Son Poemas: Great images. I liked your work. Thank you. 3.19.08, 6:18AM
Elaine: Jessica, What lens filter do you use? Even outside in the bright light with glare you achieve deep rich colors. Or is that due to post processing? Thanks, Elaine 9.14.07, 2:48PM
Melanie Martin: I am just starting out with photography but have to say you are an inspiration. Love the pics of these kids – what a fantastic memory to have as a family. 8.27.07, 11:48AM
mike Larson Photography, Inc.: this kid looks like a poster child for an ad, nice work J!! 8.27.07, 1:39AM
david baxter: the last shot is priceless 8.26.07, 3:11AM
Anna: If you want to answer my question via email it is….thanks! ~Anna 8.25.07, 10:48PM
Anna: Hey Jessica….can you tell me how you shot the second image? I love his eyes and was wondering if you used some diffuser or something? Thanks…these shots have such great character! 8.25.07, 9:43PM
Jenny Brookins: These are too precious! 8.25.07, 7:57PM
Nikki McLeod: Oh my god you have made me wven more excited about you shooting Jack in October!! Those shots are adorable!! 8.25.07, 6:09PM
Maya: Just beautiful. 8.25.07, 4:58PM
Ellen: The portrait shots are amazing. Look at those killer eyes!! Was that natural light for the lighting??? Awesome!!! 8.25.07, 2:40PM
Jamie Delaine: I love love love your portrait work. You bring everything amazing that you bring to a wedding to your sessions. The first portrait of Theo makes me want to MELT! 8.25.07, 11:45AM
Serena: awwww….they are so adorable! i love that he jumped into the pool fully clothed…haha. 8.25.07, 11:34AM
Chris Humphreys: Great images! That last one is so sweet! Too bad you don’t have a weather sealed Mark III, you could have jumped in the pool with the kids! 🙂 8.25.07, 11:03AM