Ellen: The color in these shots is amazing. What were you shooting with? Was it all natural light? Everything is so bright. Great shots!! 8.10.07, 5:55PM
@nnaliza: sooo cute!!!! 8.9.07, 7:13PM
Jamie Delaine: I loveeee South Carolina. I’ve only been there once in my life but it’s so beautiful. A week of just hanging out, playing scrabble and taking pictures of cute kids sounds amazing right now. Enjoy it. 🙂 8.9.07, 12:54PM
Anna: Hey Jessica…I was just in Raleigh and then also in SC and now I am in ATL! Busy busy. Looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy your vacation and all that great time with family! Great shots as well! 8.9.07, 12:25PM
Scott`: Is that a Wilber’s t-shirt? Nothing like eastern NC barbecue… 8.9.07, 7:23AM
Detra Dowling: Oh! We just missed you!!! Our family did a beach week last week at Ocean Lakes at Myrtle Beach. Usually go to Hilton Head but the children were getting bored! 😉 Have a great trip! Its sure hot enough to be at the beach!! 8.8.07, 10:33PM
Kelley: Oh how fun!! My husband and I are headed to Surfside Beach in 2 weeks and are definately looking forward to it!! I’ve heard GCB is just beautiful and we are planning on heading down that way to check it out! Have a great time! 8.8.07, 6:06PM