Erika: Thanks for the ShowIt info (and discount). Curious if these slide shows could be attached to emails. 2.13.08, 9:52PM

robert: The site admin sent an e-mail out and said the server was overloaded and the auctions that had not officially ended by 8:30 would be extended by at least 24 hours … but Jessica; your no where on the site to be found — are you sold? 2.13.08, 12:01AM

Corey: I wanna bid… but the site is broken!!! 2.12.08, 9:13PM

Lisa O’Connor: First, I enjoy your blog and how much you share with all of us out here in the blogosphere!!! I agree with Tony Bisson…..I’ve been trying to get to the site to log-in for the last fifteen minutes and their server is slammed. They are losing out on countless bids =( 2.12.08, 8:39PM

Tiffany: YUP!! I am not sure what is going on but I have not been able to get on the site for about an hour now~ Do you know when it might be back up and what they are going to do about all of the time that has passed?? 🙂 Thanks!! 2.12.08, 8:23PM

Tina E: Okay- I’m trying to check in to make sure I win your shoot sac but I can’t get on at all. What do I do???? Only 10 minutes left! 2.12.08, 7:51PM


Tony Bisson: The people running that site need to stagger the ending times more because their bandwidth can’t handle it. They are loosing countless higher bids. 2.12.08, 7:37PM

Melissa Pepin: You killin it Jessica! That lucky winner I tell ya! You guys are awesome for helping out such an amazing cause! 2.12.08, 5:42PM

dane: can’t afford jessica? i’m your man … lol 2.12.08, 4:44PM

Yazmin: What a great opportunity to do something amazing for someone else and at the same time get a chance to meet such a down to earth girl like you! You Rock! 🙂 2.12.08, 3:18PM

Nicole Liebgott: Looks like your in the lead girl, way above [b] lol.. I can’t afford 3 grand to have lunch with you, but I would like to donate something. Thanks for making me aware of such an important cause.. 2.12.08, 2:07PM