Keats: That looks like so much fun! Did they bring the airstream too? Wow!!!! great shots – great styling… great video! 11.13.07, 12:15AM
alexmoi: So much fun, I envy all of you! 11.9.07, 12:24AM
Milly: wow! nice photos! I love the dress! It goes really well with the location! 11.8.07, 8:39PM
Carolyn: Wonderful pictures. The pictures of the couple are just amazing. 11.8.07, 5:08PM
Melissa Koehler: Looks like you all had fun. I love your "brokeback" moment shot. It made me laugh out loud. 11.8.07, 2:43PM
Katie Humphreys: Wow! The pictures of this couple are absolutely gorgeous! What a neat opportunity! Thanks for sharing-as always, you continue to inspire chris and I 🙂 11.8.07, 12:48PM