kat: Where did you buy the custom poker chips? Awesome gift idea. 12.15.08, 3:15AM
Ryan Nowell: Great pictures. What a wedding that must have been! Love the colors. Really like the site. Just found it today so I guess I am late…:) Great job on all the photos! 1.9.08, 10:58AM
Amy Martin: I’m jealous over Becker’s poker chips! What a seriously awesome (and appropriate!) gift. 12.30.07, 1:13PM
kerri mcconnell: the photo of becker building the blocks is priceless! love it! thanks for sharing your christmas with us! 12.29.07, 7:19AM
janice: did you get the boots maybe?? 🙂 12.29.07, 2:55AM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): Although there’s so much to be said about this post, I really would love to just read more banter with you and [b] on the ruined surprise thing. Great gift, btw! Merry belated Christmas, Jess! -E 12.27.07, 6:42PM
Lindsay Kipp: Caden… I can not express how adorably cute that little boy is! I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I hope you have a very happy New Years also! 12.27.07, 4:52PM
[ b ] e c k e r: i was not snooping and you know it. i was simply walking to the bathroom and there they were out in the open on the dining room table. smooth move leaving them out even though i called you 15 minutes earlier and told you i was on my way over. 12.27.07, 2:36AM
Simply Modern Weddings: The custom poker chips were an awesome gift. I saw the photo from becker’s blog…such a great idea! Hmmm…still foreshadowing huh? Maybe the site will be black and white w/ green accent? 12.27.07, 1:22AM
Brian Khang: This is my first Christmas away from my family also and I feel so fortunate to have close friends here to spend Christmas with. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! 12.26.07, 11:53PM
jessica claire: ring–no! nothing like that. 12.26.07, 11:20PM
Rae Leytham: PS – did you get a ring? :o) 12.26.07, 11:10PM
Rae Leytham: OMG!!! You lost some Bose Headsets too???!?!!? Wesley lost his last month. UGH! He was so in love with those QC3s. It sounds like your Christmas was merry. Happy New Year to you. 12.26.07, 11:09PM
craig d: Don’t be puttin the little teasers out there now! You know the photographic community at large will be speculating on what is to come. Merry Christmas. 12.26.07, 11:01PM