khalil: beautiful, again! your lovely shots, the dreamy location and pretty couple made for the perfect recipe of photographic brilliance. 8.27.09, 4:52PM
Emelie: Stunning!!! 4.27.08, 8:35AM
melissa schroeder: ok…we all know jessica is the BEST when it comes to wedding photography…..but these wedding photos are off the chart…what a GORGEOUS couple and FAB location….jessica’s eye captures the entire vibe of this wedding. Simply Perfect!!! 10.14.07, 10:02PM
Melissa Corona: Beautiful Pictures! Cheers to the newleywed! From another couple……..I work with Andrew ………. 9.27.07, 12:29PM
Suzanne Purdy: My love to Cortnie and Andrew and my congratulations on a beautiful wedding and pictures that are out of this world! 9.17.07, 7:38PM
Tina: Beyone beautiful! Some of the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen! 9.17.07, 5:47PM
Leah: What an amazing wedding! You captured so many beautiful moments. My fiance and I are planning a destination wedding as well. Please send me an email I’d love to talk to you about your availability. Thanks! 9.17.07, 3:53PM
Greg & Melissa Niemczyk: Congratulations to Cortnie & Andrew from Cortnie’s Aunt Melissa and Uncle Greg. What a beautiful setting to start your lives together. We regret we were unable to attend such a lovely ceremony. The bride and groom and the entire wedding party all dressed in white looked great. The photography was excellent and Congratulations and best wishes to all from the Niemczyk family. 9.17.07, 1:39PM
Terrie Purdy: Jessica, You are THE BEST!!! I cannot say enough about you and your fabulous creative talent. We love the pictures and by the end of the wedding you and Becker seemed like family. It is a time we will cherish forever; you were the icing on the cake and because of you we will remember it forever – just as if we were in the moment of that special day. Thanks for everything. Fondly,Cortnie’s Mom 9.16.07, 3:48PM
Julie Hill: OMG…. these shots are incredible! U rock Jess… this couple is so insanely lucky to have you to document their day!!! 9.14.07, 11:06PM
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Alissa: You have become, by far, my favorite photographer. I don’t even photograph weddings (yet) but I wait for your posts and study all of your beautiful shots. Thanks for all your inspiration! (By the way, I dreamed I got to second shoot a wedding with you the other night…and I bombed, of course, complete with equipment breakdowns and everything else.) 🙂 Gave me a good laugh the next morning! 9.11.07, 10:24PM
Krystal McGee: I know I’ve said this before, but I think that you are one of the best wedding photographers out there, and I am in awe! Went to Santorini a few years ago, and it is extremely bright, you captured the light beautifully! We have the same sort of light here in Perth, Western Australia and the same wind! 9.11.07, 6:31PM
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claire: hey i am in love with this wedding..(courntie and andrew) you are so lucky to be part of such cool, awesome weddings! one question…hope you don’t mind sharing with did you get the photograph to look like the one labeled "just a quiet moment" thanks claire 9.11.07, 10:08AM
Ricki Ford: Beautiful, amzing, wow the list gose on you rock Jess. 9.11.07, 7:03AM
Cortnie & Andrew: Wow Jessica! We are so happy about our photos!! We had to stop by an internet cafe on our way to Croatia to check them out and are so excited!! Amazing!! Thanks again for your outstanding work!! (By the way the grooms black shoes with his white suit were straight off the Hugo Boss runway!! 🙂 Thanks again!! 9.11.07, 3:10AM
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