becky: Love, love, love this slide show! I must have watched it a dozen times, and the song and images together brought tears to my eyes. I’m planning to walk down the aisle to this song for my May 2008 wedding. I’d love to hear how this couple used it in theirs! Your blog is such an inspiration. 11.21.07, 10:14AM
Nicole: A photographer friend gave me the link to your blog – and I must say WOW .. this wedding looks amazing! actual it looks like my dream wedding!.. I am getting married next March – and we are after those same coloured suits – would you be able to find out what style, colour and who makes them for me from Kristin. It would be a great help, as we are having trouble finding this colour. Although I’m in australia – we are still hoping to find that colour. thankyou so much Jessica. 11.18.07, 8:50PM
Jessica Gasca: your slideshow for kristin & justin was amazing!! the pictures were wonderful & between that & the song by the end i was balling!!! 10.15.07, 11:27PM
Phil Labonte: What flash slide show engine are you using for the slide show here? It’s pretty cool. Thanks 10.2.07, 1:18PM
Grace: Out of all the weddings you have shot, I think I enjoyed this one the most. 🙂 You are amazing, I hope to one day become half the photographer you are. 9.29.07, 4:01PM
Jade: I love your photos. i like how you shoot that snickers. It’s cool. I wish i have that kind of touch. 😀 9.27.07, 9:02PM
Joyful Weddings & Events: Beautiful! What a fun wedding! I know the groom’s family and you captured their day amazingly! I love that Phil Wickham song too! The bouts are awesome and you’ve got to love a good sweater vest. 9.27.07, 12:09AM
jesus: Hi Jess! As always you rock! Mmmmm I have a question , at the reception pics I see your softbox "on" flashing, but also looks like you have that one as rimlight, are you using also ON camera flash? , if yes, is it difficult to deal with the Pocket Wizard and hte on camera flash at the same time? LOVE THE SLIDE SHOW! 9.24.07, 11:50PM
dad: Fantastic Jess. 9.24.07, 11:13PM
kim: what a kickass wedding! bigger is not always better. you rocked this beautiful simple wedding just as hard as you do your big budget fancy pants destination weddings. i love you! 9.24.07, 11:03PM
LaurenZ: i love your slideshows and music selection. Beautiful!! 9.24.07, 9:57PM
david baxter: this couple is awesome! the grooms shoe is killer! beautiful shots as always. 9.24.07, 1:39PM
gabriel ryan: this couple has rad style and i love the hammock shot. 9.24.07, 1:03PM
Tunji Sarumi: Pweety and pweety. 9.24.07, 8:23AM
MK: Wow! What a pretty bride and handsome groom! And you can’t beat the location! Sometimes I wish that I would move my business out to CA… 9.24.07, 7:30AM
Aloysius Lim: Hi Jessica, Greetings from Singapore! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and the wife and I simply adore your photos! I’m an aspiring photographer and hope to be able to be as good as you some day! And yes, the Ed Hardy shoes rock! Nice series! 🙂 9.24.07, 7:16AM
Shannon: this wedding seems like the exact polar opposite of Kallissa and Paul’s below. i love the contrast! simple low key and delicate… INTENSE! JEWELS! PINK! 🙂 9.24.07, 1:31AM
Simply Modern Weddings: Beautiful, I love the casual beauty of their day…the yellow is very fun and cheerful! 9.23.07, 10:50PM
Lynn: Absolutely beautiful! I agree, the flowers and colors are stunning. This was one of my favorite weddings. I love the feel that you captured. Oh ya, and my 3 year old is sitting with me looking at the images also! 9.23.07, 9:04PM
Shelley: Jess, wow – where do I start? Your work inspires me almost every day. You are definitely my favorite photographer. The more I see of your work, the more I respect you. Week after week you product stunning, emotional images. You have been given a special gift! Oh, and you’re really good at Scrabble too. 😉 9.23.07, 8:03PM
Krystal McGee: Wow this was just a beautiful wedding, you seem to have captured thier romance beautifully. I must be hormonal because I got all sniffy during the slideshow (loved the song – if you like his stuff have a listen to Damien Leith from Australia, similar work and can you believe it Australian Idol winner last year!) When are you going on line again so I can ask you some technical questions about lighting if I may? (or can I be cheeky and email you?) As always a fan! Regards from Oz 9.23.07, 7:10PM
Anne: One of my favorite weddings I’ve seen of yours! I LOVED the theme – the little sign, the flowers – the fairy tale feel, LOVE IT!!!! What good taste that couple has!!!!!! 9.23.07, 5:46PM
Jamie Delaine: I LOVE PHIL WICKHAM! Amazing song, amazing slideshow. One of my favourite weddings I have seen from you thus far Jess! You can just feel their emotion; it’s beautiful. 9.23.07, 5:06PM
Lauren: that was absolutely gorgeous! very very touching and sweet, awesome job! 9.23.07, 3:30PM
jessica claire: This slideshow is done through Showit Web, which I think I may have mentioned before. The song is by Phil Wickham and is called Always Forever. The bride’s family knows him. If you click the little music note button you can always see who did the song in my slideshows. 9.23.07, 3:29PM
dwayne: these are spectacular! what do you use to generate this slideshow? it’s very nice. I noticed a lot of other wedding photogs are using the exact same type of slideshow system, what is it? (mind sharing?) Thank you 9.23.07, 3:27PM
Danielle: Very pretty! I love the yellow and brown together. Please tell us the name of the song! I feel so stupid, because I *know* I’m supposed to know who that is! 9.23.07, 3:22PM
Ann Hamilton: Sweet song, lovely details, great moments. 9.23.07, 3:15PM
Tonya: Ok, I love your blog and your gift for capturing the beauty of life in print is amazing! Thi slideshow was darling…my 3 year old sat on my lap and loved every minute of it! I stumbled on your blog somehow (obsession with photography blogs right now) and was archiving and realized you know some friends of mine…Jaren and Kamee Nuzman! How fun to see the adorable shots of them! I mentioned it to her today at church and she was so complimentary of you! Just thought I would stop on in, and say hello and praise your incredible talent for your trade! Tonya 9.23.07, 3:11PM
Liene: love their joy – it is so evident 9.23.07, 2:39PM