SHELBI: amazing photographs….stunning. when i grow up i wanna take pictures like this! thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.! you inspire! 9.21.07, 10:05AM
gloria m: Do you have a shot that the ring and a sujject, so we can see its size? It’s so beautiful. I thought it’s a pendent. 9.15.07, 4:40PM
david baxter: beautiful.. on a side note. you said boobs 9.15.07, 3:38PM
C.J. Scott: Wow…it’s so beautiful! 9.14.07, 10:11PM
Jennifer McNulty: That is so intricate and beautiful. I love it. 9.14.07, 9:38PM
kristy: It is phenomenal. 9.14.07, 8:25PM
jessica claire: there actually is no website for the place where I bought it and I had no luck googling either! 9.14.07, 6:27PM
michele: YES, great souvenir. I was in mykonos this past spring and missed this. Anyway to purchase one from home? maybe this artist has a website 9.14.07, 6:16PM
Maya: I think that’s the perfect souvenir. And beautiful as well. 9.14.07, 6:13PM
Tonya: That is wicked cool! I have never seen anything like that before. I want to go to Greece so bad. It looks wonderful! Don’t we have the best job in the world! I know I have hit it big time when I have a destination wedding in a killer location like Greece! Can’t wait for more pics! 9.14.07, 3:24PM
fidget: wow! That is an amazing piece. the artist must have the patience of a saint 9.14.07, 1:39PM
Deann B: this is amazing! what a great find! 9.14.07, 1:26PM