Jules Bianchi: Ha ha haa!!! I thought the same thing! 12.25.07, 12:00PM
Joy Bianchi Brown: Jessica! Merry Christmas! Hope to see more of you in the coming year, thanks for all your inspiration– it was fun to see the upcoming personalization of the Shootsac stuff first hand (at my moms!). Looks so cool! 12.25.07, 10:44AM
dane: It was SO great hanging with you and becker yesterday Jess! Our kids LOVE YOU … regardless of all the presents you bought them. Fondue rules. 12.24.07, 10:16AM
Michael Corsentino: Happy Holidays Jess!! 12.21.07, 1:28PM
david baxter: i wanna be in a magazine too! *insert kicking sand and pouting here* 12.21.07, 3:34AM
Michael Blanchard: The credit is in the bottom left corner of the photo. Not very professional of the mag tho, Beckers name should be outside of the photo in the bottom right. Tisk Tisk! Just kidding – congrats for being in the mag! I noticed it last week. 12.21.07, 1:04AM
Tunji: Interesting 12.20.07, 10:09PM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): Yeah…that happens to me all the time. Except that it doesn’t. Congrats to all you superstars who show up in magazines without even realizing it. : ) 12.20.07, 5:57PM
Melissa Koehler: I just saw this a few days ago. Congrats. 12.20.07, 11:32AM
jessica claire: ha! i thought that was something one of dane’s kids left on his shirt!! 12.19.07, 10:21PM
DJ: LOL – I’m a lucky man to take my picture with you hotties…but… it is time for LASIK my dear… I made sure that they gave Becker photo credit and I can actually see it in your picture on the bottom left. xoxo 😉 12.19.07, 10:04PM
J: Fun Photo! Great to see you guys having such a good time! [b] is kinda a big deal…I can’t believe they didn’t credit him! 12.19.07, 8:49PM
Dane: That was a fun day! And, regarding the credit, I officially give it to you right now! Given the hoard that read Jess and Jules’ blogs, this might get [b] more mileage anyway … not that he needs it … lol! 12.19.07, 8:36PM
Keats: We should talk!!!! — he shot that great Shootsac in the City Shot of you with the HOT legs and I forgot to photo credit that one. Poor [b] — LOL 12.19.07, 8:16PM
sb: Actually there is a photo credit in the lower left hand corner (at least there is in mine). 🙂 Just no brackets around the [b]. 12.19.07, 7:24PM
[ b ] e c k e r: seriously… no photo credit? that’s weak sauce! 12.19.07, 4:42PM
Simply Modern Weddings: Wow…that is funny! You just flip through the magazine and say "hey, that me!" 12.19.07, 2:47PM