Rebecca: They’re all beautiful couples with emotional stories but Kelli and Matt stuck out most to me. It really seems it will brighten Kelli’s idea of her dream wedding if you could shoot for her(and it will help out Momma). Just my opinion πŸ™‚ 5.28.08, 11:22AM
Aly: Anna & Chris!!! their story touched me the most 2.8.08, 6:58AM
Beth : Couple #4 have my vote!!!!! 1.31.08, 9:26AM
vickie williams: i think Kelli and Matt are the most deserving having lost her father it would be wonderful to give them a wonderful wedding 1.31.08, 7:44AM
Brad: Yes! Chris and Anna Win! So deserving! 1.22.08, 10:04AM
Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs: wow – I don’t know how you’re going to choose! i vote for jessica and drew! 1.21.08, 11:03PM
Chasidy: Who is the winner? It was supposed to be posted today….. 1.21.08, 9:43PM
Natalie: Couple #3 definately sounds like the fairytale life, because they always work hard and look on the bright side. They have definately brightened my life and I am truely blessed to know them. As for the finacial side…Jess’s divorced parents can’t afford her wedding. She is in severe debt from paying her way to college. Since she was 18 she has been working at simi hospital in the maternity ward scrapping every penny just to afford her car and has many loans thanks to school. Andrew has just fufilled his dreams of becoming a firefighter and spent 12 mos saving his overtime paychecks to give her the most magical surprise bday engagement ever. They have worked hard for their achievements and I feel this prize would be an amazing gift and compliment for all their hard work and amazing achievements. There love for each other is so strong they are truely an inspriation!! 1.21.08, 9:35PM
Dee: Chris and Anna! Go #2! Saving for a wedding has nothing to do with whether or not you have the money to "do it right". They aren’t relying on others to pay for it, like all the other couples. But I’ve said enough, it’s a bit ridiculous to start nitpicking others, I just want to cheer on my favorite – especially when you are being so generous to one deserving couple (thank you!). Go Chris and Anna! 1.21.08, 8:16PM
jessica #3: This is Jessica from couple #3 and I just want to say that I have been so excited about this contest . I only found out about it when I became one of the fnalist my friend Alex surprised me! I have read all of the stories and I feel that all of us are truely blessed! With all of this excitment I have been reading the comments daily and I am so thankful to those who have put in their input. I feel that all the couples have amazing support from family and friends. Congratulations to couple #1,#2, and #4 on your engagement!May we all be blessed in our future and especially our marriage! ! 1.21.08, 8:08PM
?!?!?! :): Who is the winner??? We are sooooooooo excited, we can’t wait any longer!!!!!! YOU ARE ONE AMAZING WOMAN TO DO THIS FOR SOMEONE!! I WISH EVERYONE GOOD LUCK & HOPE THEY ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL WEDDING!!!! 1.21.08, 7:58PM
Memoria: I vote for couple #1 because the hardship has affected the bride not a relative of the couple (even though that is understandably difficult). The couple will have to pay for medical bills in the near future and having the wedding photos taken care of by such a great photographer would help them in a major way. I feel so bad for her yet so relieved that she has a mate who has already proven that he will stay by her side no matter what. That is what love is all about. 1.21.08, 6:04PM
sarah: i thought you were picking a winner today… 1.21.08, 5:54PM
JoAnna: I vote for #2! Chris and Anna seem like a great couple! 1.21.08, 5:20PM
Emily: All the couples seem nice, but I vote Couple #4. Couple #1 has a touching story, but doesn’t sound in financial need. #2 says they have already saved for their wedding day, and they’re so young that they have all the time they need. #3 definitely doesn’t sound like they need it. BUT #4, I almost cried….please bless this couple. Her mom doesn’t have the money for her wedding, and her daddy is no longer here to do it, and her finance has loans and stuff to pay for. Plus, they’re a very attractive photogenic couple from a very beautiful state….you’d both get something out of this. 1.21.08, 4:06PM
Ronald: couple 4 1.21.08, 3:49PM
Jackie: Couple 4 sounds like they will be growing old together. I believe they are true soul mates. 1.21.08, 3:49PM
Nancy: I vote for Kelli & Matt it seems her family is trying to help ease the pain as much as possible and they seem to be each others strength. I have a feeling they are going to support each other for the rest of their lives. I can feel the love between them just reading the story and comments. Go Kelli & Matt!!!!! 1.21.08, 3:47PM
Maggie: What a wonderful gift you are offering! My vote is for couple #2. Maybe I missed it, but Anna and Chris seem to be the only couple to actually say that they have to pay for their own wedding. And to me that sounds like a huge burden to have. I’m sure all the contestants deserve a nice a gift as this, but it sounds like couples 1,3 and 4 aren’t in as a financial need as couple #2. So they get my vote! Go luck to the judges I’m sure it’ll be a real closes one. 1.21.08, 2:30PM
Cheyenne: I say couple # 4. All have great stories, but these two need a ray of sunshine passed their way. West Virginia is a great place to visit and for pictures – no matter where you are in this state! Good luck to everyone, but my vote goes to Matt and Kelli! 1.21.08, 2:02PM
Trish : i think #1 sounds like an amazing couple with a very special story behind their relationship. although all the stories were very touching, i vote for #1. 1.21.08, 2:01PM
Joel: Anna and Chris! #2 all the way! 1.21.08, 2:01PM
Montana: # 4! I’m a daddy’s girl myself and could not imagine having to go through what Kelli has gone through. 1.21.08, 1:58PM
Aiden: Couple #4! You’ve got 2 hard-working individuals that would truly appreciate this. Matt is a great guy who truly has to work to be where he is today. And Kelli is a kind-hearted person that needs something to enlighten her spirit. All have great stories, but these 2 deserve a break. 1.21.08, 1:56PM
Sandra Scarbro: I vote for couple #4.. Matt & Kelli are wonderful together!!!! They are a SUPER COUPLE!! 1.21.08, 12:48PM
Micah: #2, Anna and Chris 1.21.08, 12:09PM
Wilma Allman: Each are very deserving to win but I would like to vote for couple #4. 1.21.08, 11:24AM
Alex: Wow, what a hard decision. As the person who submitted the story, of course I vote for Jess and Drew. They are such a deserving couple and would just be so honored with this gift. With that being said, the other couples all have wonderful and heartbreaking stories, so for the 10 judges, what a tough decision to make!! 1.21.08, 10:20AM
Phyllis: i vote couple #4 1.21.08, 8:43AM
Rachel: I’d say couple no. 2 or 1. Both of them seem to actually fit the criteria – though I’m leaning towards no. 2 because of the financial aspect. They all seem like wonderful people, but I’m impressed with these two couples in particular. Congratulations to all of you! 1.21.08, 8:11AM
Josh: Knowing Anna, I know what an enormous gift this would be to her. And Chris also. She has been so hopeful, and it’s almost like a weight has been lifted from her ever since this contest was announced – it would be amazing to give this to couple #2. They are so hard-working, and deserving, and really fit the constraints of the contest the best. Please give this incredible gift to Anna and Chris, I know they will cherish it forever, and it will help make their wedding day special and unique, and allow them to focus their finances elsewhere. Thank you for doing this, no matter what happens. 1.21.08, 8:09AM
Kelli: Wow, Jessica, I can’t believe how hard this must be! All 4 couples are deserving in their own way! But I think that the completely unique choice has to be Anna and Chris. They seem like such perfect people for a gift like this – what an amazing gift you are giving. I know you will be blessed for doing this, no matter who is chosen. Go #2! 1.21.08, 8:06AM
Diane (Wms.) Douglas: Matt & Kellie–(4) 1.21.08, 5:26AM
Erin Heart: My vote goes to Anna and Chris, #2. They seem to fit the profile the best. Louisiana would be great in October! Amazing pictures! 1.21.08, 1:22AM
Sharon Workman Huffman: I vote for Kelli and Matt—They will cherish theeir wedding day and even more so, with photos to have and share with their family for yearsaz to come. 1.21.08, 12:44AM
NANCY: i think Kelli and Matt shoudl win I really liked their story. 1.20.08, 10:39PM
Randy S.: Couple #4! Great people and a great place to visit! 1.20.08, 10:39PM
Leanne: Please pick couple # 4. They seem to have an older, mature relationship that will last forever. This couple is hard working and deserving, but they have a hard way to go right now. They really need the help to get started on their life together. There’s a coal miner in heaven waiting to see his little girl get married, help out that family. Couple #4, Matt & Kelli ALL the way!! 1.20.08, 10:33PM
Jenna: Anna and Chris have my vote no doubt! 1.20.08, 8:25PM
Nina Thomas: I vote for Kelli and Matt. May God bless their marriage. 1.20.08, 8:25PM
Louisa Coulthurst: Your committee of 10 people have a tough decision to choose just one couple. I think that if I had to choose one just couple – my vote would be swayed towards couple#1 because to have a professional photograph of the bride making it down the aisle against all the odds will be one of the most touching and cherished moments for both of them in the future. I wish all the couples all the best however! 1.20.08, 8:12PM
Kathleen and Roger Fraley: Our votes go for couple number4..Kelli and Matt. We are Kelli’s grandparents and her wedding was planned before this tragic accident. Even their wedding dance and music. Kelli is so devastated since her dad was taken so suddenly and tragic way. No goodbyes or farewells. Kelli is such a strong and loving daughter. She is doing her very best to honor her Dad’s plans and wishes for her wedding, although it is so very hard to make plans with her Dad gone. We try to encourage Kelli in everything to keep going on, as her grandparents. We feel that Kelli and Matt being chosen would be such an encouragement and inspiration to her. Her Dad wanted this to be their happiest day of all their lives. Her Dad was planning a beautiful wedding for Kelli and Matt, and was looking forward to walking Kelli down the isle with her mom. Since this has happened, her mom will be doing this alone….But, Kelli and all of us feel like her Dad is looking down from heaven seeing everything that will be going on, even the tears and joy of it all, and missing him too! It will be a special event in her life. It’s onlly been four months since she lost her Dad. So our votes our for Kelli and Matt! We Thank you for everything, Sincerely…Kelli’s Grandparents. 1.20.08, 7:43PM
Judy Moore: Losing a parent would never be easy but for a daughter to lose her father that she was very close to and was counting on to be a very special part of her wedding, has to be devastating. In addition, the loss has created a financial disaster and shattered her dreams for a great wedding. You can give her back part of her dream. Signed: A coal miner’s daughter 1.20.08, 7:28PM
Ellen Hill: Love this Peoles.. 1.20.08, 7:22PM
Lisa: couple #4…..I too am a daddy’s girl! 1.20.08, 7:21PM
Carolyn Lehowicz: Couple # 4 – how sad to lose your Dad right before your wedding. I hope your gesture will add great joy to their planned event. How very sweet of you to help preserve a deserving couple’s special day, through your gorgeous photos! Carolyn Lehowicz 1.20.08, 7:15PM
Butch Elkins: I knew Kelli’s father Robert and he was so proud of her. He planned on giving her a wedding that she would be very proud of. This award would go a long way toward her still having a great wedding. 1.20.08, 6:48PM
Kitty: I’m voting for #4, and wishing Matt and Kelli the very best. 1.20.08, 5:48PM
rachael: couple 4 1.20.08, 5:48PM
Jessica: My vote goes for #2 Anna & Chris!!! They are definitely the most mature 20 yr olds I know. Both are very hard workers and they deserve this so much. 1.20.08, 5:47PM
chasity: couple 4 1.20.08, 5:47PM
ginger workman: #4 gets my vote.they been thur alot.this would put a little sunshine in their lives. 1.20.08, 5:31PM
Gary Robinson: They personify winners if I ever saw them. The could be Mr. and Mrs USA, warm, charming and engaging. Couple #4 definately deserves to win. Gary D. Robinson, PhD 1.20.08, 4:23PM
Monica Toney: My vote is for couple #4. 1.20.08, 4:22PM
Wil Jessup: I vote for #4 Kelli and Matt. They are a really special couple and Kelli has really been through a lot. 1.20.08, 4:21PM
Jeanine: #3 jess and drew! 1.20.08, 4:21PM
Eddie Toney: I vote for couple # 4 Kelli and Matt. They are very good people and deserve something special to happen in their lives. 1.20.08, 4:19PM
Will: couple #4 has my vote 1.20.08, 4:05PM
Wilma: #4 Matt and Kelli 1.20.08, 4:05PM
Angie: #4 Kelli and Matt 1.20.08, 3:48PM
Kathleen Dillon: My vote goes to Couple #4—Kelli and Matt!!!! Kelli is my niece, and her dad-Robert is my Big Brother). i know what a difficult time Kelli is going through w/ the sudden loss of her dad, and this would be a dream come true, and an honor to be choosen for the photography shoot. The plans she and her dad made for her special day —won’t be b/c of unforseen circumstances. I notoiced an aire about Kelli Dawn, since this contest began—she’s on Cloud 29 right now. Her voice is so sweet, and full of excitement!!!! My heart breaks when I think of her not having Daddy walk her down the aisle, and dance the 1st dance w/ her. I know that he will be w/ us in spirit, and will always remain in our hearts. I know how excited Matt is as well!!! They make a Great couple, not only by looks–but by heart. Matt will catch a flight in to WV whenever he can. He has surprised her on a few occasions!!! It would be wondeful to have a "hometown" wedding , and have you, Jessica to shoot the wedding!!! May God richly bless your business as you coninue to give-away one shoot annually!!! We love you Kelli Dawn!!! Aunt Neesie, Uncle Tim,. and Audrey xoxoxo 1.20.08, 3:33PM
sadiya: i vote for jessica and drew–they are the most deserving couple and should win. 1.20.08, 3:13PM
DIANA DILLON-MCCLURE: I vote for couple #4. They really deserve to win. kelly lost her Dad on Sept.16 in a coal mining accident. He was a classmate of mine and a lifelong dear friend. Kelly has been so devastated by his death. He had big plans to walk her down the aisle and all the wonderful things that a Dad does for his daughter on her wedding day. Now that’s never going to happen for her. I’ve watched her cry and grieve so much since his death. They had a wonderful relationship and much love between them. I think if Kelly and Matt would win, it would help to ease the load of the burden she carries in her heart everyday. I think her Dad would be very happy looking down from heaven on that special day knowing she had the wedding that he would have given her, had he still been with us all. I vote for couple #4. 1.20.08, 2:21PM
Susie: My vote is for couple #4: They both seem to have the motto, "When life serves you lemons, make lemonade." Although they are quite young, both have had major disappointments in life. Yet, they seem to have the gutsy determination to overcome the odds. That is a wonderful character trait which will serve them well in the future. I hope they get a good start on their life together with this terrific prize. 1.20.08, 11:57AM
Alan Mann: I have to vote for Number 4, Kelli and Matt. I feel their situation is the most deserving of them all. All are good, but Kelli and Matt have my vote. 1.20.08, 10:28AM
christy daley: Congrats to jess and drew… the most deserving couple around! they deserve everything wonderful in the world! 1.20.08, 10:18AM
muriel price: I think couple # 4 deserves to win,every couple is special,but #4 touches my heart 1.20.08, 10:05AM
Loretta: I watch Kellie and Matt grow up in our small community,even though they graduated and went their seperate ways God brought them together again. I think God knew Kelli would need the strength that Matt has to offer her to get her through her lifes sadnesses and happiness and both derserve to have a great wedding. She won’t have what most girls dream of her father to give her away. But we all know he will be smiling and laughing saying that’s my kel from heaven. I vote #4 1.20.08, 9:41AM
Sandy: Anna and Chris are the most deserving! All the other couples have truly amazing stories, but #2 sticks out the most. She may have her father, but she certainly won’t be able to afford the nicer things that make her wedding "stand out", it sounds like. Please pick Anna and Chris! 1.20.08, 8:00AM
ed: couple #4. 1.20.08, 7:08AM
martha: Couple #4 1.20.08, 7:08AM
Candice Cunningham: Number 1 make her feel amazing like only you can jessica. So wonderful you do this, so kind! 1.20.08, 3:57AM
Rae Leytham: Oh Jess….what a tough decision! I vote for couple #1 1.19.08, 11:47PM
camille: Hmmm so hard I would normally go for #1 because having something go wrong with your health is the worst, but she did attend college and it sounds like her wedding will be nice maybe she can afford a photographer… I think couple # 2 because this girl has probably never got many breaks monetary wise, I really feel for the girl who lost her boyfriend but still it was not her husband. I think couple # 2 or the girl who lost her Dad in fact I think I would pick #4 because it sounds like # 2 at least has a ton of loving family, I cannot imagine losing you dad. #4 is my pick 1.19.08, 10:53PM
stephanie Staben: #3 Jess & drew are the greatest! 1.19.08, 9:41PM
Deanna Hudgins: couple # 3 They look cutest 1.19.08, 9:40PM
Eric Kardell: couple n#3 Jessica & Andrew because they are the sweetest and most genuine people ever 1.19.08, 9:39PM
Jennifer MacDonald: JESS & Drew you are the CUTEST couple ever! & look Drew’s wearing his bl!!ue firemanning shirt 1.19.08, 9:38PM
Molli: #4 Please help make a dream come true! 1.19.08, 9:23PM
Joe: #4 What a great gift for such a sweet couple! 1.19.08, 9:22PM
Joseph: #4 Kelli and Matt are such a great couple, they deserve to win this great gift!!!! 1.19.08, 9:20PM
Karen: #4 Would be the best choice, even thugh the other couples are great couples, it seems each one still has their Dad to be at their wedding. 1.19.08, 9:17PM
Rick Williamson: I would like to pick couple #4 1.19.08, 8:51PM
MISTY RUNION: My vote goes to Kelli and Matt #4. Kelli is my best friend, she is the kindess and most giving person that I know. Recently after losing her father we have found out that she is also a very strong person. I just think that she deserves the best on this day. Also recieve some of the kindness and giving gave back to her. so please pick my friend . Love you Kelli 1.19.08, 8:50PM
Andrew: My vote goes to couple #2: Chris & Anna. 1.19.08, 7:06PM
vanessa dammeier: i vote for #3 jessica and drew 1.19.08, 6:19PM
Tracy: Couple #2 Anna and Chris! They have a simple, yet amazing story. 1.19.08, 5:51PM
Troy: I definitely think Anna and Chris are the most deserving, in that they truly fit the criteria, and are in need of this far more than the other couples. Anyone reading this: please vote for couple #2 – Anna and Chris! 1.19.08, 5:06PM
Amy: Pick couple #2, Anna and Chris. 1.19.08, 4:34PM
Hanns Meissner: The story about Catherine and Steve is an amazing story of relationship, love and loyalty. I wish them the best future together. – Hanns and Linda 1.19.08, 4:07PM
Nick R.: Matt & Kelli 1.19.08, 1:01PM
Liv: My vote goes to #4 1.19.08, 12:15PM
amber: Couple #2 so deserving 1.19.08, 12:10PM
Angela Burgess: I want couple #4 to win! 1.19.08, 12:06PM
Terri: Pick couple #4 Kelli and Matt. Best wishes. 1.19.08, 11:27AM
Melissa Purcell: Please pick Kelli and Matt. They are both very hard workers. They are very deserving. Best wishes and good luck to you two. Couple #4 all the way. 1.19.08, 11:26AM
andrea keith: I want couple number 4 to win!~!!! 1.19.08, 10:50AM
jenna: i will vote for you 1.19.08, 9:59AM
Mark: Anna and Chris! Amazing story! 1.19.08, 9:53AM
Melissa: All the stories are amazing! But I have to say that Anna and Chris’s story touched me more then any. I can’t believe they’re only 20 and have had to go through so much. My 19 year old doesn’t even have a job. They are truly on the right path to love and happiness and I wish them all the best. Good luck ! Go #2! 1.19.08, 9:50AM
Hannah: I vote for #4 Kelli & Matt. She deserves to have the best wedding possible for her. 1.19.08, 8:57AM
Chase Farley: #4 Kelli & Matt…Good Luck 1.19.08, 8:36AM
Aaron: Everyone goes through tough times. Everyone has issues to deal with. The only real difference is how you handle those situations. All contestants seem very deserving, but my vote goest to Anna and Chris. It seems as though they have dealt with these trials with maturity beyond their years. 1.19.08, 8:25AM
Roger Fraley: My vote is for couple # 4 Kelli and Matt. I know the loss of her dad at the time when they were planning what was to be the happiest day of her life put a dark cloud over her future plans. I know Kelli needs a little ray of sunshine and this couple is deserving of this. I know Papa Bear will be smiling down on this couple on their special day. Please help make this a very special day for my niece by voting for couple #4. Love Uncle Rog. 1.19.08, 2:05AM
Ashley: #4 Kelli and Matt…hands down. 1.19.08, 1:41AM
Kristina: #4 1.19.08, 1:26AM
monique: I’m voting for #3 I’m partial to redheads! 1.18.08, 11:58PM
Lori: I would choose #4, I don’t know any of them, and all seem to deserve it, but #4 just seems to be the one that really need something/someone to bring a bit of happiness to the day. 1.18.08, 11:27PM
H Hudson: I vote for Matt and Kelli, it is going to be a bitter sweet day for her. She will be happy marrying the man she loves, but her day will also be saddened by the absence of her father. Brighten her day announce couple #4 as the winners. 1.18.08, 10:31PM
Victoria: I truly cannot cast a vote. All these are so deserving of something this special …..Jessica, thanks for the blessings you spread over all of them just by posting their stories here! I know I’m not alone in wishing them all the best of luck in their weddings & their lives. 1.18.08, 9:40PM
Maria: couple #4, what a story 1.18.08, 8:42PM
Jackie Scarbrough: I would like to vote for # 4 Matt and Kelli I know them both and their familys they are fine people they deserve the best 1.18.08, 8:13PM
Kari: What a tough decision, but I vote for #1 all the way!!!! 1.18.08, 8:02PM
Angie Sawaya: I think that couple #2 should get the gift. There story touched me because it is so like my own. I know what it is like to have to struggle to pay for school, to come from a large family with many girls, to have to pack sandwiches every day for lunch, to have to turn down dinner or the movies with your friends because you money has more needs elsewhere. It is not easy, especially in your 20’s. This is a truly responsible couple who deserves something extra special that they could never afford on their own. Good luck to them and all the other couples. 1.18.08, 7:38PM
Lana Flowers: I vote for couple # 4 Kelli and Matt 1.18.08, 7:33PM
andrea: i vote for #4 kelli and matt <3 1.18.08, 6:37PM
Erin: I love Anna & Chris. She’s been planning her whole life! So humble and wonderful! 1.18.08, 6:30PM
Elizabeth Toney: My vote is for couple #4 Kelli and Matt. I know Kelli and her and her sister have had such a hard time trying to get over the lose of their dad. She is such a sweet and caring person, and although nothing can replace her dad, I would love to think that he is watching his little girl from above on her wedding day, smiling with the pride that he has always had in her. I know it will be hard enough trying to get through her wedding day with out him, and I wish she could just have a little something to make her smile. All the couples are special I’m sure, but if you only knew these two, I’m sure there wouldn’t be any question in your heart that they are so deserving of this. Anyone who may be reading this, please vote for couple # 4. 1.18.08, 6:02PM
Molline: Kelli and Matt #4 1.18.08, 5:27PM
Ryann: # 4 Matt and Kelli….Best Wishes 1.18.08, 5:26PM
Daniel: #4 Kelli and Matt 1.18.08, 5:25PM
Randy: #4 Kelli and Matt….No girl should be without a father at her wedding 1.18.08, 5:24PM
Teresa : I think Kelli and Matt #4…They both work hard and with her lost of a father, they deserves to have a great wedding. 1.18.08, 5:18PM
Noah: Go aunty Ann and uncle Chris! my vote is for you to WIN! Luv you, and miss you Way Much! your nephew. noah 1.18.08, 4:43PM
Rita: Couple #2 deserve this amazing gift hands down. It looks like they’ve been thru so much, with paying for school while in school, and now a wedding. It looks as though all the other contestants are now out of school and actually have full time careers to pay for a wedding. I think that’s why Anna and Chris stuck out to me as in more financial need than any of the other ones. 1.18.08, 4:39PM
Erin: Catherine and Steve’s story just touched my heart – I got shivers! I hope they get the free photography to document her walk down the aisle. Plus Tupper Lake is in the middle of the Adirondacks – BEAUTIFUL scenery! 1.18.08, 4:36PM
james crutchfield: I think couple#4should win.I myself come from the WV coalmines,and would hope yall would vote for my two daughters.If thay would ever hafta do this. 1.18.08, 4:09PM
Stacy: I vote for Couple #1! 1.18.08, 4:07PM
Jessica: My vote is for Matt & Kelli! I hope you two have a very special day and a wonderful life together! 1.18.08, 3:45PM
Jonathon: I think all the entries are incredibly deserving…but my pick goes to #2! They are truly unique, and deserve this, with all they’ve had to do themselves. Pick Anna and Chris Please! 1.18.08, 3:41PM
Sherry Fraley: I think you should pick #4 Kelli and Matt. I am Kelli’s aunt and she has just recently lost her dad in a very tragic accident that left her totally devasted. She was supposed to have the wedding of her dreams. She is now faced with a lot of financial hardships on top of her grief. She deserves to have something special.They are both kind hearted and this would be wonderful for them. Good luck Kelli, We love you! 1.18.08, 3:37PM
James Reid: Please vote Kelli and Matt they need it the most 1.18.08, 3:31PM
kadie: you guys should definately win:) #4 1.18.08, 3:21PM
Emily Fraley: I pray that you pick #4, Kelli & Matt. All of these couples have endured some hardships, but I see my cousin Kelli struggling everyday. I mean, # 3, she’s a nurse getting trips to Maui, I don’t think she needs much help. Kelli goes home to her dad’s house alone everyday, and Matt’s job required him to stay gone a lot. Us Fraley girls are big time Daddy’s girls, and she has so much missing from her life right now without her daddy. When she lost him, I’ve never seen someone so devestated and lost; I couldn’t imagine what she’s having to go through. She is going to have a hard enough time at her wedding without worryin about how she’s going to pay for it. Uncle Rob left this world wanting to give his little girl the wedding she deserves, and it would mean so much to our family if you could see that through. If only you knew this couple, you would truely know how deserving they are. 1.18.08, 2:51PM
Leanne: #1 – I vote for Steve and Catherine. I know this couple – they are great people who deserve something wonderful. 1.18.08, 2:41PM
nicole: couple #1– in a really difficult situation by no fault of their own. 1.18.08, 2:04PM
Jamie: I vote for Kelli & Matt. I like her she is my aunts sister and I think she is pretty. She has also been sad like my aunt and I want them to smile. Please pick them. 1.18.08, 1:49PM
Doug: I think couple 4 because it seems they really love each other and have stuck together through thick and thin and they look very good together. I think you could do amazin pics with them. 1.18.08, 1:45PM
Tammy: I think couple 4 Kelli & Matt deserve to be picked for several reasons. 1. They dated in school and went their seperate ways and then found each other again (sounds meant to be to me). 2. They have made it through a long distance relationship. 3. They are already in debt with his schooling. 4. She has been through alot losing her Dad and she is going to have a hard enough time walking down the aisle she needs something to look back and smile about and I think your pictures would be so beautiful and would do that. West Virginia is a very beautiful place to take pictures and have a wedding. The pictures would be absolutely gorgeous. Pick Them please!!!!!! 1.18.08, 1:43PM
Shannon McIntosh: i vote for #2. Anna and Chris are adorable and are truly in need of a photographer. They have prepared wisely on their own for their futire and their family. I would love to see them capture the memories of their beginning in your photos. Go anna and Chris! 1.18.08, 1:34PM
Ariel: These are all great stories and are very well deserving of some help with their weddings. I feel that the last three have very bright futures with the love of there lives. My vote if for story #1.. for a man to stand by the woman he loves and to make that choice so early in knowing her… To commit the rest of his life to helping her because he loves her. They have a very long road ahead of them and I’m sure these photos will mean a lot to them whether she is walking down the isle or needs assistance in some way. 1.18.08, 1:09PM
Jaydon: #4 Kelli & Matt! 1.18.08, 12:47PM
lydia: My vote is for Kelli & Matt # 4!!!! 1.18.08, 12:43PM
Sarah: My vote is for #2. She’s had to pay for everything her whole life. Her clothes, cell, car, school and Now her wedding! She seems to be the one that is struggling with all the responsibilities, not just her wedding like the other contestants. I think it would be awesome to reward them with just One thing they won’t have to pay for. 1.18.08, 10:53AM
Lynn: I vote for couple #2. I just love their story. They are so responsible and deserving of something special. 1.18.08, 9:16AM
Todd: I gotta go for couple #2. Financially, it makes the best sense, and they seem to fit your criteria the best. Plus, their story is unique. They sound like awesome people. Go Anna and Chris! 1.18.08, 7:08AM
Roger: I vote #2, Anna and Chris 1.18.08, 5:24AM
Wakeem: I have a friend that is a pilot and I know the debt that you have to go in just to get through the schooling. It takes a long time to pay back that much debt and having a wedding on top of that so I would have to say couple number 4 derserves it the most. Plus it sounds like she needs something to put a little smile on her face. By looking at your pictures of other couples I believe you could do a wonderful job and make her smile. 1.18.08, 12:23AM
Amy: My vote goes to couple #3 1.17.08, 10:52PM
Airika Pope: I vote for #1! They have overcome such great odds, but they are bound for a long journey with MS. What a gift fabulous wedding photography would be! 1.17.08, 10:32PM
Monica: Okay before I wussed out and said I could choose, but the more I think about it couple #1. 1.17.08, 8:34PM
Linda Williams: My vote goes to couple #4. Kelli and Matt. Best Wishes 1.17.08, 6:23PM
Val: I have to vote for Steve and Catherine. Tupper Lake is like 20 minutes away from where I live, AKA the boonies where no one cool ever comes:-) If you’re going to be in this neck of the woods, you should do some more shoots! 1.17.08, 5:48PM
Brittany: I vote for #3. I personally know what it’s like to lose the man you thought you’d marry, only to find another! Besides, Nurses pour years of money into getting certified and to graduate school. All finalists are deserving, but I vote for them! 1.17.08, 5:30PM
Bridget: Catherine and Steve are incredible people, and so deserving of this! 1.17.08, 5:12PM
Tonda Smith: I vote for Kelli & Matt couple #4 she really deserves this im sure the others do to but she has gave alot i think its time someone has gave back to her 1.17.08, 4:49PM
Terri: I vote for couple #2 1.17.08, 4:45PM
sharon: couple no. 1!!! This hits home, I was diagnosed with MS three years ago, shortly after I started dating my now fiance. It’s a hard disease and a real test of true love, if you can make it through this diagnosis you can make it through anything. They have proven for better or worse, sickness and in health when they still had a "choice". I wish them the best of luck. Besides, my foot has been numb for the last three weeks! 1.17.08, 4:22PM
Sila: I cannot believe Anna and Chris are only 20?!?!?!?! I knew they looked young – but wow! I was impressed by their disciplined and responsible lifestyle before – now I’m just overwhelmed. And, they meet all the criteria to a T! Not only are they in need financially, but they have over-come great odds! They definitely get my vote! 1.17.08, 3:47PM
Tonda: Definately Kelli and Matt 1.17.08, 3:25PM
Kaysie: I vote for Kelli and Matt. 1.17.08, 3:00PM
Shelly: OMG! Couple #2 for sure! That is such a sweet letter her sister’s wrote. I wish I had that relationship with my sister. 1.17.08, 2:52PM
Lacey: Anna and Chris are just the sweetest cutest couple. They’re both so energetic and just so much fun to be around. They both work So hard and totally deserve this amazing gift. Anna is my little sister and I’ve never seen a more mature 20 year old than she. She’s worked so hard and truly would cherish your gift. Louisiana is also so beautiful in the fall and those would be some pretty amazing pictures. Plus our Whole family just LOVES your work! Go Anna and Chris we love you! 1.17.08, 2:49PM
Margo: I vote for Anna and Chris, but they all deserve a sweet gift like the one you’re offering. 1.17.08, 2:18PM
kat: My vote is for #4, Kelli & Matt! After reading all the stories I think that they are the most deserving! Not only are they struggling financially but also have a huge tragedy to over come! I think what you are doing is amazing! The scene wold also be something wonderful for you to add to your great pics, West Virginia is almost heaven, so you can only imagine! # 4 all the way!!!!!!!! 1.17.08, 1:53PM
allie: couple #1 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!! How sweet is this guy…. totally. #1!! 1.17.08, 12:58PM
Amanda : #2, Anna and Chris 1.17.08, 12:47PM
Nancy: I vote for Catherine and Steve. She’s a special education teacher (imagine how hard that is when she isn’t feeling well), and Steve is in graduate school, so they’re taking on a lot of school loans, without the means to pay for them. Plus, their story gave me goosebumps! 1.17.08, 12:42PM
Christine Tremoulet: Oh, such a hard call! I’m torn 4 different ways, but in the end I felt most "right" going with voting for #1. 1.17.08, 12:19PM
Nick: # 2! 1.17.08, 12:10PM
Katherine: hands down number 2! 1.17.08, 12:09PM
Angie Shogren: I vote for Anna and Chris!! What an amazing story! I love that she has worked so hard for as little as she had. What a responsible young woman! PS… Love your work!!! 1.17.08, 10:25AM
Billy: Couple #2 seems to be the only ones struggling financially. And how astounding it is for a young couple like them to spend 2 summers apart and still stay true to each other. Now that’s beating all odds. I never could have spent more than a day with out my wife when we were dating. How remarkable would it be to be rewarded with a generous gift for just being hard workers? Good luck Anna and Chris the world needs more mature young couples like you guys! You both truly deserve this gift. 1.17.08, 10:13AM
Michael Blanchard: #4 – no reason… it just seems right. 1.17.08, 9:52AM
deB : couple number two hands down… 1.17.08, 9:30AM
Tommy: There is no way I can pick a winner, but I have noticed other photographers chiming in (for example Michael) and I think that such talented people (I just happened to visit Mr. Escalera’s website) should pick up the non-winners! What an awesome thing that would be for the other couples! 1.17.08, 9:01AM
jennifer: couple number 4 kelli and matt. they deserve to have the wedding of their dreams. 1.17.08, 8:11AM
Blake: Anna and Chris, #2, seem like such wonderful people, who really need this financially. Please pick them! 1.17.08, 6:18AM
dragonlady: Couple #4 hands down. 1.17.08, 1:11AM
Michael: I love couple #2 – Anna & Chris! 1.17.08, 1:00AM
Crystal H.: I vote for Kelli and Matt…nothing can replace her Father but she should have the wedding he always wanted for her! 1.17.08, 12:59AM
Tanya Burgess: I think Kelli and Matt should win this. Help them to find faith in the good again. 1.16.08, 11:48PM
Liz: I know Steve and Catherine from graduate school and I have to say that both of them are amazing friends. I was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins disease, and although I didn’t have the strength to tell them in person, within days I received a package full of Catherine’s phenomenal brownies and a sweet letter. Throughout my treatment they would always check up on me, as they were truly concerned with my well-being. They are such wonderful, genuine human beings and they deserve all the best, especially on their wedding day! Please, please, please pick couple # 1! 1.16.08, 11:41PM
laura: I vote fore #2… the fact that her sisters speak so highly of Anna means a lot to me – child of a large family myself. Also, coming from a large family, I know the strain it can be with so many weddings in a row – financially, and creatively. I would love to see the two of them blessed in return for what appears to me their boatload of serving and sharing with others. 1.16.08, 11:26PM
gloria : #2. There will always be someone less fortune. Chris and Anna’s devotion to love and life touches me. My hubby and I got married when he was a sophomore. We didn’t went into debt cause I didn’t even have a gown or reception, just an ice cream party. 1.16.08, 11:13PM
Nate: #1! 1.16.08, 11:07PM
Nicole: I vote for #4 Kelli and Matt! It is such a touching story!! I am sure that they’re so deserving of it. Although I don’t know Kelli, I know some of the Fraley family, and I know just what caring and giving people they are. It breaks my heart to know that her father wont be able to walk her down the aisle, and that he had already picked out the father/daughter song for the reception. I am sure there are no words that anyone could say of just how deserving these two would be!! I really hope you choose them! 1.16.08, 10:55PM
Heather Lassell: I vote for #2 Anna & Chris 1.16.08, 10:42PM
Kelly: I too met Jessica in nursing school and will agree hands down with Alex that she is an amazing person who should be picked for your generous gift. She is a genuine person with the best heart and would do anything for you. I have only met Drew a few times, but he too is an awesome person. They are absolutely perfect for one another, you don’t even need to be in the room for more then five min with these two and you can feel their love for eachother.They are two selfless people who live to help others everyday in their jobs and deserve to have some good come back to them too. As individuals they are amazing, but together they are even better. Pictures are not something that a couple wants to cut out of their budget or to have to ask a friend to take the pictures instead. The pictures are how you can relive that one moment in time and cherish it forever and I don’t want Jessica and Drew to miss out on the memories. Please help make their memories last a life time for them. 1.16.08, 10:03PM
Rosetta: I vote for couple #4…a United States Serviceman…and a Coal Miner’s Daughter….may angels walk with them always. 1.16.08, 9:48PM
K.K.: Kelli needs something different and exciting to happen in her wedding, what a fantastic gift this would be! I hope #4 wins! 1.16.08, 9:37PM
kellie wriston: couple # 4 1.16.08, 9:23PM
candi: number two all the way for me. πŸ™‚ tough choice though! 1.16.08, 9:05PM
Ellen: Chris and Anna, couple #2! Such a sweet story. 1.16.08, 8:56PM
Tracy: I have to say Number ONE – it really stands out ! 1.16.08, 8:45PM
Stephanie (Williams) Stover: Couple #4! Matt is my favorite cousin and I grew up right beside him…he is an awesome person! Kelli and I went to school together and even cheered on the same squad…she’s a caring, bubbly person who has been through one of the worst things a person in WV could ever go through and it has torn her world apart! Sure these other couples have heartfelt stories, but could you really imagine on the most important day of your life, your dad or mom not being there? Give her something that she can look at every day of their life to brighten their day and bring back the wonderful memories of their wedding day. Also, if you’ve never taken pictures in WV, you don’t know what you’re missing! The mountains are gorgeous! COUPLE # 4!!! 1.16.08, 8:01PM
Nell: In spite of what a difficult decision this is, I, without a doubt, am casting my vote for couple #1- Catherine and Steve. It is so obvious to see their love for and committment to one another. However, in my opinion, it is even more important to recognize their dedication to lead a "normal" and healthy (i.e. hiking) life together. I will continue to be inspired by this couple everyday, in spite of how they fare in the outcome of this contest! 1.16.08, 7:12PM
Libby: Couple #2 and #4 are my favorites! 1.16.08, 6:59PM
Bridgette: Definately #4. I think it will be a great way to add exitement and joy to an otherwise sad and emotionally draining day. 1.16.08, 6:46PM
Sherry N: My vote is couple # 4, but Good luck to all and God Bless. 1.16.08, 6:35PM
Rebba: I vote for couple #4 , Kelli & Matt!! 1.16.08, 6:04PM
Andrea Murphy: I vote for couple #2! 1.16.08, 5:54PM
Katie Stefko: How ’bout all 4… seriously. 1.16.08, 5:34PM
Donna Branson: I would very much like to see Anna and Chris win this amazing deal. They both are fantastic and they do deserve this special prize. So I vote for Anna and Chris 1.16.08, 5:10PM
Heather Broom: I vote for couple #2. 1.16.08, 5:04PM
janelle: very hard decision…but i think #2 (or #4!) good luck choosing =) 1.16.08, 5:01PM
rebecca: My vote is for #1. Although each couple is deserving in their own special way, I think that Catherine and Steve are in a position to appreciate this gift more than any of the others. It is likely that their lives will become more and more trying and difficult as her disease progresses and so what better reason to professionally capture the moment of her walking down the isle to meet the man who will be standing by her even when she can no longer stand? 1.16.08, 4:50PM
jeff: I vote for couple #1 first, and #4 second. Good luck to all. 1.16.08, 4:34PM
Stephen: What a big goober that Chris guy is!!! But he is one of my best friends and one of the hardest workers I know. My wife and I payed for our wedding and went into debt in the process. I don’t want that for my baby sister. All of the contestants are worthy of this honor and gift, as far as hard times are concerned, but with Anna and Chris….its financial. 1.16.08, 4:08PM
Allison: WOW, they are all such great couples, I don’t know how you are going to pick… I certainly don’t envy your decision, but if it helps I go w/ #2. 1.16.08, 4:00PM
april stephens: i think that kelli and matt should win they are the most deserving she has been through alot 1.16.08, 3:55PM
michelle: Couple #1 should win for sure 1.16.08, 3:53PM
Lisa: #2 – Anna and Chris! 1.16.08, 3:47PM
jameka: Wow….these were all so great. I was especially touched by #2 and #3, but best of luck to everyone! 1.16.08, 3:13PM
Jake: All are great options but couple #1 … that’s a wonderful story. Congrats to everyone! 1.16.08, 3:04PM
Julie Harris: Wow! This will be a very hard decision to make. All four couples are deserving, but Kelli and Matt’s story got my heart. 1.16.08, 2:26PM
aj: Wow, life is hard just like you choice. My first vote is for #1. I think you could document their wedding in a way only you could… making the cane or the wheel chair beautiful ….juxtaposed aganist the mtns.of the adirondacks. Amazing! What a beautiful tribute to to strenght of the human spirit. My 2nd vote is for #4. Good luck! 1.16.08, 2:09PM
Melissa E Earle: 212 Comments eh? Well I think this is a huge decision, that is why I was going to put my two cents in, not worth very much, but at least I will have said something! lol Koodos to you Jessica with coming up with this! These stories each and every one are amazing, unique and wow…you have a tough job ahead of you! My vote is for #1, but really and truly too bad there are not Photographers who will take each other couple up and do their wedding, photographers that are in their area? If I was closer, I would so jump in. Love all the stories, they are each and all so strong and amazing. Cheerio -Melissa E Earle 1.16.08, 2:03PM
Becky: Couple #2 is my vote! Anna and Chris ~ what a simple and sweet story of first love blossoming into a lifetime of great memories 1.16.08, 1:47PM
anne: All great stories, but I’m definitely pulling for couple #2! It really touched me and people like that just deserve something really good to happen to them. 1.16.08, 1:40PM
gwen: #2 1.16.08, 1:39PM
Danielle Stolman: Couples 1 and 3 really touched my heart. If you need volunteers to second shoot or shoot ones your committee doesnt choose, Id love to be there for Jessica and Drew. 1.16.08, 1:38PM
gwen: #2 1.16.08, 1:37PM
Mary: Anna and Chris would get my vote. It sounds like they would be the last to nominate themselves, and are just so unassuming, it seems, and would be amazed to have this incredible opportunity. 1.16.08, 1:04PM
Christy: My vote would be for couple #4; although they are all definitely deserving! 1.16.08, 12:56PM
Amanda: Couple #2! 1.16.08, 12:44PM
Heather: While they all are fabulous entries, I think Anna and Chris’ story tops them all. For sisters to be so selfless to put their sister up on a pedastool like that is just amazing. While they really have no "tragedy" so to speak, it doesn’t make them less deserving. They are a young couple in today’s world living more sensibly than half the population! 1.16.08, 12:27PM
Ashley: I’m a Daddy’s girl, also, and I can’t imagine my wedding w/out my Dad. Please brighten up their day and pick #4! 1.16.08, 12:21PM
shopgirl: #2 1.16.08, 12:21PM
Ellen: I could barely get through all 4 stories without crying. Can’t imagine how you got through all of your entries. Even though all the stories are worthy, I think #4 deserves your services. 1.16.08, 12:08PM
Jean: Couple #2!!!! What a sweet, touching story about the simple day-to-day struggles of working through life. Nothing tragic or monumental, but their story highlights the hard work they put into every day. 1.16.08, 12:05PM
Ann: I like couples 1 & 4 too. It’s too hard to choose! 1.16.08, 11:54AM
Elizabeth: My vote is definitely with Catherine and Steve. 1.16.08, 11:38AM
Angela: I would love to see Chris and Anna (#2) win this prize. Their story is truly a classic love story, plus they seem like a really deserving couple. 1.16.08, 11:35AM
Ella Blue Studio: Couple #2-I love their story. They all deserve to win but Anna & Chris have something extra special about them! 1.16.08, 10:51AM
Heather: I choose #2 or #3. I love that #2 has such a genuine story of true love. What a very rare find, indeed! #3 has had it rough and it’s nice that she’s done the right thing, taken the time to make sure she’s ready for this new venture. Sounds like she’s landed herself the perfect man! – almost as good as mine πŸ˜‰ 1.16.08, 10:42AM
Olivia: Anna and Chris for sure! 1.16.08, 10:31AM
Natalie: #2 Anna and Chris they seem to be the only couple who can’t afford a nice wedding. 1.16.08, 10:00AM
Tom: Couple #2 Anna and Chris hands down! A Southern cajun wedding on the bayou! You just can beat that. Those pictures would be amazing! Not only that, but this couple seems genuin; they are just hard workers and how beautiful it is that they don’t expect special treatment. Go couple #2 my vote is for you guys! 1.16.08, 9:55AM
Michele: My vote is for #2, the couple with no tragedy only pure love and devotion. 1.16.08, 9:49AM
Rebekah at EAC: Couple 2, Anna and Chris. Although I wish all of the couples could win! 1.16.08, 9:39AM
andreas: number THREE THREE THREE 1.16.08, 9:17AM
r@ph: i like couple Jessica & Drew… but i think couple Catherine and Steve should win… then again, both Kelli & Matt and Anna & Chris are also equally deserving. tough decision! 1.16.08, 9:00AM
tatiana: Couple #1 and then Couple #4 Good Luck to All and Congrats! πŸ™‚ 1.16.08, 8:39AM
Melanie: #2 1.16.08, 8:24AM
Rebekah: My vote goes to Chris and Anna. They are deserving of everything. Thier story is so sweet and true. Jessica pick them! 1.16.08, 8:11AM
megan: I’m pulling for couple #2!! 1.16.08, 7:50AM
jen: I think they are all deserving in their own special ways…it’s hard to pick and I don’t envy you! My vote is #4. Keep up the great work!! πŸ™‚ 1.16.08, 7:48AM
Joe: These are ALL incredible stories. It seems to me that the truly unique one is #2 – no tragedy, just down-to-earth, hard-working people that have to make it on their own dime. Waiting is such a hard thing to do when you are in love – especially if you are going to do things "right". I vote Anna and Chris! Plus, a bayou wedding would be BEAUTIFUL! 1.16.08, 6:51AM
Patti melton: Anna and Chris are my pick. I love the story and think you should pick them. 1.16.08, 6:31AM
Emilie: OMG! All the stories are so touching!! It’s hard to choose… but I’ll vote for couple #1… their letter is so sweet and their story is heartbreaking. πŸ™‚ 1.16.08, 5:11AM
Mima: I think couple #1 should win because he stood by her (even with the option of leaving her) in difficult times plus the fact that he wants to marry her even though that he knows the future might not be bright and it can be extremely difficult with her MS. It shows unconditional love and that should be acknowledge 1.16.08, 4:33AM
howie: i vote for #1. 1.16.08, 3:49AM
Simply Modern Weddings: wow…these are really great stories. I can really identify with story #4, it’s makes me want to cry because I understand the pain Kelli is going through….esp with planning a wedding when something like this happens. The other stories are really touching as well. 1.16.08, 2:31AM
gina: couple #1 To document a beautiful bride WALK down the aisle to her soul mate that has stood by her side through all that, knowing there may be a chance she may not WALK into his arms in the future. WOW! This couple will not only have a fabulous wedding with a fabulous photographer, but they will have a strong "Marriage". good luck to all! Pick #1 ~Gina 1.16.08, 2:17AM
jaime windon: all amazing stories…number 4 made me cry…but number 1 is incredible – they all are…i’d have to choose #4 – and be prepared to cry a lot. 1.16.08, 12:46AM
Araxi: All the couples are truly deserving in their own way, and your judges have a very difficult decision to make. My vote though would go to couple #1. Having worked in neurodiagnostics for five years I saw the devastating effects of MS. Anna and Chris seem so in love not only because he decided that he would stick with her through this all, but the fact that she so selflessly was willing to let him go understanding that this would be difficult for him as well. Having continuous medical care and testing can be a tremendous financial burden on anyone, especially a young couple. I wish them the best of luck. 1.16.08, 12:07AM
Jen T: my vote is #4…. goodluck to all!!! 1.15.08, 11:58PM
Michelle: Oh Jessica, I’m glad that I’m not one of your judges! Maybe some of your friends and fellow wedding photographers would like to step up and make the same generous offer that you have…They all seem very deserving to me; there is just no way I could decide! 1.15.08, 11:35PM
Cara: Catherine and Steve show such evidence of a lasting and loving relationship that is going to make it through tough times – as they already have. While every one of these couples is deserving, I think it’s the difference between overcoming hardships of the past versus overcoming hardships of the future. My vote is number 1. 1.15.08, 11:30PM
Lezlie: #2…b/c I can relate. πŸ™‚ 1.15.08, 11:20PM
Andrea : Couple #4 , GOOD LUCK KELLI AND MATT 1.15.08, 11:11PM
Tira J: Wow Jess! What an amazing contest! And, what amazing couples! I have to go with couple #4 as my final pick. They all have such amazing stories of love and life. I lost my dad when I was 16 and know how much it hurt to not have him walk me down the aisle. For what it is worth, you are giving a gift of wonderful memories to a deserving couple. Thank you for being such a great influence to photographers out there. 1.15.08, 11:07PM
Ursula: I vote #4 because I lost my father aswell so I guess I can relate to her the most. It’s so devistating. Beautiful stories though, I wish them all the best! Good luck with your weddings, everyone. 1.15.08, 10:49PM
Nicole : #3 all the way. How amazing that she was able to truley find love again after such tragedy, and she seems so humble and sweet! They are all great choices, it will be a hard decision! 1.15.08, 10:41PM
sharon barry: I am Chris’ aunt and I have known Anna since 1987. They are an awesome, young christian couple. They really deserve this gift. 1.15.08, 10:16PM
Cheryl Spelts: Couple #4: Kelli & Matt – They all have compelling stories, but to lose her dad so recently, and have her dream wedding crumble too? I think you could really make a difference for that couple. 1.15.08, 10:08PM
Katrina: Good Luck Jessica! 1 vote for #2 Anna & Chris. 1.15.08, 10:07PM
Kim: I vote for #4 Kelli and Matt. The story truly touched my heart. 1.15.08, 9:57PM
Julia Williams: I vote for #1 also. I have two members in my family who have MS – my uncle in his 50s and a cousin a year younger than me. Watching the progression (especially in my cousin) of her losing her mobility, vision, and even ability to speak clearly has been awful. I can only imagine how meaningful it would be to have your spectacular images of the walk down the aisle or their first dance, knowing she will likely lose that ability. To me, the magic of photography is the capture of memories – and theirs seem like they will be the most meaningful in the future. 1.15.08, 9:53PM
Kyle: I think #4 sounds like they are the most financially in need of your services. Plus, he’s in the armed services, he supports us, we should support them. Or #1, to stick with her through such a serious illness must have been really trying, but shows a seriously amazing love. the other couples just sound like they will be ok even without you. I think if someone has enough money for a limo and an awesome ring they’ll be able to have a great wedding, even if they are trying to cut costs! 1.15.08, 9:52PM
…….: #4 1.15.08, 9:46PM
Katie: All of those stories are amazing- but #1 is the clear winner to me. My best friends mom has MS and it is not curable, and far from easy to deal. Any man who can stand by womans side even at the beginning of a relationship and say "I’m here through better and worse" well- that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? His commitment to her through such a devastating illness is the ultimate show of love. 1.15.08, 9:35PM
Jesse: Wow. I don’t envy your task in choosing between all of these people. I’m thinking either 3 or 4. But honestly, you couldn’t go wrong with any of them. And what a great idea to do this! Extremely generous although I’m sure you’ll be as blessed as they will be. 1.15.08, 9:33PM
Amber: I am voting for Kelli and Matt. She cant get back her father to walk her down the isle but she should have something special to make her day a little brighter. Plus shes a West Virginia girl and we all deserve the best lol. 1.15.08, 9:29PM
eleni: All the couples seem nice but # 1 and #3 touched my heart. 1.15.08, 9:16PM
Sara: #4 1.15.08, 9:13PM
autumn: those are amazing stories – what a tough choice!! the one that struck me at the outset was #1 – 1.15.08, 8:51PM
kristin: i would like to vote for couple number 1. what a deserving (and not to mention cute) couple. this is a really touching story that deserves a happy ending that sounds like it will happen with or without winning this generous contest. 1.15.08, 8:46PM
Rachel: Couple #2 gets my vote 1.15.08, 8:44PM
Jen: I am voting for Kelli and Matt, couple #4 1.15.08, 8:44PM
Melanie: #2! You would have a BLAST in Louisiana!!! 1.15.08, 8:42PM
Luke: I vote for #1 Catherine and Steve. They have the strength and the commitment to survive the long haul. 1.15.08, 8:38PM
david & kimi baxter: #1 1.15.08, 8:34PM
kimbo: I am voting for couple #4 they both are awesome and very deserving people. Mathew is a very kind hearted person and Kelli is so bubbly. Good Luck Love you Both!! 1.15.08, 8:30PM
Luke:: I Vote for #1 Catherine and Steve. An amazing couple with the strength and commitment to survive the long haul. 1.15.08, 8:29PM
Cathy: Gees, you have a difficult choice ahead. I like number 2 and 3 the most. Good luck on making your selection Jess. 1.15.08, 8:28PM
Terry Hemmer: I worked with Kelli for several years and would certainly cast my vote for her and Matt. The smile you see in this picture is the same smile I saw every day I worked with her. She is such a delight to have been associated with. (I know longer work for Bob Evans). She is a wonderful woman. 1.15.08, 8:16PM
Tricia Whitmer: Hi Jessica, What a great gift you are GIVING one of these couples. I would love to offer to cover one of the weddings for you. Please let me know if I can help. My hats off to you! 1.15.08, 8:14PM
Ashley: I would choose the first couple Catherine & Steve. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease where the brain slowly kills itself, in the process motor fuctions and the mind are slowly lost. Catherine’s mind may slowly be disappearing but I think having the amazing photographs will be something she can always cherish. Nothing against the others, but I just felt that in this particular case it is truely about holding onto the memories of the wedding, not just doing something for someone who has endured great tragedy, as all these couples have. 1.15.08, 8:07PM
Cindy: #1! Even though #1 doesn’t seem to be the favorite of the crowd here but I think it’s amazing that the guy is sticking by her knowing that she will eventually become completely paralyzed. πŸ™ it’s such a touching, heart breaking story. All the other stories are touching too, but other couples wouldn’t not be facing the same type of adversity that #1 will be facing. 1.15.08, 8:00PM
Mindy: So tough!! They are all great stories. I think #4… no #3… no #4 — arrrgh! Good luck judges! :o) 1.15.08, 7:45PM
Courtney: I’ve been friends with Catherine from couple #1 since 1st grade. You have never met a more down to earth person. She’s planning perhaps the most low-key, budget conscious wedding (mostly DIY) that I’ve ever seen. The thing about Catherine and Steve – they are a great couple and hanging out with them on a daily basis you would never know that she is sick because she has such a positive attitude. She doesn’t complain even on off days. Her and Steve even ride in the MS bike rides together. They are such a wonderful support system for each other, which they will have for every one of life’s bumps – including dealing with the progressive nature of her MS. All of the couples deserve free photography, but I’m hoping that Catherine and Steve win it πŸ™‚ 1.15.08, 7:38PM
leanne: i’ve been a loyal fan of your work and blog, jessica and i’m so thrilled that you are doing this!! you really are so kind to give of your time and money like that.i wish that all four couples will be able to get fabulous photogs for their wedding!! maybe some other photogs will be inspired and step in and lend their services to the other three that don’t win! *fingers crossed* anyway my personal vote is for couple 4. i just can’t imagine my dad not being at my wedding. it will be so devastating. so excited and can’t wait to see who your panel of judges pick!! 1.15.08, 7:26PM
Amy: I vote for #2 or #3 While I appreciate and have a deep sympathy for the tragic stories I also think there is something to be said for rewarding everyday people that may not have had a tragic event happen to them, but have worked hard and also deserve to have a chance at a great opportunity like this 1.15.08, 6:58PM
Paige : #1 I guess, but that’s an excruciating decision for the judges. Maybe some of your photographer friends could do the 3 weddings of the ones who don’t win! 1.15.08, 6:48PM
Bailz: I vote for #3 1.15.08, 6:35PM
Nikki McLeod: oh my goodness, how on earth can you choose?!? I hope you do all four!! 1.15.08, 6:33PM
Karen: I’m torn between #2 and #3 and #4. 1.15.08, 6:31PM
Diane: Wow, they are all touching stories in their own ways; my original thought was to choose #1 ( if I absolutely had to choose just one)… but then I read the blog post from # 4’s mom about her daughter’s excitement about being a finalist and it brought tears to my eyes! Jess if # 4 gets chosen and you need a 2nd shooter I’m not TOOO far from WV. 1.15.08, 6:29PM
Ann: Without a doubt, Chris and Anna. Hard working, quiet and dignified is how they appear. 1.15.08, 6:20PM
Stephanie: #4! 1.15.08, 6:18PM
Amanda: I am voting for Matt & Kelli. With the long distance relationship and the tragedy of losing Kelli’s father, I’m sure their love has only deepened and they deserve a dream wedding with this amazing photographer! 1.15.08, 6:02PM
Jenny: Anna and Chris. You just don’t hear about those sorts of relationships anymore… it’s sweet. 1.15.08, 5:54PM
Doris: I think you should choose Kelli & Matt because they seem to be very photogenic and the story is very touching. I think that a photo shoot with them would just be amazing!!! 1.15.08, 5:53PM
Tabatha: #4 You deserve this!!!!!!!! 1.15.08, 5:45PM
Becky: I vote for couple #2 Anna and Chris!! 1.15.08, 5:22PM
Angela: Oh my goodness, I don’t envy the decision that your team has to make. All of these people are so deserving. I think you are awesome to have this contest Jess! 1.15.08, 5:21PM
Anon: Jess, I vote for #2 Anna & Chris. I just got married 6 months ago and sympathize with them. As a side note, would they consider taking donations? I’d love to contribute something and can’t help wonder if other blog readers would too. 1.15.08, 5:16PM
Jennifer: Couple # 2! … and Louisiana is quite lovely in the Fall. 1.15.08, 5:15PM
Tina Jean Wagner: Jessica, These stories all brought tears to my eyes. It would be hard to pick just one. My vote is for #1 Catherine and Steve. I think that their love is so strong. What a sweetheart he was to help her so much and stick by her side even though he barely knew her. And thank you Jessica for the contest. I hope this inspires others to do the same. I know that I will try to do something similar in upcoming years as my business becomes more steady. Good luck to all the couples and may all their dreams come true. 1.15.08, 5:13PM
Becca: Anna & Chris!!!!!! πŸ™‚ 1.15.08, 5:02PM
Jesse Kolmer: i dont know any of the contestents but my heart went out most to kelli and matt. i too have always dreamt of a wedding with my father to walk me down the isle, and like kelli, that dream won’t come true. But you could help them make their wedding special. i think they deserve it. 1.15.08, 4:48PM
Elizabeth: I vote for Jessica and Drew. That is just too sad… 1.15.08, 4:48PM
Amanda Nelson: Couple # 2, Chris and Anna. Their story is a complete copy of my husband Chris and I. Similar names… identical stories =] 1.15.08, 4:17PM
Elli Harless: #4#4#4#4#4#4 What a sad story. I hope that they win it sounds like they really deserve it. Good Luck Kelli and Matt 1.15.08, 4:13PM
waver: I think anna and chris should get it. Even though the other stories contained heart touching stories I didnt feel as if they were stuggling to finance a wedding as #2 story. They look really young and I can only imagine trying to pay for school and a wedding plus everything else. Good luck guys! 1.15.08, 4:00PM
Kristen: Couple #2: Chris and Anna. What a celebration of true love. 1.15.08, 3:57PM
Andrea : I vote for number 4 Good luck Kelli and Matt 1.15.08, 3:47PM
Monica: OMGOSH! I can’t choose just one. I want all of them to have it πŸ™‚ I know that doesn’t help, but I am sure you’ll choose the right one. 1.15.08, 3:33PM
Stephanie Toler: I’m voting for Kelli and Matt!!! 1.15.08, 3:32PM
courtney: Would you let us shoot for free for those who aren’t chosen? 1.15.08, 3:27PM
Teresa B: Wow .. this is going to be hard.. all of the stories are very touching… my vote is on couple # 2.. good luck and best wishes 1.15.08, 3:22PM
Mandi Jo: My vote is for Kelli and Matt! They deserve to win. It’s hard on anyone losing your father, especially when your big day is coming up. And another thing, they are from WV and stuff like this just doesn’t happen here that much! Kelli and Matt-#1 in my eyes! You go girl! 1.15.08, 3:10PM
Molly Bennett: I vote for Couple #1, Catherine and Steve. I’ve had friends with MS, so I’ve seen how financially draining it is. I was so touched by Catherine’s story of how Steve stood by herβ€”dressing her, fixing her hair, cutting her foodβ€”all while thinking it was "just stress." The fact that they had a conversation about some of the realities of MS, and she told him he could leave if it scared him…that’s amazing. The fact that he had an "easy out" and continued to stay is nothing short of true love, and a good heart. I think these two would appreciate your presence and artistic talent on their wedding day. Just look at them: such joyous people who are in love, despite the challenges stacked against them. They get my vote, hands-down. 1.15.08, 3:07PM
Melanie: I would have to vote for Couple #1, Good Luck! 1.15.08, 2:44PM
Jordan Wilkins: Chris & Anna’s story is one that inspires the heart and refreshes the soul! I’ve never heard of someone so responsible to save for her own wedding! It’s so cute and a little sad, but beautiful nonetheless! They have my vote a thousand times over. 1.15.08, 2:35PM
lilly: Chris and Anna πŸ™‚ 1.15.08, 2:31PM
lanne: Catherine and Steve. Beautiful photography like yours will be forever treasured as this cruel disease continues. All couples are lovely, but waiting would mean they could all have special photography if they waited/saved for it. YAY for couple number 2.. they will go far!! 1.15.08, 2:27PM
Jamie Weiss: I vote for Kelli & Matt. I lost my father shortly before my wedding and I know what a difficult time that created for me both emotionally and financially. It is definitely a gift that Kelli will never forget! 1.15.08, 2:19PM
Cristina B.: I vote for couple #3- I love their story! 1.15.08, 2:15PM
Katie: Definitly #1 or #2. I was particularly drawn to #2 but either one. 1.15.08, 2:02PM
abby: #3!!! 1.15.08, 1:55PM
Stacy Reeves: What sad stories!!! It’s so hard to pick, they are all so deserving. I guess my pick would be Kelli & Matt.. The poor girl not only lost her father, but also her chance at her dream wedding. 1.15.08, 1:50PM
Christin: Anna and Chris!!! 1.15.08, 1:42PM
J: so hard to decide…in the end i vote for: Couple #3: Jessica & Drew. my best friend and moh lost the love of her life and i only wish she could find the happiness they seem to have found after such a tragedy… best wishes to all!! 1.15.08, 1:30PM
PShorten: I want to cast my vote for Couple #1: Catherine and Steve What a beautiful story! 1.15.08, 1:27PM
Lindsay: Jess, my vote goes to Anna and Chris! 1.15.08, 1:27PM
Julia: My mind changed with each letter I read. I do love #1 though, so many people would separate with the medical issues she’s encountered, but it seems to have only made them stronger, and I love that. 1.15.08, 1:25PM
Julie: You just can’t top #2. What an awesome example this couple is to all of us who have had it all. Anna and Chris totally deserve to win and not because they had something drastic happen to them, but because they are hard workers and are a wonderful inspiration. 1.15.08, 1:01PM
suzanne: #3 or #4. We have to support those who supprt and protect us. 1.15.08, 12:42PM
kevin white: vote for #4 i hope u guys win wish you luck 1.15.08, 12:34PM
Julie : I vote for couple #3 – Jessica and Drew. To be able to fall in love again after losing your first true love (especially to something as horrible as murder) is an amazing thing. In their photo, you can just tell that Jessica loves him so much. It looks like she’s holding on so tight to him and never wants to lose him….and can you just imagine how absolutely gorgeous she’ll be on the wedding day? Wow, I can imagine the photos now. 1.15.08, 12:33PM
Maddison: Wow Jessica! You and your judges have a tough decision to make. I’m just in ahh of the responces you’re getting. What a very generous gift you’re giving! My vote is for couple # 2, Anna and Chris. Being so responsible to save your money not only for a car, but college and for your wedding shows a lot of determination! 1.15.08, 12:23PM
kevin white: I think Kelli and Matt are such great people . I think their love is strong and will get even stronger. your Dad will be very pround while looking down on you from Heaven. Good Luck 1.15.08, 12:22PM
marie: #3 or #4!!! 1.15.08, 12:21PM
Sarah: Anna & Chris… stories like that in today’s world are incredible, real, and touching. 1.15.08, 12:14PM
marsha webb: Hey good luck winning i dont think i know ya but your from west viginia so i probably do lol well hope ya wil and you guys have a wonderful life together lots of love marsha brook 1.15.08, 12:06PM
Chelsea: Vote for couple #3. It must be hard to move on. She’s truely blessed to have found love again. 1.15.08, 12:02PM
jesse : They are all wonderful stories but number #1 made me cry. thats my vote. 1.15.08, 11:59AM
Emily Swell: Chris and Anna – awww! They deserve something special – the way jessica claire could capture their day is something that they would never be able to afford themselves. And it would set Anna’s wedding apart from her siblings. 1.15.08, 11:55AM
Katherine: I am a loyal blog reader (read: blog stalker) but have never made a comment until today. As an upcoming bride I am already emotional, but my vote is hands down for couple number 4 and I am immediately going to pick up the phone and tell my Dad (& Mom) that I love them and can’t imagine my world without them. Thank you for sharing these beautiful stories. 1.15.08, 11:51AM
Shelby: #2….Anna & Chris! There’s nothing like a Southern Wedding!!!!! 1.15.08, 11:44AM
brandy price: I am voting for couple number 4, she has been my best friend for 24 years now…..she deserves this so much..her dad always wanted her to have the perfect wedding and so do I! 1.15.08, 11:38AM
Kimberly Radford: My vote is for Kelli and Matt.Knowing the bond she had with her father and seeing how devastated she was when she lost her daddy she deserves only the best. Her and Matt have worked very hard for where they are a nd have been through the worst thing that anyone can go through I praise them both. NUMBER 4!!!! Kelli and Matt 1.15.08, 11:36AM
Lindsay Kipp: These stories are amazing and I cried though all four of them, I can’t choose a favorite, the couples all seem like wonderful people and are all very deserving of this terrific gift you are giving! Good luck to all and God bless! 1.15.08, 11:31AM
Leslie Vega: My vote is for Chris and Anna just because their story is so similar to mine and my husbands. We knew each other since we were kids and our love story endured despite the changes of life and different roads traveled. 1.15.08, 11:31AM
shannon: Defiantly number 4, I couldn’t imagine not having my dad walk me down the aisle when I got married. 1.15.08, 11:27AM
Kizz: Oh my god. I hope your panel of judges have super powers. I couldn’t possibly choose. I also, apparently, can’t stop crying when I read these. Wow. 1.15.08, 11:26AM
callie white: I vote for Chris and Anna!! I have been blessed with their friendship for years, and I know that no one deserves this more than they do. They are a fantastic couple. Not to mention their families are pretty lively people as well. This is one wedding that would be very memorable to photograph, I assure you. 1.15.08, 11:22AM
DrewB: Can’t you just shoot all of them Jess? πŸ˜‰ If I have to just pick one then I have to go with couple number 3 because his name is Drew AND he’s a redhead. You know how I love my redheads πŸ™‚ 1.15.08, 11:11AM
Alicia: I gotta go for #2. Anna and Chris sound like hard workers, and while there’s no tragedy involved, it doesn’t sound like finances are the issue for the other three. But how hard is this decision for you! I don’t envy you. #2! 1.15.08, 11:11AM
trish: Each story is very touching, but based on your own criteria, I think that couple #2 are the best candidates. What I liked is that they’re just regular people trying to have a wedding on a budget. And since I’m planning my own wedding for a third of what normal weddings cost, I can totally relate!! 1.15.08, 11:04AM
Jennifer Williams: I am voting for my deserving little sister and soon to be brother Kelli & Matt. You can just here the excitment in her voice and I can also here finally something good is happening! I want more than anything to give my sister something that is beautiful and memorable for her wedding. She is my only sister and I love her more than she will ever know and it breaks my heart that she is going to be hurting on the happiest day of her life with Matt. I am also very picky about the man she marries and Matt passes— I watched him stand by Kelli when our Daddy was killed and most men wouldn’t have held her up the way he did he never left her side and I love him dearly for that!!! Please pick them! 1.15.08, 10:49AM
Ragan: Anna and Chris!! 1.15.08, 10:48AM
Amanda Forbush: I cried reading every single entry. How sad for all of these women. I vote for #4, because I know how strong of a bond I have with my father, I could never imagine my life without him. #4 #4 #4 #4 #4 1.15.08, 10:43AM
Julie D: My vote is for couple #4 … I know all too well what it is like to plan and a wedding under those circumstances …. my heart out to them … 1.15.08, 10:42AM
karin: tough choice – all so deserving (duh, no kidding – that’s why they’re in the finals! :o) my vote would go like this: 4,2,3,1 1.15.08, 10:39AM
Jill Higgins: OHHH the stories are all great, but my vote definitely goes to Chris and Anna. 1.15.08, 10:36AM
Denise Skelton: Well, I am sitting here on my lunch break about to cry after reading these. My vote would be 1 or 4. I am so glad that I am not the one to have to choose! What a special gift you are able to give! 1.15.08, 10:22AM
Heather: My vote is for couple #4, Kelli and Matt. 1.15.08, 10:20AM
Kate: I have to vote for Anna and Chris – having paid for my own wedding on my own, I know how hard it is and how humbling it is to forgo so many of the things that the typical wedding has – we had a simple cake reception with apple cider to celebrate the coming of fall – no dinner, no alcohol, no dancing, and we too used an ipod for our music! Luckily, being an associate photographer, i had the luxury of having a wonderful photographer, but nothing can replace the wonderful moments and beautiful portraits that were captured in my wedding photos! 1.15.08, 10:20AM
Hollie: My vote goes to Chris and Anna. 1.15.08, 10:17AM
Rachel: #1, I love how their story celebrates the commitment they have to each other. 1.15.08, 10:16AM
Erin: I vote for Couple #2 or Couple #4!! Good luck to all, sounds like they are all very deserving couples!! 1.15.08, 10:15AM
Linsey: COUPLE # 4!!!!! Good luck Kel and Matt!!!!!! 1.15.08, 10:15AM
Tammy Mellish: Oh man… tough one! These four chosen finalist are all worthy of beautiful photography, hands down! But there can only be one winner, so I’m going to have to place my vote with #4- Kelli & Matt. I hope their day is filled with everything lovely, but also know that her spirit will be a bit dampened by the absence of her beloved father- the man who wanted her to have it all. This would surely be a gift from heaven for them both. 1.15.08, 10:09AM
Geneva: My vote is for Kelli & Matt #4 1.15.08, 10:09AM
Shannon: I would choose #4 or #3 1.15.08, 9:58AM
marsha: My vote is for couple # 4 Good Luck Kelli and Matt 1.15.08, 9:54AM
Sue: I know I probably shouldn’t post again, but when I heard the joy in my daughters voice when she found out that she was a finalist, it was like a chior of angels to me. This was the first fime I had heard that in her since the day she lost her Dad. Her sparkling, bubbly personality has been so deflated,since that day. Even if #4 Kelli and Matt don’t win it was priceless to me to hear excitement and joy in her voice for a few moments. Thank you ever so much from the bottom of my heart. I 1.15.08, 9:51AM
Jessica DeVol: Well, I am a sister-in-law of one of the sisters of Anna, #2, who sent in the letter to you. I met Anna when I was in Louisiana and she is a very sweet girl. I know just from experiencing Lacey’s wedding, on of the sisters, that things were quite tight with them having to pay for their own wedding. I think it would be wonderful for you to help out Chris and Anna and award them the winners. This would alow them to spend money on other very important aspects of their wedding. 1.15.08, 9:50AM
cami: Wow, what a tough choice! They are all such deserving couples! I think I would choose couple #3 closely followed by couple #4. Good luck! 1.15.08, 9:40AM
Nicky: #3….all the way :). 1.15.08, 9:39AM
Paula : They all deserve an awesome photographer, but, my vote is for Jessica and Drew. 1.15.08, 9:35AM
Jolene: wow, tough decision! I’d have to go with #2, because of the financial aspect, and the beauty of louisiana that time of year. Good luck! 1.15.08, 9:32AM
lindsey: i am trying so hard not to be biased…i would really love to see you visit the great state of LA, and i’d second shoot with you for FREE too if you pick this couple. but numbers 3 and 4 really touched me too. They are all worthy chioices. what a wonderful gift you are giving Jessica! 1.15.08, 9:30AM
Mike: #4 is heart breaking!!! 1.15.08, 9:29AM
Amanda: Couple #2 there is something to be said about hard work and determination. 1.15.08, 9:27AM
Mary: SO glad I am not on the committee that is making this decision. Good luck to all the finalists! 1.15.08, 9:25AM
Alishia: Couple #4 Kelli & Matt! 1.15.08, 9:23AM
jon: Couple #2: Anna & Chris. They’re a great couple, and I’m sure their wedding will be lovely and fun (even/especially for the photographer). 1.15.08, 9:23AM
Christina LeMarr: Wow!! They all are amazing stories, and I don’t know how to pick from them! I think first pick would be #1, this will be a special time for them and having pictures to capture that day will help her during this hard time. #4 is a close second. For her to have the wedding she had been planning with her father would truely be magical and tribute to him. O man, very very difficult! 1.15.08, 9:22AM
Erika Gerdemark Photography: I have a mother who also have MS and I know how hard it is. ItΒ΄s easy to wote for couple #1, Catherine and Steve! Best regards Erika wedding photographer in Sweden P.s Jessica, I love your work! 1.15.08, 9:11AM
Teddi: My vote is for couple #1. I’m looking forward to seeing who your judges are this year! 1.15.08, 9:08AM
Claudia Masciangioli: Think this is a deserving couple and although I don’t know them personally they definitely deserve a little high point in their lives right now. 1.15.08, 9:02AM
Jenny: Wow what a hard decision! #3 is the couple that touched my heart. 1.15.08, 9:00AM
Elizabeth Pellette: While all these stories are wonderful and touching and each and every couple deserves to have you photograph thier wedding my vote is for couple #3 Jessica and Drew 1.15.08, 8:52AM
Carrie: My vote if for Couple #4 Kelli and Matt. They deserve something special. 1.15.08, 8:49AM
Samantha Bender: I vote for couple #1. 1.15.08, 8:46AM
jessica claire: as much as i would love to, i cannot shoot more than one this year πŸ™ 1.15.08, 8:42AM
Karen: They are all awesome, bu I would vote for Chris and Anna. 1.15.08, 8:38AM
Tara: Jessica and Drew are a couple that I would love to see win your gift of photography….they not only have a great story but would be a couple that you would be able to capture the true love of in your pictures! 1.15.08, 8:35AM
Rebecca: Anna and Chris 1.15.08, 8:34AM
christy: OOH, Jessica, I know you said you wouldn’t do it, but you might have to pick more than one again!! Their stories are all so touching, how can you ever choose??? I vote for….ALL OF THEM. Clear your calendar and shoot them all!! πŸ™‚ Seriously, you’ve got such a generous soul and have attracted lovely couples to this contest. I’m sure whomever you choose will be thrilled and the others very understanding. {{{Good luck!! }}} 1.15.08, 8:33AM
Josh: Very touching stories – what a hard choice! It’s incredibly compassionate of you to do this Jessica, thank you. Being married to one of Anna’s sisters, I have seen firsthand how tough it is to get married with your own money. Anna and Chris are such a blessing to the family, and are looking everywhere to cut costs. They wanted to circumvent the DJ, so I offered to do the music on an ipod for them – and they wanted to pay me! I’m nowhere near a professional. This is one of many examples I could point to of their wonderful spirits. All that said, I vote Anna and Chris πŸ™‚ 1.15.08, 8:29AM
Lisa : Wow, Jessica, what a great contest. So amazing that you are able to bring these deserving people and stories out to the world. I have to vote for #1 Catherine and Steve . They don’t have the most dramatic story now, but their future could be a difficult haul. I had a friend high school that developed MS, it is a degenerative disease that only gets worse(don’t want to scare this couple, there always is hope!). How wonderful for this couple to have beautiful photos of them to remember a time when they are at their best. They will have the photos forever, tho perhaps not their health. And that is love, standing by and being willing to show up, especially with a difficult medical diagnosis. 1.15.08, 8:26AM
Shelley: My vote is for couple #3! 1.15.08, 8:26AM
PamN: Wow, Jess, the enormity of what you are doing is really hitting me! To offer to do this, and to open yourself to trying to decide…you are an inspiration. 1.15.08, 8:26AM
Bill: Wow, this is an absolutely amazing gesture, Jessica, so thank you for being so very generous. All of the stories were touching, but I’d have to go with couple #2, as I know what it’s like to not have any money from the parents to help. 1.15.08, 8:25AM
Laura: Couple #2 Anna and Chris 1.15.08, 8:11AM
Kerry: OMG – these are some fabulous people. but Number 1 had me moved from the getgo!! Have fun picking!!! 1.15.08, 8:07AM
Rachel: What a sweet letter #2 has! I could not imagine the stress of having to have paid for my own wedding. And she goes to school and works 2 jobs! Kudos to Anna and Chris and good luck my vote is for you guys! 1.15.08, 8:05AM
Teresa: I think my vote would have to be for #3- Jessica and Drew’s story is so similar to my sister’s that it had me in tears this morning. If I had a second vote- it would be for #1- Catherine and Steve. Their attitudes and continued love in the face of MS are truly amazing. Best of luck to everyone! 1.15.08, 7:46AM
Sherry: All of the couples have extraordinary stories and I wish them all the best. My vote goes to couple #2. 1.15.08, 7:44AM
Shalista: Wow. It’s incredibly hard to pick. They all sound like wonderful deserving people. If *I* had to pick, I’d say #3. Then #1. I feel bad for the judges! 1.15.08, 7:37AM
Dan Speicher : I have to put my vote up for couple 4. after all the mining accidents in WV this year, i couldnt imagine the fear of having a family member going to work there every day, only to find that your father died in one. 1.15.08, 7:31AM
Kathy: I vote couple #2, with couple #4 being a close 2nd. Wow, what stories! 1.15.08, 7:05AM
Jeff Schaefer: Couple #1 Catherine and Steve. MS is an awful, debilitating, and painful disease. None of the other couples are going to face the life long difficulties as these two. They have already been through a lot, and it’s only going to get tougher. 1.15.08, 7:04AM
Janice Key: Kelli and Matt I wish you the best of luck.stay true to each other good luck 1.15.08, 6:45AM
Mary E: Wow! Hard choice for you. But I’m going to say couple #3 1.15.08, 6:20AM
bethany : #2. i sympathize with them! wedding #who knows out of so many siblings, just TRYYYING to make something THEIR OWN! 1.15.08, 6:13AM
Kellie Fite Turner: I think you should shoot Anna & Chris’s wedding. The pictures would be fabulous. πŸ˜‰ 1.15.08, 6:12AM
Amber Martin: These are great stories, but it is tied for me between couple 1 & 2. Jessica, it is so wonderful that you do this…can’t wait to see who wins!! 1.15.08, 6:12AM
Kristal: OMG, how can you pick?? I cried reading every entry. 1.15.08, 6:10AM
Chasidy Williams: I vote Matt and Kelli. I wish them the best of luck! 1.15.08, 6:08AM
Sandy (Kinder) Cantley: #4 Kelli deserves the best 1.15.08, 5:50AM
Christina: I know what it’s like having to pay for your own wedding and it’s so hard, so my vote is for couple # 2. 1.15.08, 5:15AM
Reva Smith: Couple #4 Matt & Kelli 1.15.08, 4:53AM
Janice Quarles: I would like to vote for Kelli and Matt. I graduated with both of them. I can only imagine what Kelli is going thru with her dad I know they was VERY close. 1.15.08, 4:42AM
Lydia Ambrose: I’d like to vote for Jessica & Drew if I can… I am the wife of a Burbank Police Officer. I knew Matt Pavelka well, and miss him even now 4 years since his death. I know how important Jessica was to him, so I know that seeing her happy from above is all he would have ever wanted. It makes me cry just seeing her picture here on your website, seeing her eyes so bright, happy & full of life, especially because every time I ever saw her (we did not know one another) was during funerals, remembrance ceremonies, etc… where she was sad and/or crying. She went through so much when Matt lost his life & I’m sure she still hurts as Matt’s killer has STILL not been brought to justice. Please give her & her fiance that wonderful gift. No one deserves it more. Thank you… 1.15.08, 1:35AM
eiM Harris: I vote for Jessica & Drew!! 1.15.08, 1:30AM
Keats: Oh jess ! the dog thinks I’ve lost it sitting here crying. 1.15.08, 1:17AM
kymberli q.: I hate even voting because it doesn’t seem fair to all the others. πŸ™ All are soooo deserving, but I’m voting for Anna and Chris. As her sisters said, it’s not "earth-shattering", but yes, it is pretty amazing and these two deserve a little something special – or in this case, extraordinary! Good luck to all of them, though! 1.15.08, 1:08AM
Gustavo Fernández: 4, 2, 1, 3 1.15.08, 1:05AM
juliana: grrrr its a toss up between #’s 1 and 2 but leaning more towards 2. 1.15.08, 12:50AM
April Farley: Couple #4..Kelli & Matt..They would be so grateful and it would be a welcome gesture!! Good Luck!! 1.15.08, 12:49AM
matt sloan!: #4! 1.15.08, 12:45AM
Ms Polka Dot: All beautiful stories…but I know the pain of chronic illness and the amazing bond it creates between people..that is the ultimate in love 1.15.08, 12:42AM
Mike: couple #3: Jessica and Drew have a touching story and she sounds very deserving. 1.15.08, 12:41AM
misty bell: i vote kelli and matt 1.15.08, 12:33AM
Jessica Pettry: couple #4 Kelly and Matt 1.15.08, 12:25AM
Kelli: #4 made me cry the most! Then #1 and #2 1.15.08, 12:18AM
raya: I feel something special for JESSICA & DREW. Their story is touching, but I also know what its like to try and plan a wedding on a small budget and still want to have beautiful photos. I vote for them! 1.15.08, 12:16AM
Hayley Anderson: That’s a hard one, but I have to go with number 4… My second pick would be number 3. 1.15.08, 12:11AM
Mary: I vote #4- If I could vote twice I would also vote for #1 1.15.08, 12:06AM
Monica White: Couple #4: Kelli & Matt She really deserves this….She has been through alot… 1.15.08, 12:05AM
Jennifer: couple #4 1.15.08, 12:03AM
Andrea: Couple #2 1.15.08, 12:02AM
Tommy: Couple # 4 Kelli & Matt–She needs something to help her through the wedding. God Bless all the couples!! 1.14.08, 11:59PM
Laura G: #4 Kelli & Matt – With your talent your images would see through the pain and capture the love & joy of the wedding. 1.14.08, 11:55PM
Lauren: I’m a daddy’s girl so couple #4 hits close to home but having gone through the pain of watching your loved one struggle with a chronic, unpredictable illness and the pain of what that means for your hopes and dreams you have together, I have to go with couple #1 for my favorite. Their story is a testament to true love and everything that remains beautiful about marriage in these days of unfaithfulness and shattered relationships….they deserve your gift of beautiful, priceless lifetime memories, Jessica! 1.14.08, 11:48PM
Michelle: I vote for couple #4 1.14.08, 11:46PM
Whitney: It’s so hard to choose but my vote goes to Anna and Chris! 1.14.08, 11:41PM
Leighanne: Jessica nad Drew captured my heart. 1.14.08, 11:28PM