angela: my hubby and I love the show- its creepy how it makes me feel like a bad person for rooting for him. Does that mean that i’m bad? we’re currently fixated with nip tuck and 24. 3.23.09, 8:54PM
Gabrielle: DEXTER! my husband and i always recommend this to everyone! i liked your pictures a LOT but i like you more now cause you like Dext. ha! 3.21.08, 8:50AM
Lisa : Love your work and your blog. Just got sucked into americas top model. Stuck in bed with vertigo yesterday. took some dramimine, turned on the tv, thank god for dvr, managed to speed thru endless top model back to back! It’s gotten better, and the photo shoots are actually interesting now! 12.9.07, 3:07PM
Angela: OMG yes we are big Dexter fans in our house! Last week’s episode was soooo good! I have a feeling he’s going to get rid of Doakes! 11.22.07, 7:59PM
Susanne: omg i’m SO happy there are other dexter lovers out there!!! the show is freaking me out!!! he can’t get caught, he just cant.. I’m wondering if he’s gonna frame doaks! eeeek! 11.22.07, 4:48AM
Jenson: Dexter is seriously wonderful! I just posted on its’ greatness this week on my blog! 11.21.07, 2:52PM
Kirsten: I LOVE Dexter! It was on the FX channel here in the UK and now we have to download the episodes because we’re addicted. Is it just me, or has Rita suddenly got really foxy? (I’m not gay, I just notice these things 😉 ) 11.21.07, 7:38AM
Gina Marie: Longtime fan of your work Jessica! Yes, I confess I’m a Dexter addict…I feel like such a geek because this last Sunday night’s show had my heart racing with the crazy ending….I even had to go register for the Dexter forum on showtime website and posted a few comments on there that night. Can’t wait till next week’s episode. Watching Dexter is one of my few breaks from photo processing 🙂 11.21.07, 5:41AM
Luke Walker: you guys sound just like me and ali. we both try and watch what the other person is into and whatnot, but there are those girly shows like "i love NY" and "girls next door" that im just like dude… get outta here. there’s no way im watching that. 11.20.07, 6:55PM
Josh Brown: I’ve never heard of it, but I’m going to check it out today. My favourites are the Office, South Park (I’m still a child?), ANTM, and Project Runway/Project Runway Canada 11.20.07, 1:36PM
crissy willis: My favorite show in the comedy arena is: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seriously, this show is amazing. Impeccable comedic timing and Danny Devito- so you really can’t go wrong. But please, please start with the 1st season! And if you like it, spread the word. We don’t want another "Arrested Development" disaster on our hands. 11.20.07, 11:36AM
Jas: omg! I thought I was weird watching this show, what with all the violence and what-nots (not to say that you’re weird, ok?) But Dexter’s totally addicting!! Glad to hear you love it too!! 11.20.07, 5:46AM
Ronee: Oh…and btw, Dirty Sexy Money rules. 11.19.07, 11:43PM
Ronee: Hi, Jessica, I am one of your blog stalkers, and I looooove reading your blog and looking at all your beautiful pictures. I think you mentioned on a prev post that you would rather questions come in comments, so here goes… I am not a photographer, but I have recently gotten very interested in it (thanks to yours and others blogs). I am deciding between the Canon 30D and the Canon Rebel xti. Since I am only planning to do some amateur photgraphy, which one would your recommend? I know you are so busy, so if you want to answer just which one you would pick, that is totally fine. 11.19.07, 11:10PM
chris: Jess, I haven’t seen this show yet, but there’s no way this is better than the Office. I might check it out. 11.19.07, 10:39PM
K. Crafton: I was just telling friends today how addicted we are to Dexter! It’s fantastic! 11.19.07, 7:30PM
JenniferN: My FAVORITES are Pushing Daisies, Dexter, Americas Next Top Model, the Office and Bones… Dexter is a great show – it’s so crazy that you end up rooting for Dex! Love the show! 11.19.07, 5:37PM
aviva: Oh – and let’s hope that writer’s strike ends quick, because our regular shows will only go on as long as they’re in the can… (meaning already shot)! Thank heavens for DVD box sets. And Madmen (was on AMC) was AMAZING too – rent that when it comes out on DVD. Stellar writing. 11.19.07, 4:11PM
aviva: Dexter & Weeds alone are worth the price of Showtime, aren’t they? Do you think that [b] is a little extra happy to be in Dex’s hometown right now? I have to add "Pushing Daisies" – a fantastically cast, colorful, beautiful Tim-Burtonesque/Amelie-esque-style show with a very interesting premise. I hope they’ll allow folks to get caught up on one of the coolest new shows of the season. I’m addicted. On ABC Wednesdays at 8. 11.19.07, 4:09PM
Margo: The Office! Also, The Daily Show. We don’t actually have cable, because I would watch cooking shows all day, so I’m glad that my two favorite shows are available online for free! 11.19.07, 3:11PM
jennifer Disney: I’ve never seen it, but eating my sandwich while looking at the blood splattered on his face wasn’t a good idea! I will admit my addiction to America’s Next Top Model too. I try to tell my roommate, and myself, that I watch it to see the photography. I’ve got myself convinced, but I don’t think she’s buyin’ it. 11.19.07, 2:46PM
Hayley Anderson: Never seen Dexter, but I LOVE The Office and ANTM. Maybe you should look into being a guest photographer on ANTM! You would do such a great job and it’s always nice to see a female photographer on the show… You should look into that 🙂 11.19.07, 2:19PM
jenniferL: i have dexter season 1 on my netflix. and i love "weeds" too. showtime has stepped it up. i must say that i do miss "six feet under". 11.19.07, 1:36PM
Christina: My morning radio station guy in Detroit is constantly plugging this show and he loves it. He can never get the rest of the radio personalities to watch it though. Sounds like it must really be a good show if you’re watching it too! 11.19.07, 12:03PM
abraham: LOST! ok, its not airing right now, but if you buy the dvd’s or netflix them, I GUARANTEE that you’ll be hooked after watching the first episode, its that good! You can catch up on first 3 seasons by the time season 4 starts in February…… 11.19.07, 11:53AM
david baxter: haven’t seen this one yet. although it did look interesting in the previews. will try it out now. THE OFFICE is thee show. 11.19.07, 10:48AM
Heather Kincaid: I really do love this show! I totally missed out on the first season, so I think I’m going to have to buy it on DVD. I don’t know if it’s my favorite show, though. I’m a diehard Grey’s Anatomy fan! 🙂 11.19.07, 10:10AM
Araxi: Dexter IS indeed the best show on television right now. No doubt. Its the only reason we get Showtime! 11.19.07, 9:41AM
Rae Leytham: Becker should totally try Project Runway. I even got Wesley watching it a few times (but I don’t think he’ll admit it). 11.19.07, 9:41AM
Mia: Pushies Daisies!!! I love it! And Dirty Sexy Money and Chuck! 11.19.07, 9:25AM
Miz Booshay: I have never heard of Dexter…must be on a cable channel, but you say you can rent it? It does have the oddest premise I think I have ever heard. I totally and completely adore….. Pushing Daisies. Yummy, yum, yum! 11.19.07, 8:59AM
Bartek: HEROES!!!! You gotta watch heroes if you haven’t yet. But, you must watch from the very start…it’s insanely good. 11.19.07, 7:30AM
Maya: I LOVE DEXTER! It’s a great show. But we don’t have Showtime, so I’ve been missing out. My husband got a DVD of the first two episodes (from work) and man, was he a king that day! Is it somewhere on the Internet? I haven’t been able to find it. 11.19.07, 7:05AM
Kristin Mizo: Yay! I totally agree 🙂 I only know one other person that watches this show and it is sooo good!! I also LOVE The Office and Weeds and of course ANTM! It appears we have very similar tastes when it comes to TV! 11.19.07, 6:54AM
Hannah: Have you checked out Pushing Daisies? It’s amaaaaaaaazing. Oh and if you want a new guilty pleasure (I’m an ANTM addict too!), check out Dirty Sexy Money. Dexter, Weeds, The Office are all some of my favorite shows. I even have the Office theme song as my ringtone. But of the newest shows to premiere this season, Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money are by far the best. 11.19.07, 4:44AM
MA5EN: I agree 100%! It’s become my weekly addiction since the Sopranos went off the air. I didn’t think they could improve upon season 1, but this year is awesome! 11.19.07, 2:17AM
Jon Moss: Loving Dexter! (And I’m in the UK) – watching series 2 from you guys via the web 😉 11.19.07, 12:54AM
Terry: I just rented the first disk of the first season tonight. I’m a little nervous about watching it…but I’ve heard it is totally awesome…so I’m going to give the gore a try! 11.19.07, 12:51AM
megan: 100% agreed… but I don’t have cable so I have to wait forever for the DVDs. Michael C Hall is soooo brilliant! 11.19.07, 12:12AM
Beth: I haven’t seen it, but you make me laugh! I will have to check it out. I haven’t seen weeds either, but I have wanted to. 11.18.07, 11:31PM