Mark Brooke: i hope you have fun cant wait for the images! 10.12.07, 1:28AM
Tanya Perez: Have a great time in Hawaii! 10.2.07, 4:08PM
Matthew Saville: lol, and my favorite saying is "nobody gets married on a wednesday, right?" …But I guess I’m wrong! I’d love so much to get into destination weddings, mmm, and I think I’d be especially good at it, being a landscape photographer on the side… Take care, =Matt= 10.1.07, 6:26PM
Joanna: Hi Jessica, I live in Maui and I will be shooting a wedding in Wailea today at Polo Beach. I hope you have a great time here on the island and I would love to meet you and get a coffee or something! I know you are probably really busy here but if you have a moment, pop me an email. Aloha, Joanna 10.1.07, 1:06PM
Katie Humphreys: We were just in Wailea shooting last week! How fun that you get to make the trip out 🙂 There is a great beach right down the road from the Four Seasons where Chris and I went swimming-the water was WARM and there were hardly any people! Maybe you can find it 🙂 Hope you have lots of fun!! 10.1.07, 12:20PM
Lauren: I am so jealous!! Have a great time and say hi to the Seasons Lawn for us 🙂 -Lauren and Scott 10.1.07, 12:12PM