Richard Esposito: I love the Lock Project! I have a book with nothing but photos of doors. I love photo clooections like this. RE 10.1.07, 10:31PM
Robin Dini: Amazing! I love the locks! So creative and the colors are freakin’ amazing! 9.19.07, 11:16AM
Seattle Wedding Photography: When are you going to drop that [b] guy and start taking me on these destination weddings?! great stuff 🙂 9.18.07, 4:08PM
Lisa Russo: Sigh…we honeymooned in Santorini and Mykonos – this brought back the most wonderful memories. I have photos of the pelicans, too! And Oia…and the slow food – LOL. Thanks for bringing it all back (and making me want to go again!). 9.18.07, 10:41AM
Krystal McGee: Your pictures are beautiful, and I loved showing them to my husband because as the Australians say "been there, done that" and it was great to see beautiful Santorini again, especially Oia. Your photographs continue to inspire and amaze. Regards from Oz 9.17.07, 6:32PM
Dotun: Lovely and detailed shots Jessica. it seems you may be having some dust on your sensors especially on the sunset shot. 9.17.07, 7:47AM
Anderson MIranda: Fantastic shots, colors, compositions. I am wedding photojournalist in Brazil and I love your work. Your blog is in my RSS! Cheers, Anderson Miranda 9.17.07, 7:17AM
Simply Modern Weddings: The 3rd photo w/ the shadow of the church is stunning…as is the sunset photo. (It doesn’t even look real!) BEAUTIFUL!!! 9.16.07, 6:36PM
Kymberli: Wow, Jessica! These images are amazing! Your lock collage is AWESOME! 9.16.07, 1:34PM
nicole green: i LOVE all the new lock shots 🙂 9.15.07, 2:58PM
ron storer : the locks are awesome…and the old guys super job. Thanks for the quick vacation to europe! 9.15.07, 1:07PM
Brian Khang: haha.. i love the slow food sign. I guess the Pelicans aren’t camera shy either. Thanks for sharing your awesome trip with us! 9.15.07, 1:02PM
Maya: Wow. I mean, WOW! I am such the beginning photographer. I realize I know practically nothing (other than how to use the auto function), but with every post you inspire me. These photos are absolutely beautiful. 9.15.07, 12:22PM
Jamie Delaine: JESS! These are BEYOND beautiful. Wow. I could look at them all day. My favourite? The blue doors in Megalochori! 9.15.07, 11:20AM
fidget: the no cameras sign is hilarious! I’m particularly enjoying the picture with the church shadow in it. 9.15.07, 10:47AM
juliana: wow! what a treat, I have to say the photo of the greek men is amazing, so classic, and the locks came out great!! what an amazing time you must’ve had. **coughjealouscough** 9.15.07, 10:44AM