pirut: hei.. what a great picture! I luv ur photo JC.. well, can i putted ur link into mine blog? 3.3.08, 12:59AM
grandma: you should get allthe votes. fantastic pictures. you are so great. watta a tilent and so gorgeous. do you need an agent – I;m available — for low price. not free, nothing is ever for freeif its worthwhile. love grndma 2.28.08, 9:02PM
heather: love that you are posting tech specs! Beautiful wedding! 2.13.08, 6:35PM
Shannon: Damn Girl! You are kicking some serious boot-AY! Way to go! 2.13.08, 5:51PM
Katie: You are kicking butt!! You are BY FAR the highest bidded on (that is such horrible grammer!). That’s awesome!!!!! For you and the charity!! Congrats! 2.13.08, 1:28PM