sylvia Borgo: well, your pix are so fabulous – always have been as proven here. How much has Photoshop improved your process – just curious to know how much editing you did "back then" 6.15.08, 12:56AM
Tina Jean Wagner: Thank you for showing us where you came from, your beginnings. Its very inspiring to see how far you have come, while your eye was always there, you have grown to have a personal style and technique. 1.2.08, 12:40AM
Simply Modern Weddings: It’s great to see how you already had a great eye for shots and have really grown over the years. Beautiful work! 11.30.07, 1:38AM
Karen Proctor: My boyfriend lives in that church! It’s a very awesome church…. 11.29.07, 9:07AM
faith Dugan: Thanks for posting these. It’s great to see growth in photographers we admire and growth in ourselves, as well!! It’s inspiring! 11.28.07, 9:39PM
david & kimi baxter: sheesh jessica, did you EVER suck? 🙂 11.28.07, 7:25PM
Karen: Wow, even without photoshopping, those are some gorgeous photos. Though these are beautiful photos, I can see you’ve improved TONS since then. =) 11.28.07, 6:33PM
Kat: Your straight-from-camera shots look amazing already – it’s clear you already have the eye for it. 🙂 11.28.07, 3:55PM
Lindsay: These images are beautiful! You are so talented Jessica! But I like how you take your perfectly beautiful images out of the camera and make them sparkle even more with editing. I envy your talent! 🙂 11.28.07, 3:48PM
leslie: Are you going to be at Imaging USA? 11.28.07, 3:33PM
Megan W: for Jessica (who left the first comment on this post) I think that church in the post is actually the chapel at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, and it is awesome 🙂 11.28.07, 2:53PM
Jonilyn: Hi Jessica! Long time blog stalker here 😉 Wow.. your shots from your "early years" are still really great! Thanks so much for sharing! I am in Love with all your work. ~Jonilyn 11.28.07, 2:50PM
Jaime: My what beautiful pictures! These were great, but what I would like to see are some mistakes you have made (past and present). Let us know that although it may seem that way, you are not perfect. : ) 11.28.07, 2:50PM
Jessica: Wow… you’ve definitely improved since then, but you can see that from the beginning you have the photographer’s eye for sure 🙂 I am wondering if that church in N. Carolina is actually in Louisville, KY? I go to school at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary here… and that looks *exactly* like our chapel here… 11.28.07, 12:22PM
Steve Nunes: Even though your images in the post were older and not as real and edgey as your current work, they still look great! It’s always fun to see then and now. I hope you’ll be entertaining the photographer Q&A on your blog, I’d love to know what settings tend to work best for you on your Canon 5D, and how involved your post production is…Thanks 11.28.07, 12:15PM
Karen Mikols: Yeah, it’s sometimes scary to look back in the archives! I just did it for the Flourish Blog and wanted to hide my face under a paper bag … but these are not something to feel shy about. They’re a gRRRRRRReat starting place! Besides, doesn’t it feel good to be leaps and bounds ahead of where you were? 11.28.07, 12:08PM
serena: wow….these are beautiful! 11.28.07, 10:33AM
Emily DeWan: What a great idea to go through old images! I love the light in the church. 11.28.07, 10:18AM
Byron B: I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. What would we be if we didn’t grow and learn from our mistakes and build upon the knowledge that we’ve gained along the way?! I think the shots are pretty friggin’ good! 11.28.07, 8:10AM
Zey Tee: It’s amazing how much you’ve improved over the years. But I’m still impressed with your first wedding shot. 🙂 11.28.07, 5:18AM
Jessica: Def. Jessica Claire style (in the early stages)! Love the first shots. So beautiful and so YOU! 11.28.07, 3:05AM
Joseph Yoon: this is quite a tease of a post…is this all that you’re going to show us?? 11.28.07, 2:56AM
alexmoi: Jessica, You are truly a gifted photographer. So, can (we) have more please 😉 11.28.07, 2:44AM
joleen: wow, even still! lovin the first set.. gorgeous coloring even without ps. 😉 11.28.07, 1:52AM
Nadine: Love the very first mirror-shot – beautiful pale colours make her eye really stand out. Gorgeous. 11.28.07, 1:47AM
Jasmine C.: I love that church… don’t have things like that out in SoCal. 🙂 11.28.07, 12:56AM