Patriot: They’re adorable! Great shots! 10.26.07, 7:29PM
fotobydeedra: You are amazing! I look to your blog for inspiration and I cannot believe these engagements. 10.20.07, 2:39PM
jayant pande: i visit your website every day and always amazed with the pictures. I love the colours and angle in your pictures.I have canon 400d how do i get such bright colours and crystal clear pictures. Can you please give me some sugestion. waiting jayant 10.19.07, 8:27PM
emilie sommer: Beautiful work, Jess. It was so nice to finally meet you in NYC (and take the SoCal/Maine pic. Hahaha). Congrats on your booth’s great success at PhotoPlus! 10.19.07, 6:11PM
Erin: Wow, beautiful as always. I love your vision, great lighting as awell! 10.19.07, 2:09PM
Tonya: PA-Lease!!! You will have a zillion people stop at the shootsac booth! I would if I were there. Please post some picss of it on the blog!!! P.S. I adore these engagements. They make me miss NYC! You did a great job! 10.19.07, 12:25PM
serena: these are soo gorgeous, jess! i love them! the sun flare one is my fav too. 10.19.07, 11:27AM
gabriel ryan: how fun! it looks just like that… you had a lot of fun 10.19.07, 9:52AM
Alex: This is absolutely Stunning shots! I’m inspired! 🙂 10.19.07, 9:43AM
Marco: Excellent bokeh on the last few shots! Great shoot! Thanks so much for sharing! 10.19.07, 8:02AM
Eddie Bojorquez (Studio512): Great work as usual, Jess! Love the light in all of those shots. Looks like you covered a bit of ground too! 10.19.07, 2:43AM
Mary Ann: Wonderful photos! I love NYC! and what a beautiful couple! you have such a great ‘job’ LOL Mary Ann 10.18.07, 10:30PM
Miz Booshay: Oh my!!! Such a fun and beautiful shoot! That young lady rocks with the backhandspring!!! 10.18.07, 10:15PM
lauren: hehe…i should have warned you that thea is a total master gymnast. not even kidding, that girl is made of elastic. love the shots, jessica! i want some in NYC….forget day-after shoots, let’s start up "year-after shoots" (haha, scott would kill me!). hope you’re doing well!! 10.18.07, 9:42PM
Alisha: That 3rd shot is a awesome f’in shot man. Sorry I missed you last night! 10.18.07, 9:14PM
david baxter: i like twinkly lights in the background too. these are awesome love the carousel and of course the "flare" 10.18.07, 7:21PM
Elizabeth Pellette: WoW.. I love these.. you definatly captured not only what seems to be their personalities but the essence of NYC as well 10.18.07, 4:02PM
Katie: I have to comment…these are awesome! I can just imagine that second to last photo huge and hung above a bed or something. I just love it! How do you get colors and contrast like that with such great skin tones?!! 10.18.07, 3:56PM
Tim Jackson: The backlighting and little light splashes you have found n these pics are awesome! 10.18.07, 2:43PM
Joanna: Was that a front handspring or a back handspring? I love that! Beautiful shots! Love the taxis especially! 10.18.07, 12:52PM
Anna: Great Jessica! These are so fun. And he has some great hair! 🙂 10.18.07, 12:18PM
Della: Jessica — These are just beautiful! You really used the color of NYC to its best effect. (BTW, I’m an occasional engagement photographer ( and a blogstalker of yours and Becker’s, and I just wanted to say that you guys just rock in general! I love following your travels and it looks like you guys live every day to its fullest. Very inspiring on so many levels!) Take care 🙂 10.18.07, 12:09PM
Yolanda: As always, these are so you. I am particularly fond of the 3rd one! It screams… in spite of all of the hustle and bustle of the city, I LOVE YOU, so romantic! I will actually be in the city this weekend and if I have time, I will swing by and say hello to you. Take care! 10.18.07, 11:49AM
K.C.: Gorgeous color and shots as always. Love your style. Thea has some calves in that 2nd shot 🙂 10.18.07, 11:07AM
Bartek: Hot damn those are so much fun and lively, the couple MUST love these! I love NYC…I wanna go back! Are these taken mainly with your 85 1.8? 10.18.07, 10:47AM
gloria m: I love these as much as the shoot of the Boston couple! Great pics! Love the NYC feeling and the lighting and the color and the composition. I’ve seen others shooting at the similiar setting, but your pics are way about and beyond!! 10.18.07, 10:42AM
Amy: Jessica I just have to say that you are absolutely one of my all time favorite photographers. I love looking at your blog posts. Your images are always gorgeous. This session is no exception. You have such gorgeous color and depth. 10.18.07, 10:38AM
brenda: You are such a rock star … these photos are amazing. I so want to be like you when I grow up P). 10.18.07, 10:31AM
Emily DeWan: Love the light in the carousel one! 10.18.07, 10:17AM
abraham: awesome session! i really loved all the "busy-ness" of the city. i wish all brides and brides-to-be wouldnt mind sitting on the grungy ground with a nice outfit on! killer calves in #2 btw! 10.18.07, 9:58AM
Sudhir: Truly amazing…loved them all…they were so natural and liked the way you have captured them! 10.18.07, 6:28AM
Lu: Loved all the shots, really made me miss NY. They look like such a lovely couple. Good luck with your booth as well. if only I could be there. 10.18.07, 3:18AM
Simply Modern Weddings: Love that last shot…priceless! 10.18.07, 2:53AM
Jen: Your photos are AMAZING!!! You are such an inspiration to me! 10.18.07, 12:36AM
Araxi: Fantastic work as usual. I love that they all look so different. Not the same pose in different clothing in a different place. You actually feel something different with each photo. Genius. Have a great time at the show and best of luck to Shootsac on her first big girl booth 🙂 Hope to see you at WPPI in Vegas!! 10.18.07, 12:21AM
craig: Ok, so I am officially obsessed with your blog. This most recent set of photos is blowing my mind. I don’t want to ask questions about how you get the shots you get (I am sure that gets annoying), but man the lighting in these shots is making it hard for me to hold back. Bravo. 10.18.07, 12:11AM
Susanne in Key west: I liked that one where Thea did her "trick" in the park! Thats a great idea anyway, Jessica, to get people in action motion! I love it! 10.17.07, 10:49PM
Vanessa M: Awesome shots. Nobody does urban better than you! Wow, her calf muscles are incredible!!! 10.17.07, 10:45PM
Lexi : How do you get your images for your wedding ring pics. so CLEAR, SHARP and CRISP? Are you sharpening in PS…what? Would love some insight. (I’m using a Canon 5D, shooting manual, focusing manual and using a Canon 100 f2.8 lens) Thanks! 10.17.07, 10:03PM
Lexi: Hi Jessica! Love reading and viewing your blog, … I was wondering if you could post the replies to the questions that people ask, esp. when dealing with camera lenses, gear, technique…etc. THAT’D BE SO COOL! Keep up the inspirational work. Love it! 10.17.07, 9:57PM
craig d: Jess. I have to tell you that your images always blow me away. It ishard to have a favorite shooter in this industry, but I consistently find myself thinking "I think Jess s my favorite photog". This shoot is incredible as per your usual. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope the Sac has a great day tomorrow! 10.17.07, 9:43PM
matt sloan: she has nice legs in #2. great work! 10.17.07, 9:38PM
Krista Guenin: Oh these are awesome! I LOVE the shot on the carosuel! 10.17.07, 9:19PM
jean: wow!! these pictures are amazing! they’re so beautiful! what lens did you use for them? 10.17.07, 9:04PM
Michelle Davies: wow! what incredible photos! love the colors, the posing and your bokeh is awesome. thanks for sharing your incredible work! 10.17.07, 8:48PM