Layla Rohan: I noticed you’d like to photograph a wedding in South Africa… I’m not even engaged (yet) but plan on having mine in Cape Town so if you’re still up for it…? I’ll be in touch! Absolutely LOVE your work. It’s book-marked and I view it all the time! 12.10.09, 6:33AM
Emily Hancock: Hi i’m from England and getting married, but at the start of 2010 Feb 27th, not 09 but am a total fan of your work, could spend all day looking it if i didn’t have my own work to do. 7.1.08, 7:26AM
Mike: Hey Jessica, great site and if you are ever in Ireland then please feel free to hook up. I am in Galway on the west side which is much nicer than Dublin. I got this place for New Years Eve if you want to head over and take part with me – 5.12.08, 3:36AM
azzaharry: How about wedding in Malaysia? we have great places n traditions… 1.8.08, 2:12AM
Jennifer Tilghman: Jessica, would you be willing to let me observe you at the wedding in Memphis, TN? I live in North Mississippi and follow your blog…YOU ARE FABULOUS! Happy New Year, Jennifer 1.1.08, 1:40PM
Louisa Coulthurst: If you get to come to London, England UK in 2008 to do a wedding here – I would love to book you for a photo session of me and my hubby! 12.28.07, 7:21AM
khaula: hey jessica- as an aspiring photographer, I have been a fan of your work for a long time now- i was thinking you should certainly add Pakistan to your list of places to visit- weddings here are GORGEOUS and very different from day time affairs. i could send you some images of photographs i have taken at various weddings here to entice you to coming for a visit! let me know where to send them! 12.26.07, 4:51AM
david & kimi baxter: we hope you get to shoot in all those places. we get to visit all these beautiful locations vicariously through you! merry christmas jessica. 12.22.07, 12:54PM
Sarah: Jess, What do you use to charge your equipment when you are out of country? We have our first destination wedding coming up in May and I don’t know if I should buy a transformer or if I can get one there or even where to get one. "what would Jess do?" 12.21.07, 6:27AM
Kelly Portnoy: If you go to Prague, then I am coming in your suitcase. It is one of my favorite cities of all time and it drips with romance! I promised my husband that someday I would take him to the Charles Bridge at sunset and we would make out with the rest of the city. I am not kidding. It made me laugh when I was there. Right at sunset everyone seems to come to the bridge to watch the sun go down and then mass make outs seem to happen. That city is magical! 12.20.07, 8:34AM
Jason Perry: Hey Jess! Keep us updated as to when you are going to be in Oklahoma. Oh, and Turkey? It has got to be my place on earth. Istanbul changed my life. 12.20.07, 8:16AM
christine meintjes: Hi Jessica! I live in South Africa and I’d love you to photograph my wedding! Not engaged yet…but you never know 🙂 Please send me more info regarding your destination weddings…South Africa will be your most favorite destination after you’ve been here! That I can promise you! 🙂 12.19.07, 12:07PM
Anna: Hey Jessica! I hope that you get to Turkey. It is AMAZING. I was a foreign exchange student there in high school and have been back to visit my host family there with my kids! That is crazy… Enjoy all the places you will go! Just like the Dr. Suess book! Take care! 12.19.07, 9:46AM
Joanna: Any chance of doing some sort of seminar in Maui or Big Island??? Please let me know! I know a few people who would be so interested! 12.18.07, 7:25PM
Jo: What’s wrong with Wales?! 12.18.07, 3:28PM
Christiana: I live in Dublin so will start spreading the word. Your welcome to come stay with us! We’re not crazy. Promise. 12.18.07, 6:21AM
erika: What about Rio de Janeiro, Brazil huh??? 12.18.07, 5:12AM
David Hesseemr: Aloha Jessica, Tell me your Maui wedding this year is during whale season. (Now till April) We are going out on the boat for the first time Wednesday morning to shoot whales. Would love to take you out. Second shoot offer always stands for any of your Hawaii weddings. How about a Ethiopian wedding? I can arrange that for you. The only hard part is the traditional goat slaughter. I am putting together a book on my trip to Africa and deciding what pics to include is tough. 12.18.07, 2:40AM
charissa: Hi Jessica, I am one of your fans too and I’m loving your shots for all the weddings!! Especially Gary&Melissa’s!! Very touching! 😉 Well, when I see your destination places to shot, I’m abit sad Malaysia is not on your list but hey its not a very well known country either! So, what the heck..but was hoping that you could drop by here to do the shooting! 😉 Well, happy shooting & wish you all the best in everything you do!! 12.18.07, 2:09AM
Arlene: When will you be in Maui? Let me know. my wedding sept. 23, 08. Love your work….Actually, my friend will be getting married in Kenya (Aug ‘o8)…I will pass on your info. 12.18.07, 12:28AM
rizza san agustin: +1 on Tahiti. If you ever do go, visit the island of Moorea. There is a place there called the Hibiscus Hotel. Sylvette runs it and it is a fam. bus. These are traditional bungalows. 12.17.07, 11:50PM
Rhonda: Oooh, I’m in Memphis. Wish I could hang out and watch you shoot! 12.17.07, 10:10PM
Vatche Vick: What about Canada Montreal let me know if your are arround 12.17.07, 8:52PM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): I’m getting married in Valley Center, CA in May so come on down. We’ll even give you a place to stay! 12.17.07, 8:11PM
Cyn: Hey Jessica , What about Germany ? I see its not in your list but if you ever come to visit …Im going to schedule a boudoir with you . I love your work !!! 12.17.07, 12:30PM
K. Crafton: Ohhhh, have fun in Memphis! There are a lot of interesting & gritty places to shoot there! 12.17.07, 8:54AM
TRacy: When will you be in Memphis? I am very close to that area and actually thinking of doing the ceremony there in town. 12.17.07, 6:45AM
Emilie: And what about Paris??! LOL! Or Reunion Island (google it if you don’t know where it is, it’s a little island in the Indian Ocean! ;))? 😉 12.17.07, 5:43AM
Jeanette & Myska: wow,.. great,… you’re lucky,.. When you will arrive for poland 😉 We will show you wonderful nooks. 🙂 12.17.07, 5:08AM
TripleSIXz: Hey There, i’ve always look at your site but never thought of replying but this time i saw "Thailand" in your target destination, im so happy! so i think i should say hi in case you come here then I might go to see you. Love your photos! 12.17.07, 2:54AM
@nnaliza: [b] has a really cute pic of you n your shootsac. you’re gorgeous! oh how i wish to visit those places also! =) 12.17.07, 12:01AM
Kyle: I live in Chile 🙂 It’s awesome. Let me know if you’re ever down this way, I’d love to meet up and talk shop…even though I am so new to the bus. I cringe even thinking of calling myself a "photographer." No Chileans that I know down here would ever be able to pay your prices, developing countries don’t have disposable income like people in the U.S. but if I know of any gringos that want to get married here I will give you a holler. It’s fun to see Chile on your list because it’s SUCH an underrated country and most people don’t even seem to know it exists! 12.16.07, 11:00PM
Andrew Jordan: I’ll be shooting a destination wedding in Turkey this June. I am really excited and looking forward to it, because it will be so different than the typical wedding in the USA. We’ll be on the coast in an area called Cesme. Hope you get to hit them all on your list. 12.16.07, 10:17PM
Valdecir Carvalho: Hi Jessica! How about Brazil? If you come, please, I’ve love to be your assistance 😀 I love your work… it’s a big inspirations to me! Wish u well Valdecir – São Paulo – Brasil. 12.16.07, 9:42PM
Rae Leytham: Jess….I am a little disappointed that Pensacola, FL didn’t make your list. Or at least, Destin, FL. :o) Well, if you ever come to the FL panhandle for a destination wedding, let me know! 12.16.07, 9:20PM
r@ph: Was in Nepal a couple months ago. Really interesting place! Not sure if you’ve heard of Amanpulo yet. Quite difficult to go to (financially) but really sweet place for a wedding. 🙂 12.16.07, 8:10PM
alexmoi: Jessica, you might consider Bali, Indonesia. this island is well known for destination wedding, I will be shooting some pre-wedding there March 2008 12.16.07, 7:13PM
Tunji: How about DC? 12.16.07, 5:42PM
Cathy: You sound very well travelled, weddings in Hawaii would be fantastic! My advice, if you come to Australia for a wedding you should stay for at least 3 weeks as there is sooooo much to see and photograph. Keep the dream alive! 12.16.07, 4:39PM
Jodie: Hey i live in Australia, already married though. But if you just want to make the trip i am available to dress up for you. 12.16.07, 4:06PM
JulieAnn: Enjoy the Big Island – I just moved away from there and I still think it’s truly paradise! I miss it so much 🙂 12.16.07, 2:23PM
scott neumyer: where’s New Jersey on that list?! Hehehe 12.16.07, 1:15PM