Vanessa: I. want. those. shoes. !!!! 10.16.07, 8:58PM
Callie Crass: Hey Jessica! I’m so stoked to get one of your art prints! I love your work so it will be a nice piece of inspiration on my wall! Thanks! 🙂 10.16.07, 10:28AM
Diana: Jessica. I love your style and pictures, and I must say I LOVE SHOOTSAC, it has changed my life. I recently started taking wedding pictures and I want to make a good impression. I was looking though your slideshow and loved it. If it isn’t too much to ask. What kind of software do you use? could you recommend a good one? Thanks in advance! Keep up the great work! Cheers! 10.15.07, 4:07PM
Tunji Sarumi: Nice shoes. I voted for #7. Do you normally shoot the groom’s shoes? ;D 10.14.07, 7:12PM
Justine Ungaro: I forgot to vote but those were definitely my favorites too. Not that I could ever fit those tiny things on my big feet. 🙂 10.14.07, 12:15PM
Jamie Delaine: So cute! Those shoes were definitely my favourite. 🙂 10.13.07, 1:09PM