Katie: May I ask where in LA this is?!?! I wanna shoot there sometime!!! Please please please divulge! 🙂 4.11.08, 9:17PM
jillian kay: serena is such a hottie! too cute! 2.2.08, 12:20AM
Rosie: wow. Did I say it out loud? WOW!!! I love all your pics. Rosie 🙂 2.1.08, 10:28AM
Alex Rodriguez: Love the 4th one. 1.30.08, 9:32AM
husaini : i love every single picture in your blog. colour is marvelous without effecting the skin tone. i love it. i would love to learn some photoshop trick from you. anyway im from malaysia. 1.25.08, 1:16AM
Jeanette Sanchez: I just love Serena! Congratulations to the happy couple and what fun images these all are! 1.24.08, 11:03PM
René Hartmans: Hello Jessica, Did you use the actions from Kubota on these images and if yes could you tell which actionset? Greetings René 1.24.08, 12:50PM
autumn: gorgeous vibrant and FUN! love the ones of them twirling in the field.. 1.23.08, 2:36PM
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david & kimi baxter: congrats to serena & jeremy! we also met serena at the ttd at the smelly sea. she truly is a sweet person. once again jessica you have made 2 beautiful people even more beautiful! 1.17.08, 12:39PM
kate: Jess these are awesome! Serena is so beautiful too – can’t wait to see the wedding photos!! 1.17.08, 11:40AM
Karen: Jessica these are awesome! I’m sitting here giggling and have a big grin on my face. The last "faces" pics are GREAT! I love it when people are goofy. Beautiful job. 1.17.08, 9:55AM
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serena: jess – we LOVE the pictures! thank you so much! we had fun shooting with you and breaking into places….and i can’t believe we found that awesome grassy area in the middle of downtown! 1.17.08, 1:45AM
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m: absolutely incredible! 1.16.08, 11:27AM
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