Lawrence Photography: ROFL David Jay is too hilarious!!! 9.6.07, 5:35PM
stephany: Jessica, YOU MAKE MY DAY!!!!! ALL GORGEOUS, MY GOSH! When I grow up I want to be you! 9.1.07, 7:50AM
Melissa Slater: hi sweets! you did an amazing job! i freak out when shooting a wedding when i know most of the crowd… but a room full of photographers… well done! i love the shoes shot… i’m a sucker for the shoes! hope to see you again soon at an ABC-OC meeting. much love coming ur way! Melissa Slater 8.31.07, 1:53PM
david baxter: that video is hilarious! 8.30.07, 11:01PM
Amber Schmidt: I am totally ROFL… way to go DJ!!! 8.30.07, 7:34PM
lauren clark: That movie is SO funny. I saw Mike’s butt, nice end to a long day. HA! 8.29.07, 10:28PM
crackle: Good luck Jess – hope the day went well and you had fun too. No pressure – not!!! Hope you and the B man do not become the literal burning men in Greece. Take care – Crackle 8.29.07, 10:00PM
Jesse Weldon: Burning Man, No way! I never thought he would miss his mentors wedding. I look forward to seeing the wedding images, with an all star cast like this I’m sure we’ll see it in Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style. 8.29.07, 4:45PM
Justin Keitch: Wow! What a location. Kelowna is a great little town. If there ever was a wedding for an aspiring photographer to crash, this would be it. 8.29.07, 2:21PM
Melisssa Koehler: That is so funny! Have fun. Can’t wait to see the pics! 8.29.07, 12:34PM
jessica claire: he’s at burning man this week–check out his blog! 8.29.07, 11:25AM
Jesse Weldon: Where’s [b]ecker at? 8.29.07, 10:21AM
Simply Modern Weddings: I really like the 1st photo, but of course they are nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to see the wedding photos! 8.29.07, 2:44AM
Mark Brooke: That is absolutely Hilarious! I would have loved to see it happen live I hope you have fun at the wedding. 8.29.07, 12:59AM
Katy Regnier: Maybe it’s because I went to architecture school and I’m still an architect at heart, but that first shot is TO DIE FOR! I love it. The place and the shot. Hope you’re enjoying your week in paradise! 8.28.07, 10:46PM
Calvin Tamás: That shot of DJ is so clean and magazine worthy! Gary knows it best! Canada rocks! So it is pretty much the top wedding photographers ever hanging out by the pool. Sweet!!! Anyways, I wish you luck with the shooting, unless it has happened already, and in that case, kick back and have a glass of rouge! 8.28.07, 10:36PM
Alisha: DJ is so gay! 🙂 8.28.07, 10:00PM
Eric: Where O Where have all the wedding photographers gone, O Where, O Where could they be? 8.28.07, 8:32PM
Ann: Looks great. Wish you would have come to see my neck of the woods, (north of Kelowna) alas I didn’t win your contest. 8.28.07, 5:46PM
Dane: I love Jess … whether or not I get blogged :)!! 8.28.07, 5:21PM
Tasha G: Wow, I can’t believe you are actually shooting a wedding in my town… I have no doubt that the wedding pictures are going to be absolutely gorgeous. Ever think about doing a workshop in Kelowna? 8.28.07, 3:38PM
Tammy Marcelain: What a group! I turned red just watching Mike Colon’s massage. Ya’ll are a real friendly group up there! David Jay’s hands go where no other man’s hands have gone before. Have a super time. 8.28.07, 2:54PM
susan: Wow, that seriously is the wedding of the year! Everyone is gathered at once spot! Everything looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the wedding photos! 🙂 8.28.07, 2:10PM
Jessica G.: Wow, what a beautiful home they have. I don’t think I’d every leave. It looks like it is shaping up to be quite an event! Best of luck – with so many photographers there I expect we’ll see LOTS of pictures from the wedding plastered all over the internet. 🙂 8.28.07, 1:31PM