Jane: We also reveive a "Welles" Christmas card each year,and look forward to see just what Harris will think of next !!! 12.14.07, 11:31AM
Tia Martyn: A very creative idea indeed. Thumbs up for the gr8 work Regards, Tia www.photostouchup.com 12.14.07, 5:59AM
Monika: awesome! remind me to do this next year! 12.11.07, 2:53PM
nancy: haa those are amazing! 12.7.07, 12:13AM
javi: these are too much! the nutcracker is my favorite! harris family how do you do these? 12.4.07, 10:32PM
gabriel ryan: i love the "wishing you all the best" tag line. rad! 12.4.07, 2:01PM
Simply Modern Weddings: Those are sooooo cool! 12.4.07, 12:47AM
Karen: That is beyond awesome! Wow, such creativity. 12.3.07, 9:15PM
Brian Khang: These are some cool cards.. but the ginger bread cookies one kinda creeps me out. I don’t know why. 12.3.07, 9:09PM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): What a stud. I love stuff like that! -E 12.3.07, 9:03PM
Karin Dailey: Ha! Those are great! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! 🙂 12.3.07, 7:59PM
Julia: Oh my goodness, these are amazingly clever, thanks for sharing these and the link! 12.3.07, 7:12PM
david & kimi b: i like the wrapping paper and the cookies. those are too cool! 12.3.07, 6:57PM
Sarah: Very cool, thanks for a bit of inspiration. 12.3.07, 1:40PM
candi: cool!! and we graduated the same year! So…now show us what your cards look like…do you do anything fun??? 12.3.07, 12:39PM
Abigail Q: First time comment, but I have been following your work forever. (You are amazing! ) But the reason I had to comment is because you can make your own personalized wrapping paper… my brother in law did it a few years back for laughs… it made everyones day! Anyways, just thought you might want to know! Merry Christmas! 12.3.07, 10:45AM
Emily DeWan: Um… wow. Mine seem really lame now. 12.3.07, 10:33AM
Joelene Mills: Brilliant! So creative and imaginative! That boy is talented! 12.3.07, 9:44AM
Araxi: I love these! and he manages top every year. I think you might be on to something with the wrapping paper idea though 🙂 12.3.07, 8:59AM
Chantal : Those are great…I wish I was that creative!! 12.3.07, 8:54AM
Miz Booshay: Brilliant!!!! Just brilliant! Thank you for sharing :o) 12.3.07, 8:52AM
Tessa Menotte: Damn, these are so awesome and creative! 12.3.07, 7:01AM
Alinta: They are INCREDIBLE!!! I can only imagine how long they must have taken to create!! Amazing…. I just got mine printed today and these ones are putting mine to shame lol!!! Fantastic!!! 12.3.07, 6:13AM
Mama DB: Those cards are fabulous! Very creative. The wrapping paper – by far my favorite. Thanks for sharing! 12.3.07, 4:18AM