Nikki McLeod: PS Jack keeps asking for "Jwess", I think he made a friend for life that day!! 11.1.07, 4:34AM
Jofanna: Jack is so cute!!!Love all your work. 10.31.07, 3:03AM
milly: aw Jack is so cute =) By the way, I love the 6th photo; love the details =P great job like usual =) 10.30.07, 11:20PM
Simply Modern Weddings: The one where he is covering his face is so cute! 10.30.07, 9:57PM
Lydia: Very cute indeed! Great shots i believe you have captured the essence of childlikeness. Bet you enjoyed yourself as much 😉 10.30.07, 9:23PM
Julie Cohen: First of all I wanted to say that your pictures are wonderful – I’m a huge fan! And I love the little guy’s hair – you captured some great moments! 10.30.07, 7:30PM
Candy: I absolutely love your family/kid shoots! Of course, I love your wedding shoots, too, but you capture some of the sweetest moments! :o) 10.30.07, 3:33PM
Melissa Koehler: What a cutie. You got some great shots Jess 10.30.07, 12:06PM
Jen McNulty: What an adorable family! These are some of my favorites that you’ve ever posted. I love the soft lights sparkling outside the little restaurant, and I love Jack’s hair. These photos are so great! 10.30.07, 11:43AM
Shabby Miss Jenn: Holy Moly! Those pictures are amazing! Look at his eyes!!!! 10.30.07, 11:15AM
Tanya Perez: He is tooo cute! 10.30.07, 11:14AM
david baxter: ah the shots of that little guy in the chairs is awesome. so perfect to catch them as we know them. little rascals 🙂 10.30.07, 9:00AM
Zara~AB: You got a really nice pix there! Love it so much! 10.30.07, 7:47AM
kerel: i love the color, the bokeh and the moments captured. inspirational. 10.30.07, 3:46AM
Nikki McLeod: Sob, my handsome boy!! I KNEW you would get me some amazing images, I didn’t realise they would be as amazing as that!! Thank you so much, and I cannot WAIT to see the rest! 10.30.07, 3:20AM
Melanie East: Wow!! What gorgeous photographs! I know Nikki and Jack, and those photographs are just beautiful! 10.30.07, 3:20AM
lroah: LOVE the second to last one! It was great to meet you at the Jesh/Nate dinner the other night. 10.30.07, 2:03AM
Rachel: LOVE these! I got a chance to meet Nikki when she was in Vancouver, so it’s cool to see these 🙂 10.30.07, 1:20AM
Denise: How beautiful! He’s so cute and the setting with the green chairs was really pretty! 10.30.07, 1:05AM