Kimberly: I have no idea but I’m looking forward to finding out! 10.5.07, 10:26AM
Kimberly: don’t lose the pink! I ** heart** your site. I gues bludomain Are you doing a major overhaul? 10.3.07, 3:13PM
Staci: Hi, Jessica. You took wedding photographs at Mandi’s wedding…and she has told me about your work. Your work is unbelieveable!! Absolutely beautiful. I am really pursuing photography & I love taking photos of children & your pictures are so amazing!! If you have any advice about getting started…I’d love to hear. Your site is definitely on my favorites! 10.3.07, 12:07AM
Jason Perry: I think I too am going to have to go with the LiveBooks on this one… 10.2.07, 11:59AM
Shannon: I forgot to mention ORANGE…. 9.30.07, 3:11PM
Shannon: My guess….some form of combination of your current logo, & the shootsac logo with your "signature" print thrown in somehow…..I have a vision in my head, but can’t quite describe it……I can’t wait, I am so sure it will be fabulous!!!!! 9.30.07, 3:09PM
Matthew Saville: Wow, I had no idea it could get better than what you’ve already got! I’ll be sure to pay close attention; my website is in desperate need of some re-vamping for sure, and I’m not really enjoying the whole "template website" craze that is going on these days. Personally I think Becker already has THE best website, period, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what YOU come up with! Take care! Your fan, =Matt= 9.30.07, 1:51PM
meg: new website!!! Yeah! 9.30.07, 9:49AM
Luke Walker: hmmm…. come spend a weekend in NY with alisha and luke? 9.29.07, 8:39PM
Tanya Perez: I have noooo idea! But can’t wait to seee. 🙂 9.29.07, 11:33AM
jessica claire: jessica, that song that was on the second site was written for me by a great musician and college friend of mine, Will Acuff. He is awesome! 9.29.07, 2:35AM
Jessica C. Moritz: Hi Jess, there is a thing I wanted to ask you for the longest time. I really liked your 2nd website (I think it was the 2nd one). It radiated pure happiness through imagery and sound. What kind of upbeat song was it (instrumental)? I have been dying to know that forever!!! 9.29.07, 2:24AM
Denise Skelton: I see what you are doing…… are wanting everyone to give you IDEAS for your new site. Good thinking! 🙂 9.28.07, 8:01PM
Patricia: little blue fairies, yellow flowers and pixies? 😀 9.28.07, 7:07PM
danelle: Oh my goodness!! There’s a next?! WOW! 9.28.07, 4:33PM
todd pellowe: [ j ] ? 9.28.07, 4:14PM
Marco: You getting married and changing your name…and ditching the pink. 9.28.07, 3:56PM
laura novak: i think you are going to to have little people jumping out at you when opening the site all wearing pink and orange while singing the theme song to rocky 9.28.07, 3:54PM
Ana Gabriela: LIVE BOOKS? 9.28.07, 9:38AM
Jess Strickland: ditching the pink?!? hehe! 9.28.07, 8:05AM
Jen Woodruff: I have this theory that websites are gearing up and heading to a more "alive" format, kind of like this here blog. People from the myspace era want constantly new and fresh information and want to be able to contribute, comment and learn about your personality and the lifestyles of people they are going to buy from. And let’s face it, those myspace like kids are our next wedding clients. My guess is that you are smart on this too, which I am gathering from you always updated, fresh and exciting blog, and think that your new website will be more based on your personality that shines through your photos. That and I think that a little yellow and some Ricky Martin music goes a long way. Good call Patrick! 9.28.07, 8:01AM
Patricia: You are going to change the color of the background and you are going to change the picture. Your color is going to say something about your growth, it will be calming and peaceful. 😉 9.28.07, 6:06AM
Kymberli: Hmmm….pink/flowers? I love the layout you have now – if it ain’t broke…. 😉 9.28.07, 4:40AM
Kam: I am guessing a "lock" will be part of it. Love your "lock project" by the way. 9.28.07, 12:52AM
Cher: PUH-LEEZ keep it bright. If I see one more chocolate website…..okay, so mine is black and blah so I have no room to talk but I think your new one should match your ‘WEEEEE!’ personality 9.27.07, 11:19PM
MsB: I’m going to go out on a limb and say: black and lime green like your basic Shootsac colors! Yes, I have one too!=) 9.27.07, 10:48PM
Erik Dungan: Green is the new pink! I say keep the logo though …. 9.27.07, 10:26PM
Anne: If you ditch this theme, I’m totally stealing it, cause it’s WAY adorable! 9.27.07, 10:10PM
patrick|dwf: yellow base color and ricky martin music? 9.27.07, 10:07PM
Simply Modern Weddings: Whatever it is…I know it’s going to be ultra fab!! 9.27.07, 10:03PM
Mom: You won’t even tell me? 9.27.07, 8:41PM
Bat: I hope it involves monkeys, preferably dancing monkeys 9.27.07, 8:18PM
Amy Martin: no guesses… but it will be fabulous, no doubt! 🙂 9.27.07, 8:00PM
susan stripling: you’re ditching the color and that ridiculously happy logo, embracing your inner goth-girl, and going all black for your branding? 🙂 9.27.07, 7:59PM
Michael Blanchard: Perhaps a new Brock Martin masterpiece?!!? I LOVE… I fool around on there all the time, it’s a riot. Good luck! 9.27.07, 7:57PM
~Lauren: Hmm….no….but I can’t wait to see! How exciting! 9.27.07, 7:51PM
Jonathan Pang: Hi Jessica, I’ve been following your blog for nearly two months now. It’s been nothing but GREAT! I’ve just picked up photography, self taught. Your pictures are however, ten folds better than mine. Great work and passion there. This new website look will attract a lot more visitors. Cheers. 9.27.07, 7:45PM