Marco: "The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments." The site is super busy! 2.12.08, 10:45AM
Carisa Chee: I am constantly inspired by your beautiful photography and by your generosity. 2.12.08, 10:08AM
Julie: You’re right up there near the top at the moment!! 2.12.08, 4:02AM
Ed Hetherington: I was lucky enough to have the winning bid for Jessica at the DWF convention in January. All I can say is that if you haven’t bid yet, GO DO IT NOW!!!!! Jessica’s openness and willingness to answer every question I had made our session worth many times more than what I paid. Not only is Jessica one of the most talented photographers out there, she is also an incredibly skilled and insightful businessperson. It was fascinating to hear a first person account of how she has so successfully built her brand and business. If you want to invest in your business this year, bidding for a session with Jessica would be a great place to start! 2.10.08, 8:45PM
David Burke: How could anyone not like you Jess??? See ya next month! 2.10.08, 1:45PM
James Day: OK! If you insist…. JD 2.10.08, 6:24AM