Kacie G.: So I dunno if you’ll see this since it was posted a while ago but I couldn’t help but respond to the hair thing. I am the youngest of 5, the fourth girl and the ONLY one with curly hair in my family. No one knew how to deal with it, including me and I’m still struggling. I, too, avoided humid places and did my best to keep it straight. Right now John Frieda’s products are my best friend. I’m starting to enjoy my curls a little more now that I’m learning to tame them. My best friend and long time boyfriend (fiance when he officially asks me) is a redhead and you’re going to think I’m crazy but I’m wishing for curly haired redheads running around my house. What can I say? I think they’ll be adorable. Btw, I discovered your site today through Nathan, Tricia and Gwyneth. I’ve actually teared up from your work. It’s just stunning. I am moved by the way you capture the love in beautiful photos. Be ready for me to contact you within the next few years when I get the question 🙂 5.14.08, 2:35PM
Michelle: We always want what we don’t have and I LOVE your red curls! Your work is amazing and you must be too! I only know your friends Keats & Marissa but based on that, you must be an awsome woman. Look at what you’ve become and created in your life. Much continued happiness and prosperity to you Jess! 9.20.07, 11:27PM
Sara France: Wow! We have more in commen then I knew! 🙂 9.20.07, 7:21PM
Luke Walker: every redhead initially hates the red top… but cmon jess you gotta learn to love it 🙂 its so unique and our pasty white and freckled skin is something we’d never get rid of! 9.20.07, 5:38PM
gabriel ryan: i have been following your blog, and your appearances on cut-frame & dana’s photo minutes for a few months now, and i love your work! and thanks for sharing your tag (numbers 2, 3, and 5 motivate me). i also met braedon as a mutual guest at a friend’s wedding last week, and he sounded so stoked to be your associate. hope to see you around in the photo-world… 9.20.07, 5:06PM
Anna: This was so great to read. I love learning more about you and I am encouraged by your hatred of laundry, groceries and being a self taught photographer with mediocre grades! There may be hope for me yet! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 9.20.07, 1:46PM
K.C. Larsen: Hey Jessica, thanks for doing this post. I can relate with a couple of yours. I’ve never smoked or drank and my parents just got divorced a year or so ago after 32 years of marriage…I just turned 30 on Saturday. Crazy how things go in life. And I’ve got red hair in my family, mines just more auburn. I’ve never had any formal training, but I can only dream of capturing what you do. Anyway, thanks. I enjoy your blog, and your work is amazing. Your an inspiration. 9.20.07, 11:09AM
Katie: Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. Interesting read. 🙂 My daughter is 7 with red curly hair and she already doesn’t like the curls. It’s very sad b/c everyone else LOVES her hair and it makes her stand out which I guess when you’re young is not something you want. 9.20.07, 10:45AM
shannon: Ok… we’re really going to need to see a scan of that issue of Teen Magazine! Please? 🙂 9.20.07, 10:36AM
Alisha: We have a lot of things in common. Especially #1 and #2! 9.20.07, 9:55AM
Laurie: Self-taught? A-mazing. Bravo! 9.20.07, 4:41AM
Rosanna: Wow it is amazing to know more about you. I also have frizzy and dry hair, but having red hair is something I always dreamed, not even my daughter or my grandchildren have red hair. I would like to read more about your start in this fascinating world of photography. 9.20.07, 4:24AM
Spica: How can you hate your hair ? I think you look gorgeous with this curly red hair, I love it. 😉 9.20.07, 2:56AM
Theresa: Think of me as your laundry fairy. Family of six….This place in the heart of the OC right down the street from John Wayne Airport….. AMAZING! You even pick y our sent…. Clean and folded…WOOHOO! www.beesfluffandfold.com 9.20.07, 1:21AM
Gina: I also hate doing laundry! Heath and I have come to an agreement; I wash, he folds. It still sucks but at least it’s manageable. Also, try the Japanese straightening for your hair…It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for this mop of mine! 9.20.07, 12:45AM
Ann Hamilton: Jess, I’m right there with you on #6! Glad to know I’m not the only one! Oh, and #5, too. Completely self-taught, only I started shooting with disposable cameras! 9.19.07, 11:39PM
Gena: 100 % Self Taught!!! You are amazing! What kind of a camera did you start with? Honestly, you are the BEST photographer I have come across is a long time…so props to you! 100 % SELF TAUGHT! I’m amazed! 9.19.07, 11:17PM
Rachel: the grass is always greener–I would have killed (ok, maybe maimed) for your hair growing up. At least turning 30 has made my hair magically curl… oh, and laundry is a man’s job 😉 My husband’s the laundry-doer at our house! 9.19.07, 10:35PM
david baxter: 100% self taught, you’re my hero! 9.19.07, 9:29PM
~Lauren: "Little Miss Twin Rivers, 1985" hahahahahahahahaha That is too darn cute! Jess, you will never hear the end of this. 🙂 9.19.07, 9:01PM
Tanya Perez: It’s awesome to hear a little bit more about you. I can beat you with the grocery store one! I haven’t been in over 3 months! I send Cesar to go grocery shopping. He says he likes going since there isn’t that many people and he gets bored. I say be my guest! I hate it. Just like I hate pumping gas. 9.19.07, 7:32PM
Shannon: I’m with ya on the laundry– I do mine… every three months?? if that??? 🙂 9.19.07, 6:01PM
Jasmine*: TWO pageants?!? You know I’m not gonna let you live it down. Hmmm, I’m thinking of a new nick name for you right now! 😀 9.19.07, 3:58PM
Teddi: I think some people tagged others but didn’t let them know, lol. I am sure I saw your name show up on several tag lists Jessica. 9.19.07, 3:54PM
Patricia: 3 Colleges here too 12 years total though…(kids added a few)…still very proud that I finished though. Hmmm Twin Rivers is that New Bern (it’s about 30 min’s from here)? My MIL has curly hair she’s had it professionally straightened the past 3 years or so I think it lasts a long time. Mine is the exact opposite stick straight. Congrats on all your success. 9.19.07, 3:12PM
matt + angie sloan: divorce also took both (angie and I) of our parents in the same year. it’s been really hard on us. it was a complete shock! but it’s been a learning experience for me! 9.19.07, 2:53PM
Kate: I’m still sad I never got tagged – at least you did! 9.19.07, 2:44PM
Jen McNulty: High five for being self-taught! Me, too! 🙂 9.19.07, 2:20PM
Kate C.: You’re in good company! Laundry is overrated, so is grocery shopping! Many prayers to you, divorce is never easy to deal with at any age. *hug* 9.19.07, 1:32PM