David Johns: I vote for Couple #4: Kelli & Matt. Great people and they deserve to win! 1.19.08, 1:31AM
Stephanie: I facebook friended you! I’m a big facebook fan, not so much myspace though… it’s too cluttered looking to me, it makes my brain hurt 🙂 lol 1.16.08, 7:24PM
Melissa E Earle: I agree with your post, in saying all these personal sites, there seems to be alot of them these days and what is the purpose of all of them! But, I have moved away from my friends and family quite a few times, so I love facebook because of this. I am also able to put pictures on facebook and work that I have done and see what else is in my area, so it is a way for me to meet and see people in the new places I go as well. I heart facebook. Well, ok sometimes lol! Cheerio -Melissa E Earle 1.16.08, 2:26PM
meg: ok, in the interests of science I will click the facebook link! I’m interested to see how far your reach extends too! 1.14.08, 8:15PM
stacy: okay, i requested you as a friend on facebook. good luck with the experiment! 1.14.08, 8:36AM
monique lowe: i added you to my facebook. love your site and what you do… trying to start my own business to pursue my passion. we shall see where 2008 takes me. see you on facebook. 1.13.08, 7:55PM
Karin Dailey: I am addicted to Facebook. Completely addicted. I’ll have to check out Twitter to see what that’s all about. You’re listed as one of my heroes. LOL! 1.13.08, 11:31AM
Karen Ziemkowski (The Wedding Couple): I added you on Twitter. I used to have a Twitter account, but never used it. I decided it would be fun to start again, so I slapped a badge on my blog and now I’m back at it. Maybe it will help keep my blog readers coming back to see what I’m up to. 😉 1.13.08, 10:29AM
Wendy: I have a Myspace acct. but none of the others. I love finding and being found by old friends. Unlike many, I don’t add randoms that I don’t know and am quite happy only having 75 or so friends. What’s your Myspace profile name? 1.12.08, 9:45PM
Leah Simmers: love the images with the torah, the one of him w/his guitar looking out the window and the one of him sitting with his arms on the chairs and the star of david behind him. Can’t wait to see how you capture the party! 1.12.08, 6:24PM
phototristan: I tried Twitter for a while but it gets old. I ended up feeling like ‘do I really want to be posting what I’m up to every minute?’ My answer was no. And unless you are willing to do that, Twitter is not really worth it. 1.12.08, 12:37PM
Raychel: I’m adding you to Facebook to help with your experiement! I’m in college, so Facebook has really helped me keep in touch with all of my friends. I also work at YoungLife camps in the summer, so I can keep up with campers and staffers from all over the country quite easily with Facebook. My biggest complaint with Facebook is how you can see what other people write on your friends’ walls. There’s this girl I know and she will read my conversations with this guy because she likes him. It’s really creepy. 1.12.08, 11:21AM
Emilie: Hi Jessica! I’ve added to my Facebook friends! 😀 See ya! 1.12.08, 6:28AM
Tina Jean Wagner: Jessica, yeah it can be overwhelming and unsure of how to use it. But it can be a great marketing tool also. It helps you to stay connected with more people. For example an old friend of mine found each other on myspace, we talk on and off and just recently he got engaged. Because he reconnected with me on there, he knew what I did for a living and called me right after he got engaged. In fact he planned the wedding date around my schedule to make sure I could photograph it this fall. I also had another bride, with no connections search on myspace and come across my photos, she liked what she saw and I shortly there after booked my first destination wedding in Jamaica, she was also my first client that I wasn’t connect to somehow. I believe that neither would have been possible without myspace. I have a page for my photography and a personal page to keep them separate. www.myspace.com/tinajeanphotography As for facebook I am still learning, so please share any tips with us about it. Good luck with these new ways of communication. I believe they are more personal than email because you can see a photo of the person every time you communicate. 1.11.08, 8:55PM
Molly Bennett: I think the appeal of each service varies just as much as the services themselves. I think MySpace caught on because it enabled the "everyman" to feel like they had a website…without having to have any of the geek skills to build a website…or the money to HIRE someone with the geek skills to do it for you. Since we’re such a digital, internet-based culture now, having a "home" on the ‘net is cool…and now that particular brand of cool is available to pretty much…well…anyone. I think Facebook was popularized by people who really liked school (college, high school, whatever) and wanted to keep in touch with classmates…now, though, I don’t really see how it’s all that different from MySpace. I have accounts on both, but really don’t pay attention to them. I see Twitter as a sort of evolution of blogs and texting…short soundbites that are mass-distributed. I used to use my LiveJournal like that occasionally; if I had something short I wanted to say (usually something snarky about someone irritating me at work), I’d post it, but feel kinda silly posting something so short. Or if something random and weird happened on, say, the bus, I might want to tell my friends about it, but it’s cumbersome to text them all at once…especially once they start replying. So, I guess I can see the appeal of Twitter…or I can see how it would have had appeal to me once upon a time. I think it’s something that doesn’t really fit my lifestyle now. And, uh, that was a lot to say…but I work in the internet/design/technology industry, so I’m particularly interested in web 2.0 social networking theory. I am a NERD. 1.11.08, 7:41PM
rustin cerveny: I just started to get into Facebook about a week ago and have been able to reconnect with old friends. I just requested you to be my friend on Facebook. 1.11.08, 6:35PM
Elizabeth: I just found you through a link on a blog that I read. Your photography is incredible!!! What talent! That NYE wedding is insane!!! And, I do facebook… 1.11.08, 6:34PM
Allison: Jessica – You may also want to try LinkedIn… it’s a business networking site. 1.11.08, 5:33PM
Wesley Leytham: All I know is that we have booked a few weddings because someone took a photo off our blog and put it on their myspace. It’s the best free marketing tool out their and you don’t even have to work at it! 1.11.08, 4:56PM
Lanne: I dont get face book/myspace either.. maybe it is the website for people who dont have a business website/blog etc but want a web presence? I dont get the friends thing at all LOL You dont know them? After SO many requests I now offer clients their fav 5 photos for their facebook/myspace page for $20 – VERY popular .. I just got twitter – we are going to be away for a month and I wont have net access but I can keep in touch by texting twitter, and having it do bloglike updates for me – if only I could get the mobile thing to work..LOL 1.11.08, 3:26PM
Laurie: I’ve never been a big fan of MySpace, it’s just too messy and cluttered, but I like Facebook. I think it’s just a fun way to communicate and keep up with everyone! 1.11.08, 3:21PM
tony Bisson: I am on twitter now. as tonybisson I have seen the feed added to the top of blogs before. 1.11.08, 2:40PM
Lauren: Facebook started as a connection tool for college students, and it has grown to include lots of other people. When I first started college, Facebook was kind of like a rite of passage from high school to college because you were REQUIRED to have a college email address in order to join. 🙂 Now, it’s a great way to keep in contact with friends who you don’t get to see very often. It’s kind of like a million blogs in one place for me, because so many of my friends are constantly updating it with their pictures and adventures! 1.11.08, 2:35PM
Sherry: I also used to wonder about the benefits of Facebook. But over the years, it’s proven to be really helpful in getting me back in touch with old friends. Plus, I love how I can play Scrabulous and sneakily find out what my sisters’ current crush/bf looks like!! I don’t usually add strangers, but I’m happy to help with your little experiment. 1.11.08, 12:36PM
Robin DePaula: just requested to add you on my facebook – I love facebook!! 1.11.08, 12:32PM
Armin: I think these social networks are appealing because of the reality TV aspect of it. People are waiting to see what you do next on MySpace, Facebook, and even our blogs! Kinda reminds me of Jim Carrey’s "The Truman Show" 🙂 1.11.08, 12:09PM
Jessica Strickland: I’m SOO glad to hear that I’m FINALLY not alone in my feeling of "i don’t quite get it" about the whole facebook/myspace thing! I get blogs…they are interactive and have new stuff all the time…but I just don’t get the facebook/myspace thing…just not there yet, I guess! I see that you have "friends" who just have a picture on your "page" but that’s it…what’s the point? I’m soo old school! 😉 1.11.08, 11:56AM
Lilia Ahner: Twitter isn’t just about telling people about the minutiae of your day. Lots of folks are using it for real time communication. You can chat with people you know, and everyone who is "Following" you can see what y’all are talking about it. It seems odd to communicate in such a public way, but I think transparency in your life and letting people know what you’re up to can be a good thing. 1.11.08, 11:55AM
Tony Bisson: Yea, Twitter is funny. "Washing my hair, singing Tony Orlando’s ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree.’" 1.11.08, 11:01AM