Une Herzer: A wonderful series… just the way wedding photography… ‘should’ be done!! 1.20.10, 10:47AM
Damar Suryo: u truly capture feelings framed by mere electrical equipment. greetings, Damar Suryo The Netherlands 1.12.10, 3:35AM
Marcus: I just wanted to send some encouragement your way and say that these photos were spectacular! And your presentation was brilliant too. I have never seen anyone who can use the f1.0 as well as you have here. I bookmarked your page in order to show others. Your technical skills are second to none, but your eye and your ability to tell the story is stunning. I actually got a tear in my eye going through the pictures. I hope to find someone who can take pictures at my wedding like this. 7.16.09, 1:40PM
lkf: u are the greatest photograher that i ‘ve ever seen . Best Regards 8.17.08, 7:10AM
Sven: hello, those pics are one of the greatest iΒ΄ve ever seen and one reason to look for an 50 mm 1.2 lense. 1.0 is tooooooo expensive for me. absolut excellent. sven 7.16.08, 6:32AM
Vic: You have mastered the EF50 f/1.0. Absolutely stunning photography! Best Regards, Vic 6.18.08, 6:53PM
Robert: Love it! You’re awesome! 6.11.08, 10:15PM
josh: Hi, excellent work there! which camera body was used? 6.11.08, 9:40AM
mustafah Abdulaziz: nice! 5.6.08, 2:24PM
Rebekah at Elizabeth Anne Designs: The song is so beautiful. We used another Phil Wickham song (Divine Romance) for our wedding. He’s amazing in concert. 3.28.08, 4:34PM
Luca Petralia: This is one of the greatest wedding set I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it’s because of the lens, the bride…I think it’s beacause of your skill. I love every single shot, everything is perfect. 3.28.08, 7:53AM
Jennifer: Whoa, freakin’ brilliant. Loooove that flair https://www.jessicaclaire.net/images/content/ACF424.jpg 3.20.08, 8:49AM
Devan Whitson: Beautiful, beautiful shots!!! I love it that you are posting the settings on the wedding shots. I absolutely love it! Thanks so much!! Can’t wait to get my Shootsac at WPPI! 3.2.08, 5:31PM
Brittany Meadth: Thank you so much for capturing the most perfect day. Your photos are beautiful. Really blessed to have you there! 2.28.08, 5:28PM
Wow: Wow 2.26.08, 8:13AM
John Meadth: Hi Jessica – I’m no photography expert – just a proud dad. Jocie and I love the wonderfully creative way you have portrayed our kids special day. God bless you and keep on doing beautiful work. 2.26.08, 2:01AM
Kat Kendall: This pictures are stunning! i’ve always admired your work as well as DJ’s… Rod and Brit are good friends of mine.. and one of the bridesmaids, Arianna, is my best friend from high school.. so its exciting to see people i recognize in your pictures!! Great work! Keep it up! 2.21.08, 4:00PM
Jill La Fleur: I just wanted to thank everyone that helped out with this wedding-it was truly magical and full of love and beauty (and talented vendors!) It was a pleasure helping Brittany and Rodney plan and coordinate this special occasion and I wish them all the best-they really are the couple with love you only dream about. Thank you, thank you to the amazing photo and video Team! The images tell an amazing story and really capture the day just as it was felt. I was honored to work with all of you and look forward to doing so again. 2.20.08, 6:38PM
Emma Easley Darden: The look on her face during that dance photo is priceless. And I’m totally jealous of that lens! Wow. 2.20.08, 2:39PM
Clark Clark: Oh man, I knew I wanted that 50mm 1.0 but now I REALLY REALLY want it. That cake cutting shot makes up for a lot of sleepless nights thinking about switching back to Nikon for the D3. Susan makes me salivate for it. Now I can just buy a $2,000 lens and feel better. I do love my 85mm 1.2. 2.19.08, 10:06AM
Dusty: Jessica – I visit your site every week and I am ECSTATIC that you finally posted your settings for photos–it’s a great learning tool for us newbies. 2.19.08, 10:04AM
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Martin: Thank you so much for adding the used settings for every picture. I believe it really helps me to understand how you do your magic. If you add any lighting please include that info as well. Thank you again for sharing! 2.15.08, 3:55AM
roman: curious to know how much you charge when second shooting. Or is it free for friends? 2.15.08, 12:42AM
Bartek: Hey Jessica, I’m SO glad you’re posting your EXIF data now πŸ™‚ 2.14.08, 8:30PM
Amanda Key: Thank you for sharing your images–they are beautiful! And–I did purchase ShowIt web last night–thanks. 2.14.08, 5:22PM
Gloria m: YOu are the best. Really. No wonder you can shoot at least $7500 per wedding. You out beat everyone! 2.14.08, 4:06PM
Jay Tsai: My absolutely favorite was the portrait from above of her with the bouquet. Thank you so much for documenting all the camera settings to show us how the picture was taken. Wonderful! 2.14.08, 3:32PM
Joanne F: Jessica, you totally rocked the 1.0! These images are perfect – as usual! Thanks for sharing your techniques and your fab images! I always drool over the color and clarity! You are the best! 2.14.08, 2:36PM
Lindsay Kipp: These are fabulous! I love them! The couple is also very beautiful! Thank you for putting the settings you used. I found it very helpful and i hope to see them again on your other posts! I only hope one day my images are even a fraction of the perfection you produce.Thank you for sharing!! 2.14.08, 1:36PM
Jenty: Wow, those are just incredible! Beautiful 2.14.08, 1:18PM
James Taylor: Wow, these are absolutely amazing! There seem to be a few reviews out there that say the 50L f/1 is a marginal performer – soft wide open. You sure put that to rest! JT 2.14.08, 11:07AM
Matt D.: Wow… I think you’re the first non-collector (i.e. real photographer) I’ve ever seen actually use the 50mm f1.0… Exotic. How does it feel to use such a Porshe lens? 2.14.08, 10:53AM
Simply Modern Weddings: Beautiful photos…beautiful couple! 2.14.08, 10:28AM
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Mary Jane: JESS!!!! These are some of the most amazing photos I’ve ever laid eyes on! You are so inspiring and I can’t believe you practically shot the whole wedding at 1.0! That is so awesome! I have a hard time getting the sharpness when I shoot that wide open – divulge – PLEASE! πŸ™‚ 2.14.08, 10:08AM
Melissa Koehler: Gorgeous captures Jessica! I really love how you put your settings. I have been trying to do that with mine too:) 2.14.08, 9:58AM
Emily: So amazing! I have to ask though, the crispness is unsurpassed. When I shoot with my 50mm1.2 they are never this crisp, nor with this non-existent amount of noise. Can you pass along your secret? These are awesome! 2.14.08, 9:23AM
Erika Lais Photoblog: Hi Claire, I just love that you sharing the informations shoots above the pics … It’s all that I always want in my life … It’s easier to us to learn how to work better and take yhis worderfull pics!!!!! You are so blessed, many, many thanks forever!!!! 2.14.08, 9:13AM
Lisa Stein: Beautiful photos as usual, I am a big fan of your work. Thanks for posting info, what I find so interesting is your shooting at such fast shutter speeds. I know the lense is fast and you have so much California light, sometimes it is only option to utilize wide open, but I see it is also often a choice with the higher ISO. Maybe that is part of the secret of your photos being so sharp and crisp (and warm and soft in all the right spots and ways). Interesting, I’ll have to try that more when I can. thanks! 2.14.08, 8:32AM
Ana Gabriela: She is soooo gorgeous! WOW 2.14.08, 8:30AM
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r@ph: wonderful images again jess! many thanks also for the tech info! please keep inspiring us.. πŸ™‚ 2.14.08, 3:02AM
Ann Hamilton: Love the flare shots! And don’t you just love that 50 1.0 lens?! Gene Higa has one, too, and I usually steal it from his bag when we’re shooting together. πŸ™‚ 2.14.08, 2:38AM
marina mayer: Jessica, We just saw the video and LOVED it. We are so glad that you were there to capture all those beautiful moments of Brit and Rod. It was just beautiful! Thank you for putting the slideshow to the music she walked down the aisle to! We are so grateful for you, and we know Brittany, Joy and the rest of the family will be too. Love, Marina and Kristi (friends of the bride) 2.14.08, 2:28AM
Jason: Outstanding! Thank you very much for including the technical information on f/stop, shutter, lense, etc. You’re in it to help others. Impressive. 2.13.08, 11:25PM
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Karen: Aww, love this set. She is one beautiful bride, and her mom is really pretty too! I love the creativity in your photographs! (I mean, really, who thinks of video flaring?) You’re too awesome. =D 2.13.08, 10:16PM
Lezlie: LOVE that you gave us the specs! You really push me to be a better photographer. Thanks. πŸ™‚ 2.13.08, 10:10PM
Heather Behlendorf: Jessica- I have always been afraid of shooting in such high ISOs…do you put your pics through a noiseware software? They always look so sharp and how I wa trained was to shoot in low ISOs. Any thoughts? 2.13.08, 10:08PM
Chris Enzaldo: 1.0????? I am literally drooling right now… I’ve been on the fence with getting Canon’s 50mm 1.4 lens, but now the decision has been made. Thanks for letting me go of some more cash! Quantum work as always. Superstahhh!!!! 2.13.08, 10:00PM
Crystal: Jess, that slide show is fabulous! Who is that song by? Phil Wickham??? 2.13.08, 9:42PM
Marco: great work! I’m amazed at the DOF you were still able to get at 1.0 2.13.08, 9:32PM
Jamie: Wow.. there are so many gorgeous shots of Brittany. What a lucky couple to have such a tag team on her special day. Thank you for taking the time to share your settings with us… I love learning from your blog!! 2.13.08, 9:22PM
Anderson K: Dear Jessica, I’m truly inspired. Your photos are as if they’re alive. God bless! 2.13.08, 9:11PM
patrick|dwf: jess, i think you out-did yourself this yet. i’m used to great work from you (hence i subscribe to the blog rss feed) however this set is your gorgeous! so full of love, passion and positive karma! ciao, psv 2.13.08, 9:10PM
Heidi Knight: Thanks so much for posting your camera data! I always wonder what lens/settings you’re using so I’m in heaven being able to analyze each shot and how you achieved it. 2.13.08, 9:00PM
Meg: Really beautiful Jessica… 1.0 … as Napoleon would say… luuuucckkkky. 2.13.08, 8:54PM
Lauren: we dont get to see the grooms face!!! lol you must love the bride more, jessica. any shots of the groom too? 2.13.08, 8:48PM
Akil Bennett: Wow, really great shots!! I love the ones with the flare, awesome!! 2.13.08, 8:43PM
Robin DePaula: beautiful as always!!! 2.13.08, 8:33PM
Trista: Absolutely, Positively GORGEOUS!!! 2.13.08, 8:08PM
Ange: beautiful shots as always claire. thanks so much for posting the tech info – it helps understand what goes into creating such gorgeous images. Love the lens flare! 2.13.08, 8:04PM
abbyrose: oooh – these are all gorgeous! I LOVE the first married shot of them hand-in-hand. 2.13.08, 7:34PM
david & kimi baxter: what can i possible say that hasn’t been said already.. WOW. 2.13.08, 7:18PM
Frances: Beautiful photos. Thanks for the tech info. Great to see what settings you used to get these shots. πŸ™‚ 2.13.08, 7:10PM
jessica claire: kelly, nope, i have a shootsac loaded with lenses πŸ™‚ Just one body 2.13.08, 6:55PM
Kelly Barclay: Do you use two bodies? I noticed you switched the lens for the bride waiting for her father shots and wonder if you just have two bodies so you can easily switch. STUNNING shots and very impressive at 1.0!! 2.13.08, 6:50PM
kymberli q.: Of course they are ALL amazing images, but the "They’re married" shot is AWESOME! It looks like it could be a perfume ad! 2.13.08, 6:45PM
Gina: I discovered Phil Wickham last month. He’s an amazing man after God’s heart. Painting these images with his music is – PERFECTION. What a beautiful couple. May God bless them with a long and joyous life together! Best wishes, Gina 2.13.08, 6:34PM
Tammy Mellish: These slide shows of yours… they always make me cry. They make me want to marry my husband, again. 2.13.08, 6:34PM
katycoffey: nobody mentioned the green in the slideshow…is this more foreshadowing? I can’t wait to see what you have in store next… 2.13.08, 6:23PM
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Katie: So pretty sure I had goosebumps that entire slideshow. Yup, sure did. 2.13.08, 6:18PM
Cathy Crawley: Gorgeous wedding. I love that Vineyard – saw it on "The Batchelor" – I was addicted to that show! 2.13.08, 6:01PM
Susan: Awww, Jessica. These are simply stunning. They’ve got to be numbered amongst some of your best work. They so perfectly capture the joy, love and beauty of the day. Thank you for sharing your talent. 2.13.08, 5:59PM
Trina Knudsen: The emotion you capture in your images is incredible… 2.13.08, 5:52PM
Lori Anderson: Awesome photos and slideshow. Thank you for taking the time to share the camera settings. I can’t believe I’ve learned so much from one post. 2.13.08, 5:39PM
courtney wilkerson: thanks for including the tech info. I really appreciate it! 2.13.08, 5:15PM
Linda G-H: Beautiful images of the day. I also love the GREEN on the slideshow background…looking forward to seeing all the "pieces" come together soon. 2.13.08, 5:11PM
Fred Egan: Jess-I love the "quiet moment"…excellent shot πŸ˜€ 2.13.08, 5:06PM
Sarah Rhoads: gurl… I don’t know how you hold your hands still enough to shoot at 1.0… I guess when you are a super star you can do things like that. "Dear God please give me superstar powers so that one day I too can get tack sharp pictures shooting at 1.0 " pretty please with suga on top πŸ™‚ props. 2.13.08, 5:04PM
Erin J.: Thanks for all that info! It’s nice to see what other people are using to get certain shots. Great idea! 2.13.08, 4:56PM
Mel Jones: Jessica you are beyond amazing I looooooooove that you have put the setting you used on the photos. Really apprecizte it!! 2.13.08, 4:47PM
Julia Williams: Wow! I am especially amazed at how sharp things are with such a shallow dof! (I find when i’m shooting wide open its really easy to misfocus). I NEED to know the secret to this! 2.13.08, 4:35PM
Logan Jarrard: Amazing! The slideshow showed some really great moments and expressions. Thanks for sharing the meta data, I’m sure it was a pain to type in all those numbers. Now if we could just the secret to that crisp contrast : ) 2.13.08, 4:30PM
gabriel ryan: i’ve heard photogs like you and becker say "i shoot wide open," but throwing the specs on each image let me understand what that means. wide open really does mean wide open. so cool . thanks a million! and freaking awesome shots [especially @ 1.0] 2.13.08, 4:20PM
Tonya: Jessica, I love that you are adding all the specs to the photos…that is so helpful. I am always in awe of your talent and I appreciate that you are willing to share with others… Good on you! Tonya 2.13.08, 4:14PM
MicheleLouise: Thank you so much for posting your settings!! I know that takes a lot of extra time but it is wonderful information!! 2.13.08, 4:08PM
Denise: agh! I love that you put the #’s – thank you so much! now maybe I can try to get the same effects as you do! Although I do not have a lens that will go as low as 1.0 – yipes!! 2.13.08, 4:08PM
lroah: You continue to amaze and impress me – these are absolutely beautiful! Loving the tech specs…thank you for sharing those. I hope you continue to do that. 2.13.08, 4:03PM
ashley: loved that you added the technical info, really helpful. my favorite shot was of the brides parents during the ceremony.. you can just feel their love and happiness. all parents should be like that πŸ™‚ 2.13.08, 3:59PM
kelli w: thank you so much for putting your lens, sspeed etc… with each picture. its helps a lot. i love your work. thank you for all of the inspiration. 2.13.08, 3:55PM
kim s: these are such beautiful & emotive photos, jessica, thanks for sharing! i also love to see the camera settings, thanks for that. (i always forget that i can change the ISO;) ) 2.13.08, 3:54PM
Kent Hustead: Jessica, Its great your putting the metadata is the post. I love it. 2.13.08, 3:50PM
David Bornais: Jess, your work is so fantastic. it is always also pleasant to see your work and the love which emerges some. Congratulations for you and for the bride and groom ! David 2.13.08, 3:41PM
Marco: LOVE THAT LENS! Thats actually my favorite lens 50mm! But a 1.0! Whoa! 2.13.08, 3:34PM
DJ: INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting emotional just seeing them! I love them!!! 2.13.08, 3:33PM
Amy Nave: Jess, It was so great seeing you last week. You definitely need to come visit more often. By the way AMAZING AMAZING job on this wedding. I’m in love with the images. Amy:) 2.13.08, 3:33PM
Elaine: Wow! She is incredibly beautiful! And it looks like it was a gorgeous setting and wedding as well. Thanks for sharing your "tech specs"…that was helpful. 2.13.08, 3:29PM
Alan Reid: Thank you Jess… At last somone has put the shutter speed,lens, ISO etc beside their photographs. It makes much better reading. 2.13.08, 3:24PM
kara pennington: What a gorgeous wedding and even more gorgeous bride!! Love the shot of Brittany peeking out the door!!! 2.13.08, 3:20PM
Lisa Gisczinski: Oh My Gosh!!!! Your work is sooo fantastic! I know you hear that over and over again but your works just inspires me. EVERY picture is just stunning and I hope to be half as good as you someday. Thank you for sharing, you really don’t realize how much its appreciated. 2.13.08, 3:17PM
todd scott ballje: killer stuff as usual Jessica, thanks so much for adding camera settings. Great to get in your head a little bit. Although you’re right, being that you shot most of it at 1.0 (which most of us mere mortals don’t have) it is pretty easy to know why they looks so great. (Although I absolutely love my 50 1.4…yes I’m Nikon…I’ll be full frame with you in 3 days with the D3) Anyway, great stuff. Santa Barbara isn’t bad huh? I visit grandparents there occasionally coming from Oklahoma. / todd 2.13.08, 3:10PM