Allison: The 4th of July… I love summer, BBQs, being w/ friends and family, the sense of patriotism everywhere and most of all FIREWORKS! 11.20.07, 11:01AM
Melissa: I guess I’m the only romantic – Valentine’s Day is my favorite. Except I haven’t had a Valentine in many years. Maybe next year. 🙂 11.19.07, 12:18PM
candi: ooh…sounds like fun! would love to meet up with you for lunch or something sometime when you are in NC. 🙂 would love ot pick your brain! the maternity shoot was AMAZING! 11.18.07, 9:07PM
Stacy: I can’t wait to see the maternity shoot !!!! Have a great thanksgiving everyone!! 11.17.07, 7:42PM
Jamie: Christmas for sure…. and I am so so excited about seeing the maternity shoot… looooove seeing beautiful pregnant bellies. They’re amazing aren’t they!? Your work is super amazing Jessica…(I’ve been stalking the blog for months) but of course, you already knew that your work was amazing huh? you and becker both rock. by the way- I can’t believe that people are saying negative things about your clients… hmm… it really seems hypocritical to gripe about someone who you think is doing an inservice to other people….. people are very ignorant. I’m proud of you for bringing this situation to light. Maybe some of those crazy people will see the blog now and re-think their opinions. surely they have better things to do than to gripe about how other people spend their money- as if it’s their business anyway. ugh- rude people… oh how they drive me crazy….. and there are so darn many of them out there. 11.17.07, 7:25PM
Simply Modern Weddings: It used to be Christmas until I had a family tragedy a couple days before Christmas when I was 12. Now that I am older, it is Christmas again…after I have learned to enjoy the holiday without being sad. So, hubby and I are going all out with decorating, and I am getting my 1st tree since I was 12. YAY!!! 11.17.07, 6:50PM
meg: Christmas of course, but a close second would have to be Diwali (its big over here and everyone gets dressed up)- so many gorgeous outfits! 11.17.07, 5:40PM
Keats: I know you don’t blog out of order – but based on the list the maternity session looks like its up next. I just got my first assignment to shoot a little sister and her bump (that’s what they are calling the tummy) anyway — I’m nervous – and would love some inspiration. (Or heck – flat out pointers would be great) — did I mention that I was nervous 🙂 11.17.07, 5:06PM
Miz Booshay: I have such wonderful Christmas memories. So I think it shall be Christmas for me. I just love a candlelight service. 11.17.07, 1:20PM
Rob: Thanksgiving! It’s usually less hectic than Christmas- great food, no work… AND the biggest advantage? When it’s over- you still have Christmas and New Year’s to look forward to! Hard to beat! 11.17.07, 11:54AM
Kymberli: Probably Christmas since my birthday is right after, but Thanksgiving is great as well! I hope you have fun! P.S. I received my Shootsac yesterday!!!!!! YEAH! LOVE IT! I’ll be using it for the first time this afternoon, so we will see…but I love it already! 🙂 11.17.07, 11:41AM
Tracey Skadberg: I love Christmas too! I live Up North in Minnesota, so Christmas is usually beautiful! I think Thanksgiving often gets forgotten. I notice that the fall decorations are down and have been replaced with Christmas decor already. Happy Turkey Day! 11.17.07, 10:05AM
rebekah: Christmas for sure- 1) its tradition for my family to rent national lampoons christmas vacation and watch it while we decorate the tree 2) i have 5 brothers and sisters, so there is always someone around, and so many gifts of love! 3) since i was a child, we always listened the the carpenters christmas album on christmas morning. we simply put it on repeat. its the best 4) we have jars and jars of christmas m&m’s scattered throughout the house 5) on christmas eve, my mom puts together an appetizer and dessert buffet that covers the entire kitchen and kitchen table. YUM! HAPPY THANKSGIVING JESSICA! 11.17.07, 9:13AM
Lacey: My birthday because it is the only day of the year dedicated to me…a bit selfish aren’t I 🙂 11.17.07, 8:49AM
rej: Christmas time!…just because I have 2 little ones at home – 5 and 3…and I see Christmas magic through their eyes. They get soooooo excited seeing Christmas lights and decorations on the houses, etc… It is very contagious….:-) If I could bottle that feeling, I would be RICH!! lol…. 11.17.07, 6:49AM
Brian Khang: That’s a strange coincidence Jess, i’m going to see my cousins this Sunday that lives out here in CA. I haven’t seen them since I was 12.. which was 16 years ago. 11.17.07, 3:15AM
Nicola Dixon: I have never left a comment however read your blog daily, sometimes check it a dozen times a day. I live in the UK so we dont get to celebrate Thanksgiving, but just wanted to say have a nice trip and keep up the ever inspiring good work 11.17.07, 3:01AM
simon: Thanksgiving. It is the last remaining holiday to be purely what it is, without Hallmark ruining it. No gifts, no dumb costumes (i hate halloween). Just a day to eat good food with family and be thankful. However, the weather always sucks in SoCal on Thanksgiving. Super dry and too warm for late fall. 11.17.07, 2:54AM
steven: actually the turkey is already in the oven and must be cooked until the internal temperature reaches that of the sun… 11.17.07, 2:39AM
Beth: I hope you have a blast on your trip. I can’t wait to see all the new posts. My favorite holiday is Christmas just because of all the great memories and family traditions that mostly revolved around my Great-Grandmother who died about 10 years ago. Be safe! 11.17.07, 2:26AM
Steph : I love Halloween !! It’s a great, fun, no gift needed day. The kids love to dress up and the adults also. My friends do a yearly "Frito Chili Boat" dinner at our house on Halloween. They come with their kids, eat dinner and then can dash back to their neighborhoods to trick or treat or stay in our hood. Of course Christmas is awesome because "He’s the Reason for the Season" so thats a cool thing…… 11.17.07, 12:40AM
MK: Christmas! I just love Christmas Eve- spending time with family, the cold air (OK, here in DC anyways!) that’s crisp and smells special because it’s Christmas, the songs, and all the special traditions. I also enjoy the cheery bustle in the stores while everyone grabs last minute gifts. There’s also quite a bustle in my parent’s house with everyone attempting to wrap gifts in different corners of the house, covering up all the goodies before everyone sees. And then there’s never enough tape, the scissors goes missing… everyone gets frantic. Hilarious! Since I’m Latvian, we open a good amount of our presents on Christmas Eve (but only after mass!) and then totally pig out on Christmas morning. Then we find the Christmas pickle in the tree, eat our marzipan pigs (good luck in Eastern Europe), and watch sports for the rest of the day. It’s glorious! 11.17.07, 12:21AM
samm : First to post, I feel special! Christmas is my fav holiday because I get to spend it with my family, in the sunshine, drinking lots of wine and eating lots of food, and then heading to the beach for a late afternoon swim….. what more could one ask for in a holiday! =) 11.17.07, 12:20AM