Sarah: This is my first of many visits to your blog. LOVE your work. 9.4.07, 6:11PM
Margo: I’m crazy-excited about Santorini because I was just there on my honeymoon about a week ago. I already left a comment on [b]’s blog with some general comments on Santorini, but if you know what town you’re in (or what hotel you’ll be at), I can give you more specific recommendations. 8.27.07, 5:31PM
Ann Hamilton: Have fun in Greece, and be sure to stop in Oia while in Santorini. You will LOVE this charming little village! 8.27.07, 3:48PM
Geanette: What a jet setter you are! Great luck to you! I am sure everything will turn out BEEYOUTEEFUL! 8.27.07, 12:30PM
toto: That is nuts! 8.26.07, 11:30PM
Julie Hill: See you in BC!! And wow… you sure are racking up those frequent flyer miles! 8.26.07, 11:23PM
Mom: Don’t forget about the little peons back home! Safe travels! 8.26.07, 5:46PM
Luke Walker: awww that stinks! greenwich CT isnt that far from us, but ali and i will be in st louis from the 29th to the 2nd. talk about bad timing! 8.26.07, 3:57PM
Susie: What a cool job you have 🙂 Can’t wait to see the photos! 8.26.07, 3:38PM
Florence: Safe travels — and if you happen to fly through Amsterdam either on your way to or from Greece let me know. Would love to have lunch 🙂 8.26.07, 3:00PM
Heather Kincaid: What an exciting life! That’s what I want for myself! Rock on! 8.26.07, 12:59PM
Michael Corsentino: Right on Jess, have a great time. Safe travels, especially in Greece. 8.26.07, 12:06PM
Jamie Delaine: Uh Wow! Good luck with everything; I can’t wait to see images. 🙂 8.26.07, 10:54AM
david baxter: have a safe trip . can’t wait to see your images! 8.26.07, 10:44AM
Justine Ungaro: Wow, good luck. Sounds like an absolutely crazy couple of weeks! 8.26.07, 10:29AM
Kris: Have fun! Be safe! 8.26.07, 10:28AM
Lauren : Yay, Jessica!! I am SO excited for you…..say hi to Santorini for Scott and me 🙂 And if you get a chance to get a gyro in Monistiraki Square in Athens, I promise it will change your life, haha! Good luck and travel safely! 8.26.07, 10:01AM
robert: jess, don’t forget to take your vitamins with lots of bottled water … have fun and be safe … 8.26.07, 3:59AM
Jess: I keep fingers crossed for you. Good good luck and have a fantastic time traveling to and shooting at amazing places & weddings! Btw, Greece, is not so far off from my island. I’d die to 2nd (or 3rd) shoot for you! 8.26.07, 2:39AM
Justin: Hey Jessica. Glad to hear you’re taking a trip up to the Great White North. Where abouts will you be shooting? I hope you have fun in this gorgeous country of ours and safe travels. 8.26.07, 2:30AM