AM
Mandy: Amazing! This is one of my favorite sessions you’ve posted in a while…and thats saying something- because you totally rock. But I think with this one- you outdid yourself. Awesom! 2.19.08, 8:55AM
Erika Lais Photo Design: Wowwwww, So incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank ou once more!!!!! you rock again!!!! You getting even better!!!!! 2.19.08, 8:50AM
Tamara: GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for providing your camera settings for each of your photos…you really, truly ROCK! 2.19.08, 8:44AM
Jayme Tighe: Simply stunning! THANK YOU for posting your settings for all of these! I am amazed that you can get such amazing focus with f1.2!! Wow! You are a ROCK STAR!! Can I be you for a day?? 2.19.08, 8:24AM
Faye Sommer: These are so BEAUTIFUL! We have snow in Ohio right now, which is pretty, but not warm and pretty. Great shots as always πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 8:22AM
whitney elizabeth: awesome shots….i LOVE her black dress! 2.19.08, 8:16AM
Stacy Cross: These are incredible! I LOVE their sense of style and the colors, the lighting, the setting – all perfect! 2.19.08, 8:09AM
Kelly Barclay: You just don’t cease to amaze… Every time you post you better the perfection you already attained on your last session. STUNNING!! 2.19.08, 8:06AM
Robin DePaula: OMG . . . these are absolutely beautiful, Jessica!!! I do have a question – the ones you shot with the 70-200, were they hand held? They are so sharp. 2.19.08, 7:59AM
Andrea: Holy crap, Jessica, these are GORGEOUS! 2.19.08, 7:58AM
Linda Truong: Once again I am just STUNNED by your work. I am literally just sitting here, soaking in the awesomeness of your photographs. You never cease to amaze me Jessica. 2.19.08, 7:42AM
karen lisa: Jessica… these are incredible. By far one of the most beautiful & inspiring portrait sessions I’ve ever seen you create. I can’t stop looking at these images. 2.19.08, 7:37AM
kelli: these are so gorgeous. thankyou so much for sharing all of the details with those of us who are still learning. 2.19.08, 7:36AM
Erin H: Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous couple! You use backlighting better than anyone I’ve ever seen! Thanks for posting all the specific data about each photo. It’s helpful to see for amateurs =) 2.19.08, 7:27AM
JOE: Wow, beautiful as ever. Keep posting the shooting specs for each picture, I really appreciate that. 2.19.08, 7:25AM
Vatche Vick: Hi Jessica can you please give us some updates on your post processing on the pics like you are doing regarding the F stop & the Shutter speed if its possible please Thank you Vick 2.19.08, 7:17AM
maya: wowee. these photos are absolutely beautiful, every one. and let me thank you for posting the info too. as a beginner, i get a lot out that and appreciate the extra time it takes you to post it. πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 6:22AM
Candace: She is stunning!! Holy cow are they going to have gorgeous children. 2.19.08, 5:59AM
Kirsten: glorious, as always, Jessica. Can I ask one question too? When you shoot backlit, do you use a reflector or a flash to get the light back in their eyes? 2.19.08, 5:52AM
Krystal McGee: Jessica, G’day from Australia. Hands down I think this is the best I have ever seen you do. I know it’s not a spectacular wedding, but it’s just so absolutely gorgeous. You are the most inspiring photographer out there, absolutely the best. Carry on the fab work!! 2.19.08, 5:03AM
Jas: Wow! These are so gorgeous! Of course it helps that Trista and Doug look amazing too! I totally appreciate that you place the settings. I second Donovan, do you focus recompose or change focus points? Also where do you meter in backlit images? Do you meter of the face? Well, thanks for sharing these! I totally adore your style! 2.19.08, 4:22AM
Keira: oh my god, this is hands down my favourite work of yours, you really have outdone yourself! sooo amazing!!! that second location is my dreammmmmm spot, its gorgeous!!!! this is the kind of stuff that inspires me to want to become a photographer πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 4:01AM
punam bean: I know exactly where that is!! I grew up five minutes from there, and I went there all the time when I was a kid. I have a session there later this year!! 2.19.08, 3:04AM
MsB: Wow, Trista is simply STUNNING!!! Whoever said that she shouldn’t be allowed behind camera is right! I hope she doesn’t shoot weddings because if I was the bride then I’d never want to stand next to her — NO FAIR! 2.19.08, 2:57AM
Donavan Freberg: Jessica, these are jaw dropping. I mean…wow….I mean… Wow!!!!!!!! Your talent is second to none, seriously. Did I mention wow? I have a technical question for you, when you shoot manually, do you have to adjust from shot to shot or do you set it and forget it till the light changes? Also, do you focus in the center to meter and then recompose or change your focus points? Forgive my ignorance, but I want to learn! Teach me, Jedi master of photography! 2.19.08, 2:55AM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): Seriously, Jessica. This is my favorite set from you i a while. These are gorgeous. -E 2.19.08, 2:51AM
Dan Fontaine: Wow. I’m constantly checking this blog and am always inspired but this shoot was just out of this world. Great work and I love the textures. 2.19.08, 2:48AM
Jennifer Disney: Oh wow! These are JUST GORGEOUS! I can see why that one is your favorite. It’s absolutely breathtaking. 2.19.08, 2:45AM
Chung: First, Trista is hot. Superbly hot. Possibly too hot to be allowed behind the camera. Second, your shots are spectacular. And very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your tech-specs; I’m so inspired to go out and shoot. πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 2:29AM
cornel: wow, these shots are amazing.. very very good! 2.19.08, 2:21AM
Michael Norwood: Nice Jess! I’m so in love with that place and can not believe the images you got out there. So amazing! 2.19.08, 2:03AM
Cindy: these pictures are simply amazing! The location is a dream come true. Where is it? Or is it a secret between you and Michael? πŸ™‚ 2.19.08, 1:56AM
Trista: OOOMMMMGGGGG….Jessica, you are simply amazing!!!!!! As I told you before, I had been waiting for this day for a very long time…it was so awesome working with you because you made Doug and I feel so comfortable. On top of that, the images are beyond incredible and Doug and I will cherish these images for ever and ever!!!! You are a true artist!!!! Love, Trista & Doug (the best hubby in the whole wide world!!!!) 2.19.08, 1:44AM
Scotty Graham: Jessica, Hi, I live in Indonesia, and have been a fan of your blog for some time now. I don’t get to check daily, but do catch up now and then. I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I just wanted to thank you for providing your camera settings for each of your photos. It is really helpful, and you are so kind to share that information to us… Keep up the great work!! Scotty ps….Trista is gorgeous!! She should be a model. 2.19.08, 1:41AM
Kristin: These are too good for words. 2.19.08, 1:40AM
René: Great pictures, Where can I find a overlay like you use? Greetings René 2.19.08, 1:38AM
Marianne: WOW! What an amazing way to celebrate an anniversary! These shots are fabulous; they look like they are straight out of a fashion magazine spread. 2.19.08, 1:37AM
~Lauren: Trista!!!! You look gorgeous per usual but these shots are super super amazing. πŸ˜‰ Jess–these are magical! 2.19.08, 1:33AM
Robin: Trista & Doug are such a gorgeous couple…and you took gorgeous pictures! These are AMAZING!!! 2.19.08, 1:29AM