Erin Reed Adams: Hey Jess! It was so great spending some time with you guys outside the madness of Vegas, NYC, and all the other places we tend to cross paths. Let’s do it again sometime. 11.8.07, 8:36PM
Mark Adams: It was fun hanging out with y’all. Thanks for being great hosts! Looking forward to hanging out again. Maybe on a fun road trip?? 11.8.07, 6:34PM
Matthieu: Yeah, Becker is great at self portrait and I think he should had to his brand the tong-out style. 11.8.07, 8:06AM
Rylee Sundquist: Hey Jessica! Kelly and I have ShootQ, and there have been a few bumps, but it is awesome! One thing that we have struggled with in the past was invoicing – ShootQ does it for you! It also automatically sends weekly updates to brides when it comes to album time so you don’t get a million emails asking when their prints and albums will be finished. 11.7.07, 4:44PM