Rob: Nice stuff. I noticed you shot 50 ISO on some of them. Are you shooting film – Fuji by chance? Thanks, Rob 2.20.08, 4:52PM

samantha: Hey Jessica! Beautiful image as usual! Quick question!? As I know you don’t use flash much, how did you avoid the dark eyes and underexposing her face with the bright background behind her?? Did you use another reflector of some kind? Thanks!! 2.12.08, 4:05PM

allie: wowsers, she is INSANELY gogeous indeed. You have so many gorgeous brides jessica. 🙂 awesome image- just beautiful. 2.12.08, 9:45AM

Jenty: She is beautiful, just beautiful! And I’m so jealous of those sacs! I want one! 2.12.08, 9:25AM

DJ: I have the Ninja cover 2.12.08, 5:03AM

Amelie: The bride is gorgeous .. can’t wait to see more of the wedding ! AND to see the new Shootsac covers ready to ship !!! 🙂 2.12.08, 3:19AM

Kristen Leigh: Three things: 1. Wasn’t it so, so, so fun???? 2. Why are you so awesome? Jeezy petes, you are good at what you do, lady. 3. He def shaved his beard (oooh yes – he did ;D) 2.12.08, 2:52AM

Mette: She’s absolutely stunning! 2.12.08, 1:43AM

Leah Simmers: yep I’m digging your shootsac cover too, is it on it’s way out for purchase? Maybe a cheeetah/leopard one too? 2.12.08, 1:07AM

Miranda Posey: Beautiful shot as usual Jessica. You are really amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding pics!! 2.11.08, 7:36PM

Juliana: whhhaaaaaatt! no fair! I want a tiger stripe shootsac cover!!! 2.11.08, 6:15PM

kara pennington: WOW! She is gorgeous! The shootsac photo is awesome 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of the wedding! 2.11.08, 5:37PM