Kris Kendrick: Happy Birthday, Big B! I am a big fan of your work, and dying to attend your party of 5 in December… I’m trying to work out the schedule etc. Have a great day and drink one for me… KBK 10.18.07, 2:33PM
Simply Modern Weddings: Ahhh…too sweet. I am a bit late but happy b-day becker! 10.18.07, 2:55AM
gabriel ryan: i have only met becker once, in person, but he has had a definite impact on me with his willingness to share… i really hope to attend one of his party of five workshops some time in the near future 10.17.07, 3:56PM
Wendy: Jessica, it is so refreshing to read your thoughts which are always so well articulated. There is a true shortage of good writers (especially on the Internet). It’s lovely to see that your writing is as great as your photography. 10.17.07, 3:07PM
MA5EN: He’s kind of a big deal. =) 10.17.07, 12:29PM
Mary Ann: Becker and I share the same birthday.. although I am celebrating the 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday! Loved reading about your thoughts about him… we all need someone that can make us feel that way ! ps, look forward to meeting you in nyc Mary Ann 10.17.07, 8:12AM
Tony Yu: Hey Jess! You made me laugh hysterically with that QVC present comment, so if I get fired it would be all your fault. See ya in the City. 10.16.07, 3:17PM
david baxter: watch out, rambling ahead… becker had given me his # at a party at mike colon’s house. i figured ah he’s just being nice and never anticipated i’d use it. i had a question that i hoped [b]could/would answer, but wasn’t sure i should call (not wanting to bug him) especially since he didn’t know me. after hearing all the cool and generous things about him. i called him. it was around noon on a sunday and he answered a bit tired (he had a wedding all day the day before) and asked," who is this?" i thought to myself, oh no mistake, but once i told him i met him a couple times, once in vegas (i was the first in line for the shootsac ) at the wppi and once at mike colon’s house. he gave me his # at mike and he remembered me (i think:) he apologized for sounding tired and he answered my question. i shouldn’t of been surprised by his helpfullness, but, i figured, "yah, he’s generous, but maybe only to his close friends and collegues." after that call i realized he really is as everyone says he is… a cool,intelligent and generous guy. hopefully i’ll be able to get some change together and do one of his party of 5 workshops and really learn from one of the best. sorry for the long rambling. happy birthday [b] hope you both have a safe trip to the big A. 10.16.07, 1:10PM
Jasmine*: Jess, I like how "love" is stuck between "life" and "ways of doing things"…leave it to B to teach you more about practicality than issues of the heart! 🙂 Gotta love that guy! 10.16.07, 12:44PM
Shannon: Hi Jess 🙂 I hope you both enjoy his birthday in NYC!!!! There is so much to do, & so many ways to celebrate a big day like that there!!!!! Have a BLAST!!!!!! 10.16.07, 12:19PM
Cortnie: Hey Jess! I really think you should tune in to QVC and buy Becker the Philosophy make-up set they have on right now! 10.16.07, 12:04PM
Anna: I just celebrated that same anniversary of my birthday! Happy 5th Anniversary/Birthday Becker! Great pics! 10.16.07, 10:32AM
Wes: I’ve been "touched" by Becker, but after I told him I loved him back, I think he got cold feet 😉 Seriously….Happy Birthday guy! 10.16.07, 10:24AM
Steph: I hope that Becker has a GREAT BIRTHDAy "IN NYC !!!! I personally think the QVC thing is a riot…but iTUNES more practical !!! 🙂 10.16.07, 9:18AM