sylvia Borgo: love the color in this set 6.15.08, 12:58AM
London Southern Belle : this is a beautiful and sexy shot. Love it. 11.10.07, 3:42PM
Wendy: I love your work …I would love for you to participate in my new website I launched . I am looking for great photos of bouquets, hairstyles, wedding decor so that brides to be can get inspired. Stop by the website Sensational Brides .. if you get a chance 😉 Ciao wendy 11.6.07, 7:14PM
david baxter: congrats jessica on being in the top 3 best photgraphy blogs! big surprise 🙂 11.2.07, 12:33PM
Daniel Zain: Such wonderful colours! I’ll echo what others have already said…you really know how much contrast+saturation to dial in. It looks very classy! – Daniel from Malaysia. 11.2.07, 11:19AM
Simply Modern Weddings: Love the shot of them at their table during the reception..what a sweet moment you caught! 11.1.07, 11:33PM
nikki nicole: love the shot in the flowers of the couple! the light is amazing……the photos are stunning!!!! 11.1.07, 8:39AM
Zey Tee: Aw…what a lovely wedding! 11.1.07, 5:13AM
Chris : Hi Jessica! Thanks for posting the pictures! Just in time for Alice’s Birthday today (Halloween)! The pictures look wonderful and we’re looking forward to seeing the rest of them. Thanks again for shooting our wedding, hope you had good time! – Chris 10.31.07, 10:05PM
James Day: How is it that you manage to work the light so it always looks perfect? I’m so jealous of you and your work Jessica! JD 10.31.07, 9:06PM
Byron Brydges: Jess, you are kicking it! You always find wonderful angles and colours to play off the bride and groom. Such rich, saturated colours. And I love the unpretentiousness (is that a word?!) of your imagery…seems like everyone is so at home in front of you. Quite an understated feat. Best, Byron 10.31.07, 6:01PM
Mike: Your pictures are absolutely stunning. You put in just the right colors and contrast in you pictures. I believe that you are the best wedding photographers I have seen online. Please keep inspiring me. 10.31.07, 3:25PM
Lindsay: Beautiful! You also take great photos of Braedon 🙂 10.31.07, 1:11PM
Melissa Koehler: Love these. What great orange color! Looks like the wedding was just in the nick of time. Would love to meet up with you next time you are in San Diego 🙂 10.31.07, 1:09PM