katrina: hi :]! i was wondering if you didn’t mind me asking questions about photography. 2.16.08, 1:51PM

Gina Covington: I just checked out the site to see who has the most bids or most $$$….and you know its the rock star her self "Jessice Clair"…..you go girl!!! 2.9.08, 10:23PM

Karen Mikols: Are you and Becker having a showdown to see who can beat the other out????? 😉 2.8.08, 12:55PM

Karen Pfeiffer: Why oh why do I not live in the US? You are by far my absolute fav photographer and every time I see the things on offer on your blog I feel like crying. And this one too, for such a good cause. *insert foot stomps!* 2.8.08, 2:57AM

Julie: I just read about Becker’s on his blog as well! How much would I LOVE to do this?!? Good luck Jessica! 2.8.08, 1:55AM

Anton: Wish I lived in USA 😉 2.8.08, 1:49AM

David: What a cool thing to do for charity and to help out a fellow photographer! So, whatever happened to last year’s winner by the way? 2.7.08, 8:24PM

Jennifer: WOW! Those are some great "perks"! You are so generous! Good luck with the auction. 2.7.08, 4:46PM

Marco Markovich: what a great cause: http://www.thirstrelief.org/default.htm 2.7.08, 3:20PM

Anna: I hope you go for top dollar Jessica! You deserve to! The winner & the charity would be blessed as well! 2.7.08, 2:50PM

Ursula: Those are some wonderful perks! Not to mention the part where it all goes to a good cause. Good luck to everyone who bids! Now I really wish I lived closer to Las Vegas. 2.7.08, 2:42PM

christy pacanowski: that is so cool jessica! what a super fantastic prize!! i could think of a LOT of things i would like to learn from you in 90 minutes:) thanks for your donation to the cause (although the link to the thirst relief site was dead so i couldnt check it out more closely) 2.7.08, 2:33PM