Charity: Haven’t I seen this green before? 2.6.08, 8:06AM
Rae Leytham: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones of Willa hamming it up for the camera. The one on the right is priceless. Are you going green? You will always be orange and fuchsia to me! 12.26.07, 11:24PM
cymthia: jessica … you are truly wonderful and i can’t thank you enough for capturing special moments in our life once again … xocynthia 12.23.07, 6:43PM
Amy Zellmer: ok, i’ve been a "stalker" of your blog for almost a year now, but I have to comment to ask HOW you find these birthday parties and HOW you market to them (or is it ALL word of mouth)?? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get into this market, and I would like to believe it exists in Minneapolis, but don’t have a clue how or where to start!! Thanks Jess, you rock! 12.22.07, 10:05AM
Dr. Nitza Nachmias: Delightful, joyful, wonderful family! Wishing you all , including the Rosewnbloom grandparents best of luck, happiness and joy forever! Love, Nitza 12.20.07, 2:32PM
Mr. Mom: okay tell me Willa isn’t marilyn monroe! 12.15.07, 3:00PM
bagman: Custom printed shootsac covers. Come on people…. 12.14.07, 2:32PM
Jonilyn: so adorable! I can’t wait to have kids of my own (not for a while though!) so I can throw parties like this and have you photograph them 😉 12.13.07, 7:22PM
sanders | blueline: i love the vintage look you gave to the photo. if you don’t mind me asking, what action might that be or lightroom preset? love your work 12.13.07, 5:43PM
Melissa Koehler: What a gorgeous party! I love the colors! The entire family is gorgeous. My fav of Everette is of her swaddled. Beautiful pics! 12.13.07, 11:15AM
Jill: I’m thinking… adding a second shooter? These are all gorgeous shots! (As always!) 12.13.07, 9:51AM
Jen McNulty: Um, wow – Those cupcakes are GORGEOUS! 12.13.07, 9:26AM
elizabeth: These are wonderful.. looks like an absolutely gorgeous party 12.13.07, 7:45AM
jen g.: Maybe a new brand strategy? Different colors? New logo? I love your work…keep it up!! 🙂 12.13.07, 7:20AM
Karen Mikols: Willa’s shoes say "there’s no place like home…." Can you tell I live in OZ? 12.13.07, 7:14AM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): So many great images here. Thanks for sharing! 12.13.07, 6:29AM
Jeanine: you will use a new border for your photos? Hope you will lift the secret soon… and by the way green is a very nice companny color 🙂 12.13.07, 1:55AM
David B. Hoffman: Love that sassy side… 12.13.07, 1:38AM
@nnaliza: awww that’s sooo fun! these kid’s bdays you capture are so beautiful!!! inspiring themes and decor. those chairs are darling!!! can’t wait to have one like this for our daughters (you’ll have to capture it of course… 😉 ) 12.13.07, 1:02AM
Vanessa: looks like jess is goin’ green! 12.13.07, 12:29AM
kymberli q.: These images are sooooo cute! LOVE the little girl by the bathtub. Adorable!!!! 12.12.07, 10:09PM
Simply Modern Weddings: OMG…how adorable are these little girls! I love the setup they used, oooh their little chairs! *squealing with joy* 12.12.07, 7:58PM
Kirstie Tweed: Ohhhh, is it a new website and new colours in the works? 12.12.07, 6:48PM
millie holloman: My guess is that it is a new shootsac, maybe for just one lens… I don’t know because I am focusing more on the one circle than the green… hmmm….. 12.12.07, 6:37PM
Micah Gilmore: Willa is eatin it up! (the cam, not the lollipop) 12.12.07, 6:36PM
Jocelyn: Wow, how does everyone you photograph have the most adorable kids?! With my luck I’ll end up with the family photographers turn down because of their ugo kids. 12.12.07, 6:26PM
Ms Polka: Annabelle has the cutest glasses on now! But I agree- something about the green! 12.12.07, 6:09PM
Jenny Brookins: Green?! Hmm…. 12.12.07, 5:12PM