Stacy Reeves: Congrats on third!! I’m just telling everyone how cool I am for making it to the final table.. And carefully not mentioning there were only two tables 😉 2.7.08, 8:43AM

Karen Mikols: *sigh* why do all the fun wedding photog things happen on Wednesday night when I’m teaching 2nd grade CCD? Maybe this summer? Do you guys play during the big wedding season? 2.7.08, 4:22AM

kymberli q.: After [ b ] ecker posting about how many times you win tournaments you enter or are one of the last playing, you want us to sign up to play poker against YOU?! Ha! That is funny! 😉 2.7.08, 2:33AM

TOny Bisson: I knew it! How else would we have 2 full tables. 2.6.08, 8:56PM

ashley: way to work the referral system! 😉 2.6.08, 8:49PM

J: WoW 🙂 Guess you are looking for a little more money to win! Jess is an excellent poker player… 2.6.08, 6:45PM