samantha: I ADORE the lamps. IS there anyway (I know this is years later) that your bride/friend knows where she got them still. i would love to use these (or something similar) at my wedding 11.25.09, 5:47PM
maria hedengren: Hei Jessica! i very much like the colors in the photo of Laura "getting all prettified". They are terrific! i come back to this photo every once in a while wondering what recipe did you use to get such blue, and red, and light skin tone? 7.17.09, 6:51AM
Jenny Smith: as a photographer, just wondering what camera you are holding in the last photo? 4.23.08, 1:04AM
zephyr sloan: wow! gorgeous wedding….love the decor…and the dress…everything!! 2.18.08, 9:20AM
Marie Labbancz: It was so good to see you again at Lauras wedding. You must look me up next time you are on the east coast! What beautiful event it was… so much beauty and love…. and you captured it beautifuly …. as always… best to you! 2.15.08, 7:41AM
caitlin : Gorgeous! I wrote on Laura’s blog too…man what a stylish wedding! You guys are lucky to have had a sweet bride-your dresses are beautiful! 2.12.08, 7:44PM
Mark Barnes: Your work is always such an inspiration, ….and an education! Love them all. 2.12.08, 12:22AM
Trista Lerit: Such an awesome wedding..the color scheme is gorgeous!! 2.9.08, 8:03PM
Jamie: wow, Jess… these are awesome… as always. 🙂 Where did you find your textures… if you wouldn’t mind my asking? 2.9.08, 2:52PM
hillary gardner: Hey Jessica! Loved your shots from Laura’s wedding… amazing 🙂 I know the feeling of being in the wedding you want to shoot… no way to sneak the big ole camera in the bouquet! Keep up the amazing work 🙂 2.9.08, 1:18AM
Anna Kuperberg: That was a lovely, memorable event. It was fun to hang out with you & everybody. 2.7.08, 1:03PM
laura: ps for anyone who asked about the wedding, i will post all the details of where i got everything when i get back! 2.7.08, 11:20AM
laura: JESS, awesome shots! it was so amazing to have you there and be part of everything.. will call you when we get back from costa rica! love you!!!! 2.7.08, 11:18AM
Rachel LaCour Niesen: What a surreal, beautiful weekend! We loved catching up with so many wonderful friends in Wilmington. Now, all the travel finally caught up with me and I am nursing a flu bug 🙂 Thank god for Netflix! 2.7.08, 11:12AM
Erika: I love the heart! 2.7.08, 9:01AM
jesh de rox: hey lady : ) these are awesome! i can’t believe how many great images you got. you must have picked up the camera 3 times… wow! 2.6.08, 9:13PM
Jill : Beautiful, Fabulous work! I just love your stuff! 2.6.08, 6:31PM
ONE LOVE PHOTO: These really show what a natural talent you are, not even trying and the photos ROCK! This wedding is going to be so well documented! Can’t wait to see all the images on the other blogs! Cute shot at the end of you, I love the red nails! Smoking Hot! 2.6.08, 1:36PM
david & kim baxter: wow! everything and everyone looked so incredibly beautiful! how lucky to have such an awesome team of talented photographers including her best friend! best wishes to laura & john! 2.6.08, 8:58AM
Jayme Tighe: What a beautiful day… and a beautiful bride. How DO you manage to shoot (and be a part of) the most gorgeous weddings?? 2.6.08, 8:38AM
Gregg Shaw: That’s gotta be my favorite flower girl picture ever with her mom helping her get ready. Way to catch that perfect moment! 2.6.08, 7:25AM
Christina Wright: nice shot of you, very classy dress & jewelry! 2.5.08, 11:25PM
Serena: love the heart shot! 2.5.08, 11:12PM
jnicholea: These pictures are so gorgeous, some of the best I have seen for a long time. I can’t believe that you weren’t spending all your time focusing on them, they are that good. Love them all. Something about those detail shots that I can’t put my finger on, I just keep going back to them. 2.5.08, 11:10PM
Mike: Jessica must have had the best pictures as a quest/ bridesmaid. 2.5.08, 10:20PM
Jen: So excited to see Anna’s photos – she is so talented. Good ‘on the fly’ photos. 2.5.08, 9:26PM
Brian Khang: For not taking a lot of pics, you sure did take a bunch of pics that day. Great job Jess, you look great also that day! 2.5.08, 9:00PM
Tonya@RedDoorPhotography: Talk about elegant. That girl has style. What a lucky lady to have so many friends capturing her big day. These pictures are really beautiful and her wedding is amazing. Great Job. You look rockin BTW! 2.5.08, 7:58PM
Keats: That’s almost as big a who’s who wedding list as the GF wedding last summer 🙂 You guys all look gorgeous – photographers clean up all right!!!! 🙂 2.5.08, 7:17PM
Sara France: You look outstanding in that dress and that photo in general! You go girl! LOVE the hair too! 2.5.08, 6:35PM
Miz Booshay: Jessica, You look stunning. Thank you for bringing us all along with you to this beautiful wedding. How fun to see all the photographers working and enjoying themselves. Blessings to the happy couple :o) 2.5.08, 4:48PM
Karen Mikols: Wow, wow, wow and WOW some more!!!!!!! 2.5.08, 4:06PM
Gulnara: Jessica, those photos are fantastic!! Laura, congratulations!!!! You look stunning! 2.5.08, 2:51PM
Emily DeWan: What fun to be behind the scenes! I love the shots of the "official" photographers. 2.5.08, 2:35PM
Lacey: WOW! You DO look HOT! 2.5.08, 2:05PM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): For not being the ‘real’ photog there, you have some really beautiful stuff that your friends will certainly be grateful for. I love that first dance shot…wow. And look! It’s John and Jen. Great to see ’em. : ) -E 2.5.08, 12:53PM
Linda G-H: What a beautiful day…thanks for sharing your wonderful images. 2.5.08, 12:52PM
Laura: I love her feathery flowers in her hair. So gorgeous! I would love to know where she got it. 2.5.08, 12:41PM
[ b ] e c k e r: wow! great photos. laura looked extra hot too! 2.5.08, 12:04PM
paulena : What makes a phototini? It looks so pretty! 2.5.08, 12:03PM
Josh: Wow – what a wedding! 2.5.08, 12:01PM
Kelly Vasami: It was SUCH a beautiful wedding and I have never seen Laura look so stunning. Your pictures are amazing, as usual! 🙂 Also, I should mention to the fellow blog-stalkers that Jess did a GREAT speech at the wedding! She is multi-talented! 2.5.08, 11:02AM
Melissa Koehler: What a gorgeous day! You got some amazing shots of Laura! She looked so beautiful! 2.5.08, 10:15AM
Becca: JESS! I LOVE the shot of Hannah and I – she is just too cute! It was great to see you this weekend!! 2.5.08, 10:11AM
carrie@urbanbaby: beautiful!! the "prettifying" shot and 1st dress shot are remarkable. -c 2.5.08, 9:26AM
Stacy Reeves: Wow, that decor is STUNNING! If I imagine my dream wedding, it pretty much looks exactly like Laura Novak’s. Looks like a great time was had by all! 2.5.08, 8:29AM
Lacey: Worth the wait. Your images continue to awe and amaze! This may be a very a very naive question coming from a newbie photographer-but what kind of lens is on Andrew’s camera? Thanks for the inspiration and welcome home! 2.5.08, 8:08AM
Amanda Harris: Stunning elegant and classy from start to finish – thanks so much for sharing these….Wow! 2.5.08, 6:09AM
Simply Modern Weddings: Beautiful detail shots! Hey, I want to see a shot of you as the bridesmaid! 2.5.08, 3:36AM
Jenny Sun: Jessica! Even as a bridesmaid, you got some amazing images. I don’t know how you managed to do both bridesmaid and photographer at the same time, but you have my utmost respect! 🙂 LOVE all the pictures! 2.5.08, 2:39AM
Amy Buchanan: Love all the pictures but my favorite is the one with the dress hanging in the window by itself. Never would have thought pink would be so perfect in a wedding dress. 2.5.08, 2:09AM
ashley: what, no pictures of you? then how are we supposed to know how hot you looked? 😉 2.5.08, 1:54AM
susan yee: oh i LOVE IT ALL! the details, the images! i can’t wait to see everyone’s images from the event – it looked gorgeous 🙂 2.5.08, 1:40AM
Josh Brown: why does Jesh de Rox always look so peaceful and happy? He’s a modern day Buddha I say. 2.5.08, 1:37AM
kymberli q.: Beautiful!! I *LOVE* the 3rd image of your 30 second shooting time after the ceremony! 2.5.08, 1:30AM
Melissa McClure: It looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more from the others! Love the backlight photos, Jess! Yumm…I want a phototini…whats in it? 2.5.08, 1:29AM
Logan: BEAUTIFUL! How many of us photographers wished we knew about wedding photography when we got married? Makes you want to do it all over again. 2.5.08, 1:25AM
Sinead: I KNEW it would be fabulous! And I am not disappointed. Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations, Laura and John! 2.5.08, 12:42AM